08/19 Our House

Our White Oak Engineered Hardwood Floors

When we were house hunting, we’d talk about all the changes we wanted to make during our first walk-through of a house not only to be on the same page about the potential we saw, but to get a sense of what kind of room we’d need to make in our budget to fulfill those ideas. A lot of the time I’d be spewing off an exhausting list that would make it clear the house wasn’t the one, but with this house I confidently declared that if we only did one, big project here, it would be updating the floors because that would do everything to completely transform it. While there is still a list of things we want to update about this house, the new floors delivered on that transformation and already make this place feel brand new- this is it, we’re done with all the work on the house (no not really, but feels like it!!)

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05/28 Shop

Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials

Put this post together after getting many messages asking about all the dishware that repeatedly appear in my cooking stories on IG. This is about those daily plates, bowls, and glasses that have stood the test of time with us, can take the constant handling through breakfast lunch and dinner, and look great in their simplicity and versatility.

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04/29 Life

We’re Growing Our Family!

The first time I took the pregnancy test in early February, it came up “Not Pregnant” and I genuinely thought to myself hmm, that’s not right. This was different. I re-read the instructions on how to take the test and oops there it was, I messed up. I opted to go with the cup of urine sample method but missed the detail about how large my sample needed to be. The test also advised that if you’re testing early, it should be done first thing in the morning, not late in the afternoon like I had done. I did more research online for the test and it was recommended that if you still think you’re pregnant after a negative result, test again in 3 days…

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04/23 Inspiring Spaces / Our House

Our Backyard Inspiration


The difference between this post and posts from prior years about backyard inspiration is that now we actually have a backyard that we want to design and this is a sort of rough and preliminary mood board of our vision for it, including the house exterior!! Originally we wanted to start working on it this Spring and have at least a first phase done by the end of this summer, which is now looking like that timeline is not going to happen because of the pandemic. Still, I’m sitting at home daydreaming about the “one day” and spending some of this time planning for things like our finished backyard. So in a way, it feels like this is all too soon to share, but that’s all this is: a rough cut rambling on our initial thoughts on things we’d like to do for our backyard and exterior.

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04/09 Food

Best and Easy French Toast

It could be because we rarely eat French toast and when we do, it’ll be a special treat yourself moment at a brunch spot and we eat it while thinking yea it’s good it’s French toast, and then never think about it again until the next menu has it and we’re so tempted to order it because we almost can’t remember what it tastes like and need a refresher. Then we made it at home recently and for the first time ever thought oh my God THIS is French toast. Was it that we’d never had it this fresh before? Was it the brioche? Is it because we’re in isolation and miss everything that once felt effortlessly accessible? How could it be this easy? I don’t use this word lightly, so I really mean it when I say this is the best French toast we’ve ever had.

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