01/22 My Home

The Other Side of Our Living Room: A Reading Nook

Deciding what to do with this little corner of our living room has been about a two year process, the majority of that time being spent ignoring it and letting it pile up with boxes and mail while I held out for some unknown better ideas for general changes I knew from early on that I wanted to make.

I took the patient road of waiting for the ideas to find me (plainly meaning not actively or hastily searching for things to buy) with hopes that this would organically develop into a functional space over time. Then it built up pressure in my head to make some grand reveal out of it once it reached perfection and now it’s been two years of people regularly asking me why I don’t show the other side of our living room, which made me laugh because that was noticed. The reason I haven’t shown it, which is that I’m still figuring it out, sounds silly now that it’s been so long, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got so far and talk about how I hope to update it in the future, maybe sooner than another couple years I don’t know!

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01/10 Tips

8 Blog Posts to Help Jumpstart Your Organizing and Decluttering

The time has come where we all get extra hyped up to tackle clutter in our homes and refresh our spaces after all of that holiday season crazy. A lot of the questions I get asked repeatedly are about how to keep a tidy home and stay organized, and having written a few posts on these topics in the past, I’ve rounded them up here if you’re looking for tips and motivation. I still follow and apply the concepts I’ve written in these posts till this day, so if there’s anything beyond that you want to ask about or need help with on the topic of organizing/tidying, leave it in the comments for me to respond to, or to potentially turn into a blog post!

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01/08 Life

What I Learned in 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back from what I hope was a rejuvenating holiday break. Normally I jump into dreaming up what I want the new year to be, but the reflective mood came over me, specifically one night at 1AM waking me out of half-sleep and forcing me to get up and write down my thoughts. I wish I could access that energy at will, but I’ll take interrupted sleep over hours of sitting at my desk pulling teeth over writer’s block (my arch nemesis!)

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12/21 Inspiring Spaces


Something a little different and fun today!  A couple weeks ago the Delta faucet brand invited me to tour the 2019 HGTV Dream Home in Whitefish, Montana for what ended up being the experience I never knew I needed.  I left not only recharged from stretching beyond my interior design inspiration bubble, I also fell in love with Montana pretty much the moment I saw the mountains from the plane.  It’s the epitome of winter wonderland this time of year and is simply unreal.  

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12/20 My Home / Seasonal/Holiday


Decorating the bedroom for Christmas is a small but favorite tradition of mine because it simply makes life better.  It’s a way to have the season’s cheer surround us at the end of the day and greet us first thing when we wake up.  We could also say it’s a way to put to use all the extra decor that didn’t fit anywhere else in the home (this is me, too).   Like always, I kept it simple and understated to match the calm vibes of our bedroom, and I’ve partnered with Air Wick® to help set the mood even better with their new holiday scents collection.  Read on for a little tour of the room!

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12/05 DIY / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Photo Ornaments

This idea has been floating around in my head for a few Christmases now- I’ve been wanting to have ornaments that are personalized and sentimental.  Of course all the decor and lights are major to the festive coziness of the season, but nothing matches the warm feels you get from hanging up photos of your favorite memories and people.  SO, why not combine photos with Christmas decor for ultimate good holiday vibes?  It’s an idea I fully realized once playing around with the IVY Mini Photo Printer from Canon, who I’ve partnered with to share this easy tutorial for how to make your own photo ornaments. Read More