04/04 Food

Skillet Bibimbap

A classic Korean rice dish that I love and wasn’t planning to post on the blog until I shared it on IG stories a couple days ago and my DMs blew up from everyone asking for the recipe. Stories is where I’ve been sharing our quarantine cooking adventures since it’s quick and off the cuff, plus video is always the best way to convey all the elements and techniques that go into a dish. So if you want to get a better idea of how this recipe is made, check it out towards the end of my “Recipes” highlights since I wasn’t at all prepared for taking enough photos to portray it all in a blog post ha.

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04/02 Monthly Favorites

March Favorites

I know last month was challenging regarding the state of our world fighting against Covid-19. I’m sure we’ve spent enough time worrying about the repercussions of this mess, and while I don’t want to come across as flippant, I also know that we need some more positivity, things to look forward to, and ideas on how to spend all this extra time at home. I will do my best continuing with what I regularly do but with some necessary adjustments due to how some original plans are on hold until this storm passes and how it’s impossible not to acknowledge how much life has changed recently, starting with this quarantine edition of monthly favorites that has a heavy focus on recipes to make and things to do, and some other stuff. Let’s have some fun at home!

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03/27 Food

10 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Everyone Should Try + How to Get the Best Results

My chocolate chip cookie making obsession started not only because who doesn’t like a good chocolate chip cookie, but because I got fed up with how every time I made cookies at home they all turned out the same no matter what the recipe: hard, a little dry, and they never spread. Was it me or was it the recipe? In almost 2 years now of trying all kinds of cc cookie recipes, some multiple times to make recipe tweaks and adjust my technique, I found out the problem was both. There are some not so great recipes out there and some incredible + foolproof ones, and I was making some technical mistakes that were sabotaging my cookies. Through this exploration, I learned what my favorite cc cookie recipes are and what to do to make sure I get the best results every time. This post is finally here to share all of that with you.

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03/09 Our House

Home Office Reveal

The long term plan still is to make the garage my workspace/studio, but as we’ve seen over the months since the move, the garage for a while is going to be a holding area for all our extra stuff we aren’t sure yet where to put, items from the initial work on our house that we still need to dump, and a few last boxes we have yet to open up and unpack. On top of that, organizing and designing that space to both provide the storage we need and look beautiful to be an environment I enjoy working in will understandably take time to make happen. So in the meantime, we have this bedroom that had also turned into a dumping ground for stuff we haven’t designated homes for yet, and all of that got moved to (yup) the garage so I could make this a temporary office and man… I love it so so much and kind of wish this wasn’t a temporary situation!

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02/10 Tips

How to Choose Pieces for Your Home + Tips for Figuring Out Your Style

This is a dilemma I hear from you a lot about, and one that I still sometimes have my struggles with, but it’s not nearly as bad as when I first started getting into decorating our home years ago, so I’ve got a lot to say about it!  Regardless of being generally indecisive (stemming from stressing over whether I’m making the best decision possible for anything in any area of my life because if I don’t then I’ll die), choosing those investment pieces for your home and the things you’ll live with presumably for years is a big undertaking that most of us find impossible not to take lightly.  That pressure can be paralyzing, especially if you’re not really sure what you love, or you feel like you love everything, or what you love is constantly changing.  So, how do you know when you’ve found the one?  When is it right to pull the trigger on that amazing table or expensive sofa?

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