01/15 Our House

Our Bedroom Refresh

This post is sponsored by Annie Selke.

Our bedroom is set up! No more fishing our clothes out from boxes or walking into those boxes when we get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom! Calling it a refresh because you’ll recognize a lot of the things in here that were from our previous bedroom, and overall we’ve maintained the minimal design that we already loved . All we needed were a few changes to make it work for this room layout, and I’ve partnered with Annie Selke for some simple updates from their wide range of rugs and bedding that made it all cozier.

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12/23 Food

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe with a Pour Over Method

This post is sponsored by OXO.

The first time I tried Vietnamese coffee was a sip from a friend’s cup and I remember asking her with wide open eyes, “WHAT IS THIS?!” It’s like drinking coffee candy. The coffee is strong and rich in flavor and perfectly balanced with sweetened condensed milk. I would’ve guessed there was more to it, but it’s that simple and hits different than your regular coffee with milk and sugar. It’s very easy to make at home and I’m partnering with OXO to show you how!

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12/18 DIY / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Dried Orange Slice Ornaments

These are a long established and very traditional Christmas decor item but I’m just now really getting to know them. Dried orange slices caught my attention while I was perusing a shop that had a small Christmas tree adorned with them. I wouldn’t have guessed on my own that they’d look so festive for this season but they do! Maybe it’s how they complement Christmas greens in color, and it’s definitely how they look almost transparent like stained glass and have an intriguing glow when they catch the light. I thought they’d be a really nice and fresh detail to add to an arrangement on our dining table, and it conveniently turned out that they are terribly easy to make. So easy that I wondered if it was even worth dedicating a blog post to it because the instructions are slice, bake, and hang, you’re done.

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12/12 Our House

Our Holiday Living Room (Or Sitting Room!) Reveal

This post is sponsored by Crate and Barrel.

A few exciting things going on here!!! First, this is the FIRST space in our house to be completely set up and to no longer be littered with cardboard boxes from the move. Second, our tree is up and it’s kicking off all the touches of Christmas I’ve been so eagerly looking forward to incorporating into our home. Last and certainly the biggest, this is a dream partnership with a brand I’ve loved for so long, the store I can’t resist roaming during every trip to the mall since my high school years while dreaming of what our future house would be like, and now in the present day knew would align with the vision I had for this room. I’m so excited to share with you about some of the beautiful pieces Crate and Barrel offers, not only in furniture but also Christmas decor, and to take you with me through the process of how I style and choose pieces for a space.

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12/09 Our House

An Update on the House Part Two: Why adding new doors to an old house will probably be hard + now I know why trim exists

It all started because we discovered that one of the bedroom doors had a fist-sized hole on one side. We could have just replaced that door, but we wouldn’t have wanted to pick that same style one since we weren’t into it, and then having one door different from the rest of the ones in the house seemed silly so we might as well just change all of them to what we want. How hard could it be? It’s just a rectangular piece of wood that fits into a rectangular hole (foreshadowing).

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12/04 DIY / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY 3D Paper Ornaments with the Canon PIXMA TS5320 Printer

This post is sponsored by Canon.

Around this time last year I was visiting Stockholm which was an amazing time to go because the city was filled with signs of Christmas. I had come across some beautiful paper and honeycomb ornaments at a shop and talked myself out of getting them because I was short on room in my luggage, and I’ve regretted it since. As I’ve started decorating our home for Christmas this year, the memory of those paper ornaments came top of mind and it became mandatory that I make my own version of them.

These 3D paper ornaments are simple to put together, very customizable, and shatterproof so they’ll last year after year as long as you store them well. Read on for the tutorial, and get the paper template downloads at the end provided in partnership with Canon!

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