10/16 Our House

Empty House Tour

We’ve already started working on the house with some minor pre-move changes that are still going on and have become post-move changes, but I took photos before all of that to show you what we’re working with, what it was we saw about this house that made us want it, the plans we have for it both near and far, and to kick-off this journey we’re taking you with us on to discover the potential of our home.

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09/23 Our House

We Bought a House!

Our two year journey has ended (or is just beginning??) with the past 1-2 months being nuts in preparation for our move and wrought with feelings ranging from doubt to excitement- fear that something might backfire and fall through and this was all a joke and we didn’t actually get the house, and joy that this dream of ours is finally happening.

When our offer was accepted, I didn’t have much of a reaction. For a while it didn’t feel real, not until we got the keys and even now a small part of me doesn’t think this is actually happening. Slowly, then very suddenly, my emotions rained and I wanted to share about what buying our first house was like, and how much it means to us.

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09/09 Our Apartment

Living Room Refresh with Amazon Home: Reveal

This post is sponsored by Amazon Home.

It has always been my dream to create an entirely white living room, something that would feel like I’m floating in a cloud, but with all of my favorite stuff in it. I have a great fascination with monochrome spaces and it’s a design style that comes with challenges, but it creates what I consider the most visually calming space that has the power to put me at ease under any circumstance, which is the way I want to feel at all times when I’m at home. Thankfully Amazon Home was the perfect partner to make this redesign happen with their wide array of home decor across all styles, certainly including mine!

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09/04 Our Apartment

Living Room Refresh with Amazon Home: The Plan

This post is sponsored by Amazon Home.

The heart of our home, the place where we spend the majority of our time, and the space that serves the most amount of functions. Our living room is one, open area that houses an entryway, work space, and reading nook, but the most important function of all is that we sit here to chill and watch TV and there are some things we can still do to improve that experience. In partnership with Amazon Home, I’m refreshing this space to make it even more functional for our needs, fulfill a design dream I’ve had for it since the beginning, and to share all the finds that I’m loving from their massive selection of furniture and home decor.

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07/24 Food

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

This post is sponsored by OXO.

Once upon a time I’d order iced coffee at coffee shops and nod ‘yes’ when the barista would ask “cold brew?” because I figured the terms were interchangeable. Soon I learned these are not the same thing. Iced coffee is coffee extracted with hot water that has been cooled and iced, whereas cold brew is coffee extracted with room temp or cold water. The difference is significant, resulting in a smoother, less acidic brew that saves you from dealing with extra heat you can’t be bothered with during these summer months. Having learned how easy it is to make cold brew coffee at home, this is the only coffee I’ve been making and drinking lately and I’ve partnered with OXO to share how you can make cold brew coffee at home too.

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07/16 Our Apartment

Reading Nook Update + Giveaway

Last I updated you on our reading nook it had a serious issue, which was that the chair was awful- beautiful, but terribly uncomfortable to sit in. We lived with that mistake for a while, holding on to aesthetics over comfort, but it’s time we sought out to have both. I’ve partnered with Rypen to refresh this little corner of ours with some of their pieces, and to giveaway a $200 credit to one lucky winner to shop the collection- giveaway details at the end!

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