03/09 Motherhood

Newborn Essentials: 0-3 Months

A comprehensive list of everything we relied on and used a lot during Orion’s first 3 months of life! I know I titled this post “essentials” but a lot of this can be more accurately categorized as “nice to have” or “to make life easier for the parents” or “things we used and why they worked for us and what didn’t work.” My main goal with this is to be thorough and not to say that you have to have all this stuff. A baby’s essentials are food, sleep, comfort, and love, and everything else beyond that is about preference, yours and baby’s- can’t be said enough that all moms and babies are different, and what worked for someone else may not work for you. As a first time mom I ended up trying a lot more things than I ended up needing so there’s a lot that I cover in this post. Thus, let this be a guide and not a rule book. Whether you’re prepping for your own soon to come little one or building your registry, these are the things that worked for us.

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02/19 Our House

Our Family Room

I get way too in my head about “revealing” spaces, ultimately contradicting how I believe our spaces are never truly finished or done- they should change and evolve as we and our needs do, plus this stuff takes time!! While I kept a running list in my head of what I still want to do with this space, I asked myself what’s wrong or unlivable about it right now and the answer is nothing at all, so let’s no longer delay sharing a quick look at the evolution of this space so far.

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12/18 Our House

Our Family Room Workspace Nook

This post is sponsored by Command™ Brand. All opinions are my own.

While working from home has been my situation for a while, this year it became Oleg’s situation too. When we bought this house last year we surely didn’t anticipate needing workspaces for both of us, so we’ve been faced with the dilemma of how to make room for that.  The plan from the beginning was to make the garage my workspace, but when it was immediately clear that it would take a while to set it up the way I envisioned, we made the extra bedroom my office. That then became Oleg’s office and I set myself up at the dining table, then we turned the office into the nursery and moved Oleg to the garage with all the boxes we still haven’t unpacked yet from the move, then I declared that the dining table was not sustainable for me. Now we’re here with the next phase of our work from home plan: this little nook in our family room that I had several other ideas for will now be my workspace! We still want to make the garage a workspace/studio with the updated plan for it to fit both of us in there, but until we figure that out I’ll be working from here, and I partnered with Command Brand quickly make this temporary workspace more functional and beautiful with some of their very easy to apply damage-free products.

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10/20 Motherhood / Our House

Modern Minimal Gender-Neutral Nursery

This post is sponsored by Crate and Kids.

I’d always hear from other moms that the nursery became their favorite room in the house and now I completely get it because I just joined that club. Many times a day I sit in that rocking chair looking around the room imagining our son in here, daydreaming about how he’ll grow and be comfortable in this space, and how it will evolve with him as we discover who he is. I’ve already been so excited for his arrival and this room has now made it uncontainable. Knowing that I would also be spending a lot of my time in here, I certainly considered making this a space for the adults to enjoy too in a way that would feel continuous with the rest of our home. Crate and Kids was the perfect partner to design this room with to feel light and airy, keeping it gender neutral, with pieces that would grow with baby while matching our modern minimal style, and a sprinkling of a few sweet details.

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09/14 Motherhood

Top Baby Registry Picks

This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY.

Researching what we need for baby and the best things to register for was a much more daunting and time consuming task than I had already anticipated as a first time mom. I learned quickly from all the advice and guidance I’ve received from other moms that there’s no one list fits all answer, and a lot of it will come down to lifestyle/preference and what baby likes, which we won’t know how he’ll take to some of this stuff until later. Still, there were some pretty universal words of wisdom across the board and clear essentials, and I’m partnering with buybuy BABY to share my top picks which hopefully will help any of you new expecting moms feel a little less overwhelmed with your baby prep.

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08/26 Motherhood

Pregnancy Essentials

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I thought I’d look back and share a few things I’ve been using during pregnancy that I love or have found really helpful with the hopes that this can be a good resource for any of you who are expecting, or know someone who is (SO nice of you to think of them).

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