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5 Tips to Set a Simple and Modern Tablescape


Fall kicks off all the best celebrations of the year (amiright?) and I get most excited about decorating for them.  Eating is extremely exciting too, but decorating comes first!  I like prioritizing simplicity in decorating not only because that’s my jam and I love it most, but because I’ve found it’s generally less fuss and less stressful, which is what I imagine most of us appreciating during the cray holiday season.  Whether you want to achieve this style or apply a few of these concepts to the plans you already have, read on for 5 simple tips for a modern minimal tablescape I’m sharing in partnership with AllModern:


Simple color palette

Keeping colors neutral is the easiest way to achieve a modern minimal look, though color definitely is not off limits- just keep it to a few pops of color.  I left most of the color in my tablescape to the florals and everything else is mostly white, like the AllModern white plates, AllModern ceramic plates, and linen tablecloth.



Simple patterns

Clean lines and minimal pattern mixing add interest without looking chaotic.  I included one pattern with the thin stripes on these AllModern linen napkins which are my favorite detail on the table.  I tied suede lace around each napkin with a stem from the leafy greens hanging above the table, which conveniently contributes to the next tip.


Vary texture AND FINISHES

This is what will make it look like there’s a lot more going on without actually having a lot going on.  It’s especially what keeps a neutral scene from falling flat.  In addition to the seude lace from the napkins, the gun metal finish on the AllModern flatware and hobnail design on the AllModern wine glasses make for beautiful, special details.


Minimal accessories

Keep accessories to a minimum both in quantity and design.  It’s about having a few good pieces stand alone and shine!  These AllModern candle holders are beautifully minimal and totally play on that “shine” thing I was talking about.


Small floral arrangements

Putting together an epic centerpiece can be intimidating (I remember having a meltdown over one in the past), but making smaller floral arrangements is a great way to spread the love on the table while also not having to use a ton of flowers.  Bonus: use glass cups or whatever simple vessels you have around as vases.




Another favorite detail is the dreamy hanging branch above the table, which best of all was easy to install.  I attached two branches together with floral wire then tied string on each end, which I hung onto temporary hooks I stuck onto the ceiling (one hook for each end of the string).  I’m keeping this up as long as I possibly can and then replacing the branches with fresh ones if needed.  I really would be down to have this over my dining table forever.

What celebrations do you have coming up?  Our next one is friendsgiving, and I will be cooking the bird this year for the very first time in my life.  I’ve said it every year but this year is the year!


This post is sponsored by AllModern.  All words and ideas are always my own.

41 comments on “5 Tips to Set a Simple and Modern Tablescape”

  1. Simplistic, clean & fresh. I love it! I’ve been noticing the crystal goblet style drinking glass is on trend right now. I like the presence they add. More commanding, but still a simple elegance.

    1. Blah, I did not. This kind of thing happens all the time and it’s hard to keep up. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I absolutely love this – so simple but stunning! I’d never thought of hanging a branch over my table, but it ties in perfectly with theme – spring luncheon anyone? You are a natural at this :)

  3. I’ve been looking for a set of black cutlery, and this set is gorgeous! Do you know how they hold up to scratches from washing or just cutting?

    1. So far so good! Although I only use them for special occasions so they haven’t been used much. If there are any scratches I haven’t noticed them.

  4. I’m in search of these striped napkins. Can’t seem to find them via the link. Any idea if they were discontinued or are offered elsewhere?

  5. Hello, sooooo beautiful, total dream tablescape!
    where can I find the cloth napkins? I clicked on the link but it takes me to a general page.

  6. Hi! I love your blog and black/white aesthetic. I’m thinking of getting similar modern black Windsor chairs with a white round dining table. Where is that black/white moody floral print behind the table (in the 1st pic) from?

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