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The Person Who Made This Year Extraordinary

This post is sponsored by Hallmark Signature.

I’ve forever believed that the best part of any gift, or the best gift itself, is the card, and while I’m not as consistent about writing cards as I’d like to be, the holiday season is the one time of year where I’ll give it my all.  This very likely stems from all the sentiments of gratitude centered around the holidays, and it being the end of the year naturally encourages us to reflect on the past year and the people who made it extraordinary.

It’s a very special and important practice to write to someone all the ways they’re appreciated, to let them know how much they mean to you and have helped you.  Approaching this ritual now as the year ends, I’m partnering with Hallmark Signature to give no ordinary card to no ordinary person who played the biggest role in making my year the best it could be, and to share with you guys a little on why.

So who made my year extraordinary??  I’d agree with you that this person is a terribly obvious choice, but he is also terribly amazing and gets a gross shortage of recognition for it.  Aside from getting engaged and sealing the deal that this year was the happiest of my life, he also made it my most successful year yet.

This was my first full year working full time on the blog since I quit my previous job, a decision that Oleg fiercely encouraged me to do and supported everyday since.  I knew it was going to be challenging, but there was no way I could have known how much goes into turning a blog into a business (spoiler- it’s a lot) and at times it left me doubting if I was even capable.  There’s a lot of stress and pressure with going after big dreams especially when it feels like you’re doing it alone, but I was so lucky that he was there to walk with me through it.

What should have been me hiring an assistant to help with all the work ended up being him becoming both my personal and business assistant.  He did everything from cooking dinners and cleaning our home while I had to work consecutive late nights to helping me answer emails when I was having trouble keeping up with them.  He gave me sound business advice from his own experience, held up my light filter during photoshoots, and regularly reminded me of how far I’ve come and how much more I have to grow.  His knack for deconstructing problems and coming up with simple solutions quickly dissolved my panic attacks and helped me make plans of action.  He did all that he could to help me focus on growing my business and without a doubt, I couldn’t have seen the successes of this year without him.

We were out with a friend and as I shared about my blog, Oleg joined the conversation and talked about how hard it is and how so much goes into it.  I teared up realizing that there were sacrifices and changes for him too, ones that he had taken on so that I could pursue my goals.  It shows that he believes in me and what I’m doing, which if there’s nothing else that will get me back up from a failure, knowing this alone has and will push me through it.  I only hope that I can give the same gift back to him.

I’d give him the world if it was possible, and writing a card seems microscopic in comparison but at the same time there’s no better way to let him know that he’s amazing.  We have a tradition of writing cards to each other on holidays and special occasions (I’ve kept them ALL), putting a lot of effort into picking the perfect card whether it’s something beautiful or the message inside reminds us of an inside joke.  This time, Hallmark Signature helped me out with these cards to choose from.

My first feelings upon seeing them: JOY.  How wonderfully detailed, adorable, and gorgeous these cards are!!  I read and played with each (the “Ring in the Merry” has little bells inside, aah!) and decided on this one.

It’s just stunning.  The gold, the texture, the design, everything about it makes me light up and I hope it does the same for him.

I also like sticking to cards with short and sweet messages inside.  I must have the extra space to fill in with my own words, and this card has the perfect message I want to convey.

If you weren’t already planning on it, hopefully this encourages you to write cards this season to the people who love and inspire you.  Spending the time to pick the perfect card and write a thoughtful note is something I’ll always consider a powerful way of showing you care.

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AND, if you’d like to share,  I’d love to hear about who made your year extraordinary + how you’re doing.  Leave it in the comments below <3.


This post is sponsored by Hallmark Signature.  All content and opinions are always my own.

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  1. This cards are wonderful, for me it’s a ritual , too writing cards only at X-Mas time and then they are special as yours or I find time to create own ones. Many greetings from Germany Kathrin

  2. I too had a special man who supported me when starting my own business- behind every successful person is a support person who believes in you
    We are blessed and your simply elegant ideas in your blog are fabulous

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