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Friday Finds

Anyone with a blog or site knows just how frustrating it is when your host server goes down.  That was about half my day yesterday!  Sorry if you had trouble getting to the blog especially after I asked you to come see yesterday’s post, d’oh!  I think it’s all good now.

I’m leaving today to spend 24 hours in Vegas welcoming a friend into the 30’s club.  Every year I think I’m never going to Vegas again but it happens at least once, and dangit why not and oh yea, it’s for a friend!  Also gotta continually take advantage of Vegas being relatively close by.  That leaves Sunday for what I hope will be “nothing” time to do just that, something I haven’t scheduled for myself in a while and want to get better about doing.  Hoping you plan some nothing time for yourself, too, you need and deserve it.

Happy weekend <3.


Loving the warm tones in this home.

5 reasons you’re always late and how to fix them.

The most perfect Scandinavian apartment.

Didn’t know there were beach umbrellas this cute.  Need.

Some really cool and unique things for the home.

I will always love a good IKEA kitchen makeover.

All the blush hues!

Not sure about #1, but everything else, yes.  #7 happens to me once in a while and now I’m pretty sure this is why: 7 subtle and slightly bizarre signs you need more sleep.


Image from my Instagram.

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