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Loving: Linen Bedding + Get the Look

This has been a long time obsession of mine, but especially lately I can’t get enough of linen bedding.  After getting my first set last year I decided it’s all I ever want to sleep on.  It’s so comfortable, cool, and breathable, which perhaps the weather warming up here has me thinking about it more (I realize it’s still frigid in many of your areas, but warmer weather for all is coming!)  Another perk is that it’s supposed to look creased and wrinkly, which means it looks good no matter what and adds beautifully subtle texture for a more interesting neutral scene, and even more for a colorful one.  Come obsess with me.



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6 comments on “Loving: Linen Bedding + Get the Look”

  1. These were so lovely but I am so old I personally see the wrinkles and think No. They would have to be irrestible for me to adapt to the wrinkles.

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