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8 Blog Posts to Help Jumpstart Your Organizing and Decluttering

The time has come where we all get extra hyped up to tackle clutter in our homes and refresh our spaces after all of that holiday season crazy. A lot of the questions I get asked repeatedly are about how to keep a tidy home and stay organized, and having written a few posts on these topics in the past, I’ve rounded them up here if you’re looking for tips and motivation. I still follow and apply the concepts I’ve written in these posts till this day, so if there’s anything beyond that you want to ask about or need help with on the topic of organizing/tidying, leave it in the comments for me to respond to, or to potentially turn into a blog post!

Top 5 Tips for Decluttering

Top 5 Decluttering Tips

Printable Weekly To-Do Sheet

20 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

The Curate Closet + Wardrobe Minimalism

5 Simple Daily Habits for Reducing Clutter

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Wardrobe Drawer Organization

5 Simple Ways to Refresh the Bathroom

2 comments on “8 Blog Posts to Help Jumpstart Your Organizing and Decluttering”

    1. I hear ya. I considered myself a hoarder my whole life, but the freedom of less was incredibly motivating once I got a taste of it. Good luck with your decluttering journey!

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