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DIY Fruit Magnets

DIY Fruit MagnetsI’m PRETTY excited about this being my first fruit DIY since I get to be joining in on this mega cute summer trend.  This was that “other” cement project I had mentioned being part of the inspiration for my ombre candle holders and much like that project, this one took me some time to suss out.  I’ll get to the details on that in a little bit, but let’s get started with what you’ll need to make these cuties.

-fruit ice trays (I used a pineapple ice tray and an assorted fruit ice tray)
-cement (I used Cement-All)
-acrylic paint
-paint brush
E6000 adhesive
magnets (These ones are super super super strong, which I like, but it made them difficult to work with.  If that’s a concern for you, go with weaker magnets.)

CementSo cement.  This was actually my first time using cement, before my ombre candle holders, and I learned a few things after failing this project TWICE.


1) Work quickly with the cement, especially if it’s a fast drying one like Cement-All.

2) Add a bit more water to the cement than what’s recommended in the instructions on the box, until it becomes a little thinner than pancake batter.  The thinner the cement, the better it will fill in all the little details in the ice trays.  Be careful though- it only takes a little bit of water to drastically change the consistency of the cement.

3) Mix out all the lumps in the cement but don’t do it TOO vigorously.  I did this the first time and it created so many air bubbles that after the cement dried, my fruit had tiny holes all over them :(

Learn from my fails, ok?

Cement filled ice traysSo it’s pretty simple, I just filled up the trays with cement and let them dry.

Gluing on magnetAfter popping out all the cement fruit from the molds, I glued on a magnet to the back of each fruit.

Painting fruit magnetsThen the funnest part- painting the fruit magnets.  Seriously, it’s meditation.

Fruit Magnets

Fruit magnets and photosYou guys, I love them soooooo much, to the point where I’d be thrilled if you loved them even half as much as I do.  What do you think of them?  Summer trend or not, I’ll be keeping these up on the fridge forever.

53 comments on “DIY Fruit Magnets”

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I got mine at Anthropologie, but looks like they don’t sell them anymore. I did recently see the trays at The Paper Source, though!

  1. OMG these are too adorable!! I love them! And need them on my frige asap. And thanks for the cement tips, not a medium I have worked with before but you have totally sold me on it. :)

    1. Cement is really, really cool. Makes me think about ice trays in an entirely different way. Thanks so much, Lusine!

  2. These are THE cutest. My fridge right now isn’t magnet, but I may still make them and stick them to another random metal surface in my house…

    1. Thank you, Cat! I support your plan to find another metal surface. Other than my fridge, some of these magnets will be going on my magnet board at my desk :P

    1. Thanks, Brynne! I thought painting them would be a pain in the butt, but it was actually really enjoyable, because they’re so cute <3 Thank you for pinning!

  3. Amy, I LOVE these! They are too adorable! I love that you took the extra time to actually paint them like fruit, I’m sure I would have been lazy and just spray painted them solid colors. They are so so sweet. I’ve been wanting that pineapple ice tray and been unable to justify it–maybe this is my reason!

    1. I totally considered the spray painting option, but couldn’t shake past wanting to paint them like actual fruit. So happy you appreciate my effort <3 haha! Thanks, Marlene.

  4. These are so sweet, i just want to eat them…minus the magnet part! Honestly, I’ve been waiting for something quick and easy like this to do with the tub O cement I have sitting on my balcony right now. Hmmm, i have plaster too…wonder how that would work? Hmmm, I can just imagine all the air bubbles now…never mind. Cement it is! Love!

    1. Thanks, Enid! I have no idea if plaster would work, but you should see if it does! Although you are right to want to put your box of cement to use. Let me know how it goes!!

  5. This is soooooooo crazy! I purchased those pineapple trays a while ago to do the same projects! Nuts, right?!? And yours are soooo darling, so I’m totally going to bag my magnet idea! I love love love these! Great work! You know what they say about great minds! :)

    1. Great minds <3 I'm very familiar with situations like these, but it's always reassuring to know we all share the same taste! Makes me feel like I'm doing something right :) Thanks so much for coming by, Lexy. Really appreciate the kind words!

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