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Workspace Update: Mini Espresso Station

I’ve always wanted to set up some sort of coffee station in our home, but the issue remains: we don’t have space, either on our already cramped kitchen countertops or to create one elsewhere. It’s enough of a deterrent for making coffee at all, having to bring out all the tools every time we needed to boil water, grind beans, and brew them in a french press. Making coffee at home thus became a weekly habit at best for us, but now we’ve found a machine compact enough (and stylish enough, bonus points) to fit right into our home, and it makes espresso so good I prefer it every time over my regular cup of coffee. It’s the new Essenza Mini, and I’ve partnered with Nespresso to share more about how this machine has opened up the world of espresso for me, and I’ll say it upfront- it’s amazing.

Anytime a functional item is minimal in design and fits seamlessly into my space brings me boundless joy. The Essenza Mini is beautiful, tiny enough to fit on my narrow prop/storage shelf, and looks like it’s part of the club with everything else in my workspace. Best of all, it’s so so easy and quick to use.

All I have to do is pop in a Nespresso capsule, close the lever, and press the button for how much water is desired, either less for an espresso or more for a lungo (espresso with more water).

It takes seconds to brew completely, which makes me want to ask what have I been doing with my life spending so much time brewing coffee by hand??

Lifting and closing the lever again ejects the capsule below into the capsule container for effortless cleanup and keeps them out of sight until the container is ready to be emptied and recycled – I love this function, since I do not love cleanup. All that’s left is a perfectly brewed cup of espresso with that beautiful signature crema on top.

Being able to sit at my desk and turn my seat for an espresso at the touch of a button is really nothing short of life changing. It gets rid of the indecision that often plagues me on whether or not I have time or even want to go out and get coffee, and it’s far more tasty than any cup of coffee we’ve brewed at home. I really wonder why I haven’t already been drinking espresso regularly. So far my favorite is the Linizio Lungo (the orange colored capsule).

Do you make coffee at home?  Are you a regular espresso drinker?


This post is sponsored by Nespresso.

23 comments on “Workspace Update: Mini Espresso Station”

    1. It truly makes a delicious cup of espresso! I had no idea before how much I needed one of these. You will love it!

  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE Nespresso’s capsules. All my friends in Germany have them. Sadly coffee/espresso gives me a migraine so I can’t justify owning one of their machines for myself — except, of course, that it truly is a beautiful desk accessory! It really looks like it was made for your workspace. By the way, the link to Nespresso isn’t working! xoxo

  2. on another note, all the gorgeousness! Where did you get those shelves? Recently moved and ready to office-up the small loft area!

    1. Thank you, Mary! So fun and exciting to set up a new workspace- congrats on the new space. You can find the shelves here. I also have a page on the blog where I linked to the sources of everything in my home here.

  3. Oh wow… your office is so perfect! I love how organized and orderly everything looks. You are absolutely right. The coffee maker looks perfect and blends right in. Maybe I need one for my office to accompany the full-size-coffee-shop I have made out of my kitchen. lol You can never have too many or have them to close by when your working. :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We used to have a coffee shop in our kitchen too haha, then it was always getting in the way of cooking dinner, then we put it all away and forget about it always or don’t want to deal with it :\ Proximity is a big deal!

  4. I eventually want to get an espresso machine. I have a Keurig coffee machine to make myself a cup of coffee. I love how easy it is to use.

  5. Hi! I think I posted my comment in the wrong place. Sorry if you get multiple messages! Is the Nespresso cup your using the Lungo size? It looks like you brewed a Lungo based on the review, but I wasn’t sure. It’s hard to judge scale from the website. Thank you!

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