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DIY Patterned Pumpkins

I had no plans to make these pumpkins until I discovered very late that mini pie pumpkins exist and the next minute they came home with me.  Now if only they came in white!  I support keeping pumpkins the way they are, but opted instead to paint them in some favorite designs that would make them even more adorable.  It’s as simple as doodling and I’ll show you how I did it.  

-paint (I used these blush, light gray, and charcoal colors)
foam brushes
foam pouncer
-paint pens (black and white)

Paint the pumpkins in 3 coats or until opaque with complete drying time in between.

After fully dried, use the paint paints to draw on the designs.  Make sure the pen tip is fully loaded with paint and don’t press too hard or else the layers of paint might scratch off.

For the circles, dip a foam pouncer in paint and wipe off any excess around the edges before placing onto the pumpkin.  Press the pouncer onto the pumpkin and turn clockwise or counterclockwise with even pressure to get the most even circle possible.  Repeat it all around the pumpkin.

Which one is your favorite?  I’m pretty sure you’ll pick the same one as me but you go first ;)

10 comments on “DIY Patterned Pumpkins”

  1. I love these! My favorite is the charcoal with white dashes :-) I am also a huge fan of your mudcloth pumpkins you did awhile back too!

  2. I love these and they are way easier than I thought they would be! I will definitely be doing this to mine in time for halloween – say goodbye to traditional orange & hello to colours and patterns that match my decor. YAY!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

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