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A Modern Way to Scent the Home + Giveaway

The last time we talked about finishing touches for the home, we covered lighting and how it’s one of those details you might not think of early on when designing your home, yet it makes an immense difference and shouldn’t be ignored.  Same goes for the topic of this post, which I’m realizing is one of if not the first thing I notice when I step inside of any space: SCENT. 

I’m an enthusiastic user of candles and room sprays, though it’s always been evident in my experience that the effects don’t last long or spread that wide.  I also wouldn’t do a great job of remembering to use them regularly, and when you spend so much time in your own home you become immune to whatever scents (or odors) are already there that guests on the other hand would notice instantly.  So to fulfill my need for something that would deliver beautiful scents evenly and regularly, require very little upkeep, and fit in perfectly with the design of my home, I found Aera, who I’m partnering with to share more about their home fragrance system that can be controlled with ease from my smartphone- amazing.  Aera is also kindly offering a discount code for everyone and a starter set giveaway for one lucky winner!  Details at the end of the post.

I keep my Aera here in the living room as it’s both the biggest room and the first room to enter our home through.  It’s also where we spend most of our time.  Because the fragrance floats in the air, I’ve placed my Aera in a location where I know the air circulates throughout the room to maximize scent coverage- up to 2000 sq. ft!

Aera is simple to use with buttons on top for adjusting the scent intensity level based on room size or general scenting preference (I usually set mine between 2-5).  The device then emits a dry vapor of fragrance at timed intervals, which I control from my smartphone.

The AeraForHome app is the best part about this system.  From here I’m able to set up schedules for different days of the week regarding what hours and at what intensity Aera operates at, which ultimately helps with making the fragrance capsule last longer since it won’t be emitting at all hours.  This means I never have to worry about turning it on or off.  Being that I’m very forgetful, this is everything.

Of the eight scents to choose from, my favorite is Moondance and I knew it the moment I smelled it.  The description is “warm & enveloping” and that couldn’t be more accurate.  With notes of bergamot, iris, and amber, it feels very fall and smells amazing everyday.  I work from home daily just across the room and it boosts my mood every time I catch the scent emitting, like it’s reminding me to breath!

I love knowing that when guests come over, they’ll be met with my favorite scent and not something like what we made for dinner the night before.  All the while, I don’t need to hide its modern and sleek design, and I don’t have to worry about it wasting fragrance while we sleep or are away because the app lets me control that.  The tech, design, and function combo on this is just plain exciting.  It’s everything I want our home to be!

Are you into scenting your home?  Do you notice the scents of homes or spaces you visit?


Enter promo code OHMY20 at checkout for 20% off your order on www.aeraforhome.com through 11/22/17.  Limited to one use per customer.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts.


*edit* Entry period has ended and winner has been notified.  Thanks to everyone that entered!


This post is sponsored by Aera.


74 comments on “A Modern Way to Scent the Home + Giveaway”

  1. Zephyr would be my choice~ and they do a great job of describing all the scents too! One of the hardest things to do must be to describe by sight how something smells. Bright and Airy is how Zephyr is described and I’m reminded of warm spring breezes~ you know the kind~ when it’s not too hot, but not too cold, the sky is bright blue, the scents of spring are all around…this is what I think Zephyr will be in my home!

  2. I did the quiz and it matched me with Moondance! Don’t think I could choose otherwise, they all seem very inviting.

  3. I love the look and sound of the Aera. I took the quiz to find my perfect scent. I would love to try the poetry scent!

  4. This is amazing! I just moved into a new apartment and I’ve been thinking a lot about home fragrances. If I were to win, I would pick Curiosity as I love Magnolia scents.

  5. I was on their site recently and loved the idea of AERO. I would love to try Odyssey. I’m all about the citrus!

  6. Indigo would be my first choice, but there are at least two others I’d love to try!

    The fragrance finder quiz was a huge help, and such a unique way to find what would be best for me!

  7. I took the fragrance quiz and my result was Zephyr! I love how chic the Aera looks. And the app is super cool.

  8. Looks just amazing ! If I was to win I’d love curiosity. Love magnolia flowers. I live in in nz… So not valid to apply. Hopefully next one you can reach other countries xxx 😍🙌🏻

  9. Amazing technology! I’m obsessed with candles and using fresh herbs to scent my home. It creates such a beautiful refreshing atmosphere that I find really stimulates your mind through the use of different scents. I love having a variety of candles on hand depending on the weather / mood. 😍

    I must say, the Indigo fragrance sounds like a delightful combination for fall as a starter pack. It sounds like it has notes of warmth but still a fresh crisp fragrance with the citrus. The combination of citrus and woods sounds so refreshing. There’s so many beautiful scents it was hard to choose one!

  10. I love how beautifully minimal they are. I have been looking for a diffuser and this looks like a wonderful alternative. If I were selected to win, I would love the Poetry starter set.

  11. Thank you for hosting such an inspirational blog! I would choose the Indigo scent, though all seem terrific.

  12. I took the quiz and it said Poetry (which I agree with!) but after looking at all the wonderful scents, I think I’d also really like Moondance.
    What a great giveaway! I loved looking through all the amazing scent combinations.

  13. How chic! They all sound pretty good. But i took the quiz and they matched me with the Odyssey kit. So Odyssey it is! Thanks for the giveway. Love your home aesthetics :)

  14. Thanks to your blog, I have successfully created decor (mud cloth pumpkins, eucalyptus wall hanging, and air plant wall hanging) for my home that I never would have attempted before (I’m more of a cook creative than a craft creative). Thank you! If I was chosen as the winner, I would choose Mosaic. Love grapefruit and ginger scents!

  15. I love this product idea, I’m so exhausted with constantly burning candles to create the right scent mood in my home. If I were to choose, I’d love the fresh Odyssey scent!

  16. Thank you for the giveaway, I do love fragrances ad they define my memories as much as feelings.
    I would have definitely pick up Mosaic but test suggested either Moondance or Poetry: hopefully I could win one of them!

  17. I’ve been in the mood to cuddle up with a good book every evening, lately so I think Poetry is the scent I would go with. It sounds a bit romantic as well ;) Thanks for hosting this!

  18. I’d probably choose the Indigo…though so many of the starter kit scents sound so good!
    I love the idea of having one of this for its smart home capabilities. Having a good smelling home that you don’t have to constantly be actively participating in sounds like a dream. It’s like the answer to my issue with my current scent diffuser. I either forget to turn it on, or it runs for ages!
    Great content as usual, keep of the fabulous work!

  19. I would choose poetry! I have been looking at it for several months. My kids always tell me I have a sensitive nose and nothing is better than to walk into a nice smelling space.

  20. I’ve been looking for exactly this! A small, discrete home air freshener that scents the room on a regular basis. Like the article said, room sprays and candles don’t stick around as long as I’d like.
    I would def LOVE to have the “vibrance” set!
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  21. The quiz told me I need “poetry” which sounds lovely. I love this idea, I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I love candles but never light them because I’m afraid I’ll forget to blow them out. I’m intrigued by the candle warmer plates but hate the way they look. This might be just the thing!

  22. I didn’t know which to choose so I took the quiz and it selected Moondance for me. The description sounds just perfect for me. Thank you.

  23. I thought Odyssey sounded like I would love it the most but I took the quiz anyway for fun. And I got Odyssey! I love bright and fresh scents :)

  24. Zephyr…anything that has a hint of Lily of the Valley is right up my alley. I am constantly lighting candles and get nervous leaving the room. Have been looking for something strong enough to fill up an entire apartment.

  25. Definitely Mosaic. Anything citrus-y to help my day get going & give me a little pep, especially when it’s getting colder!

  26. I would choose the poetry starter kit. Your first paragraph had me so curious to learn more about the product! Can never seem to have the perfect balance of a good scent!

  27. This time of year, I’d choose Moondance. But I didn’t see any fragrance that I’d dislike. Great product idea and thanks for sharing it.

  28. i like the sound of the snowfall fragrance! this looks so neat and i would love to have it in my home so thank you !

  29. Oh my gosh this sounds great! I would definitely have to start with Indigo. My favorite scents are citrus, anything woody like cedar, and anything “ocean.” So interested to see how they’ve combined all 3!

    1. Hi Keegan! The planter is brass and from Urban Outfitters. The only copper item in the photos is a candle that I got from JoAnn.

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