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DIY Knit Potholders


Knitting is SO relaxing.  It’s easy to make the excuse that I don’t have time to knit (or anything else, apparently my favorite excuse for everything) but when I finally got myself to start on this DIY that I’ve wanted to do for so long, I couldn’t stop until I was done.  I was up late working on a deadline for something else and found myself reaching over for my needles instead to finish a second one of these potholders, reasoning I could do it real quick and it would be like taking a break.

Unlike that knit blanket last year that took me a lifetime to complete, these really can be pretty quick to do, especially using a thicker cord that doesn’t require as many rows to be done.  I was inspired by these potholders which I not only thought were cool because of the leather handles but because they looked like they’d be easy to recreate, even for a beginner like me.  Definitely an excellent beginner knitting project with the bonus that it’s really useful for the home and cute!

US 17 12mm 10 inch needles
5mm cotton cord
rotary cutter
cutting mat
leather punch
rivet kit


The pattern is super simple- cast on 14 stitches and knit 24 rows of garter stitch before casting off and weaving in the ends.


For the handle, cut a piece of leather roughly 7.5″ long and 0.5″ wide with a rotary cutter.  Using a leather punch, punch a hole at each end of the leather.


Hold the ends of the leather together so that the holes overlap, then insert a rivet backing from behind.


Push the rivet backing through one corner of the potholder then snap on the rivet cap .  Note: it might take a few tries to first find the tightest stitch to put it through, otherwise the rivet will slip through.


Use the setter, anvil, and a hammer to pound the rivet shut.  A few strong taps will do it.


The leather handle is definitely optional and you can easily do without it, which would make this potholder easier to put in the wash, but MAN the leather handle is my favorite part.



You bet it also works as a trivet.


Last I talked to you guys about knitting, so many of you said that it was one of your bucket list items to learn.  I’m curious if you’ve started learning, or now have it on your list?  Or are you already an avid knitter?  I know many of you are pros and seasoned crocheters, too!  Crochet is another thing I need to revisit soon.

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    1. YES, the big ones are a huge commitment and can really make the fingers hurt. This would be a really good project to try!

  1. Ha! I was looking to make new potholders for the winter time which match better with the christmas decoration. Those seem perfect! And I love the leather handle! They are definitely on my bucket list for november. Thanks a lot!

  2. Great project. Curious about your source for the great color cording. How much yardage for two? Very classy! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Erika! I just checked the link and it’s working! Try again and let me know if you’re still having problems.

      1. Hi Amy. Apparently the cord is no longer available. Can you give me the name of the cord.. I really like it and want to make these as a house warming present… asap. They are so cute and that cord makes the texture so appealing. Love your site. Thanks, Lynn

  3. So I have the leather, am an avid knitter! Just would love to know where to get the rivits and leather hole puncher from? Store like Michaels? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen! In case you missed it, I linked the rivet kit and leather punch in the materials list near the beginning of the post. I don’t think I’ve seen the rivet kit at Michaels but they do have a leather punch!

      1. Thank you Amy. Just went to my desktop computer and it worked. Placed my order. Excited to give these a try. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this idea but I cannot hand knit just starting to learn loom knitting (made a pumpkin). Does anyone know how you could do these on a loom or a sight I might find help doing that?

    Thanks for the idea!

  5. Hi, there. I have been searching for the 5mm cotton cord to make these pot holders. I have everything else, but I’m unable to find the cotton cord. I’ve checked in store and online at Michael’s. Would love some help or possible leads…

    1. Hi Kerry! I got mine from the link in the post. Unfortunately I don’t know where else to source this particular kind of cord.

  6. My daughter-in-law has asked me to teach her to knit and really likes these potholders. I may make some for myself as well. They are neat. The link you provided for the cord shows the item is unavailable and lists similar items. However, they are all different sizes and types. Please provide the type and size you used in your potholders. Thank you.

  7. Hello. I love these. Could you please send me the Web site for the yarn. Couldn’t find it at Michaels craft store. I know it’s got to be cotton or wool?. Thank you Christine

  8. Hello. Would I be able to get the link for those cute pot holders . I cannot find the cording anywhere. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Christine, the cording is linked in the blog post under “materials” and if the item isn’t available it should take you to the Etsy shop where I got it from.

  9. I just found your site – Love it! I want to make the chunky potholders. Can you advise a supplier for the cord?? Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Cord is linked in the post and should take you to the Etsy shop if the specific cord is no longer available. Otherwise, I don’t know of another source for it.

  10. When you add the leather strap with the rivet, does the rivet actually puncture the yarn or do you go between stitches?

    Thank you so much,

    These are great!

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