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Etsy Favs: Modern Ceramics


I’m going to say without thinking further that there’s nothing more beautiful + functional for the home and no one should be without them.  Ceramics make life better.  I’ve talked enough about how much I love learning pottery and want to make ceramics only forever, and a lot of this obsession involves looking at a ton with the hopes that the more I look the more I’ll be able to make equally pretty things, but more likely I’ll end up just buying them, which is cool too.  So all that looking brings us here to sharing some of my favs, all from Etsy which houses some pretty amazing ceramicists.  Check them out!:

1| Plate
2| Espresso Cup
3| Tea Cups
4| Creamer
5| Splattered Ring Dish
6| Marbled Bowl
7| Spoons
8| Cafe au Lait Bowl

6 comments on “Etsy Favs: Modern Ceramics”

  1. Thanks for this roundup! I love ceramics, and these are just gorgeous! I wanted to let you know that I couldn’t get the marbled bowl link to work. <3

  2. It just tried Etsy.com and I can’t get that to work either, so it might just be etsy or my own computer? Anyway! Thanks again!

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