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Better Wifi with Google Wifi

This post is sponsored by Google.

I’m so pumped about this post because it touches on solving a problem we’ve had since the day we moved into this home.  Our internet has always been unreliable and weak.  We couldn’t connect to wifi the further we were in our home from the router and connections would still be shaky even nearby the router.  Especially working from home, this was a major pain that I put up with for way too long and really shouldn’t have.  I blamed the cable company and thought that this crappy internet was just our situation that we couldn’t do anything about.  Then we replaced the router with the Google Wifi system and it was evident: our old router was the problem!!

I had no idea that upgrading to a wifi system would make our internet faster and allow us to finally have coverage in places like our bedroom, which was previously an annoying wifi dead zone.  Google Wifi is practically a miracle in our home, and even better is that I don’t have to hide it because it’s gorgeous and minimal and everything I’d actually want to display.  Remember how I’d talk about the sweet spot of function and design combining perfectly?  This is another one of those moments.

The main wifi point is in our living room, which replaced our old router.  This alone made a big difference in improving connectivity across multiple devices,  but we added another wifi point in the bedroom since this was previously the most problematic area.

I sometimes have to do work in here and it was a pain to have to leave the room throughout a shoot to connect to internet, or even to stream music on wifi so that I didn’t have to use up data.  Plus, we’re regular people who like to watch videos in bed and again, not have to use up data!  It’s been a small but significant life improvement, the peace of mind from knowing we don’t have to avoid any spot in our home for anything that needs Wi-Fi connection.

The system comes with three points, but we only needed to set up two to cover our entire home. Bonus points for how easy it was to set up and how the whole system can be controlled with the Google Wifi app.  I’m not tech-savvy at all and am always intimidated by adding new technology to our home, to the point where sometimes I won’t even consider it, but this was painless and I’d do it all over again.

It’s been a huge relief to finally have the freedom to work (or watch Youtube videos) from anywhere in our home without the bummer of figuring out where to hide the Wifi points since they’re pretty enough to be left in plain sight.  I definitely consider design a key contributor to the painless setup of new devices, and it’s something I never overlook.  If you experience the same problems I had and need solid internet as a fellow work-from-home person or just want more out of your wifi, you must check out Google Wifi!  It is for sure one of the best improvements we’ve made to our home and I hope it can be for you, too.  Learn more HERE or on the Google Wifi support page.


This post is sponsored by Google, a brand I’ve been a long time fan of.  All opinions are always my own.

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