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3 Simple and Modern DIY Wedding Favors

As an experienced wedding guest, I’d say the thing I care least about is the wedding favor.  This sounds like a pretty bad way to start this post, but let me explain!  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort, rather it’s that I won’t notice whether or not a favor is provided.  After all, the newlyweds just threw a huge party, fed you, and you had a great time.  What more could you want?

The extra detail is nice though and I agree that it’s a cute thing to do.  I thought about what kind of favor would be useful and not turn into a tchotchke that people might toss later with guilt and concluded the edible variety is the way to go, something for guests to snack on and enjoy on the way home or next day.  These three wedding favor ideas are super easy, customizable, and best of all can be eaten, and I’ve partnered with Paper Mart to add a DIY touch to their packaging to make it all even cuter.  

Paper Mart has a really large variety of packaging products sold in bulk which makes it an excellent and affordable source for large events, like weddings. With a few of my favs from their stock, I put together these simple ways to package wedding favors.


Candy Favor Boxes

I love that this favor can incorporate some personality by filling these small square favor boxes with your favorite candy or chocolates.  You can share that tidbit with guests about what they are and why you love them, or trust they’ll like eating them on the car ride home.

I filled the boxes with these milk chocolate praline balls filled with vanilla cream.  They’re from a local Swedish candy shop and yes, they’re one of my favs!

To add a pretty and personal touch, tie a ‘thank you’ tag to the top and with the same string, tie in a small stem of greens.  It’s always the little details that make things more special.



If you’re going to have a dessert table, consider getting a little extra for guests to take home after, or just save it till the end for carry-out.  I picked these bakery boxes for how perfectly sized they are for donuts or cookies or other small treats and also because the lid is attached to the box- one less thing for guests to grab as they pack their desserts!

I printed our initials on sticker paper and stuck them on the lid of each box.  It’s a simple detail to customize the boxes in a modern style.  It’s also a nice alternative to something punny in case you can’t or don’t want to think of one (I couldn’t think of something new for donuts… got any?)



This one is SO me and O.  We’re chronic mint-eaters and always have them on us.  If we’re hanging out and you need a mint, I got you.  What do you want, spearmint, wintergreen, or peppermint?

After all that eating and drinking, guests might like to have after-party mints to take with them.  These mini sliding tin containers are adorable for the job and make this favor pretty useful since they’re small and easy to carry for continued on-hand mint supply (until they’re all eaten).

I printed our wedding date ontsticker paper and stuck them onto the lids of the containers.  I’m way too much in love with our wedding date and wanted to incorporate it into at least one of these DIY’s.   It’s a subtle detail that will almost feel like an inside joke with your guests, though not a joke it’s just the date you were all together and had an amazing time.

This one is definitely my favorite idea since again, this is true to a personal habit me and O share.  I also love the simplicity of it and how it isn’t loud about being a wedding favor.  It’s useful and definitely reusable, I always like that.

How do you feel about wedding favors?  Fellow brides-to-be, are you having them?


This post is sponsored by Paper Mart.  Thank you for supporting brands that help bring you fun and new ideas to try!

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  1. My husband and I love to cook and its something that brought us together, so for our wedding favor we created mini cookbooks with some of our favorite recipes. We also got our caterer and baker to share 1 recipe each for one of the dishes/desserts that are guests ate at our wedding, and we included those recipes as well. We just had them printed at Kinko’s and I bound them with a piece of baker’s twine, so it ended up being a pretty affordable DIY, and something personal and useful that guests could continue to use forever.

  2. I’m such a big fan of paper products especially little boxes like the first ones so usually I would choose them , but because of the date in this case I would tend to the mint boxes, it’s a nice gift you can use and because of the date always remember this day.
    Many greetings Kathrin

    1. Thanks, Kathrin! Exactly what I was thinking, I’m weak for cute packaging too but I really want to incorporate our date somewhere like the mint tins.

  3. Love the sliding tins with wedding date on top…could you tell me where you found those tiny square mints in bulk? Copying! Also, did you purchase the 1″ by 3″ tins? Or does that require tons (relatively) of mints to fill it? Thx in advance! Very helpful post for planning the bridal shower I’m giving.

    1. Hi Terri! These are the smallest tins on the site, I believe they’re the 1″ width ones. The mints are the altoid smalls and they’re sold in bulk here.

  4. My Dad was so excited that he wanted to contribute by getting the favors for the wedding. He had a friend make and customize biscotti for our wedding with our names and wedding colors. Plus, since we married in Key West, the biscotti had a little bit of a tropical flavor. What I really loved most was his excitement and desire to do something for us.

  5. Cute favor ideas! And so nice that they are “disposable”. So many favors do get tossed (I really don’t want a coaster with your initials in a heart on it). I’m with you – you just entertained me, fed me etc. I don’t get the need for a favor (and feel the same about goody bags at birthday parties). So much clutter to have around and guiltily toss somewhere down the road.

      1. Hi Amy, i would like to make the textured boxes ,but cannot find the link to tell me how. Can you help me out? Thanks.

  6. I love the doughnut box. Especially since we’re having them as dessert. What did you use to print on sticker paper and what font did you use? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Just wondering if you’re willing to share the font you used on the doughnut box stickers. Thanks :)

  7. Hi, i have a question about the candy wedding favors, i went to the website papermart and i can’t find pure white boxes as you got on the picture, can you help me because I’M in love with them. Thank you.

  8. LOVE THESE IDEAS!! How many of the 1″ tin could you approx. fill with one of the small altoid tins?

    1. Hi Cara! I didn’t fill the 1″ tins completely full and was able to fill about 2.5 of them with one small altoid tin.

      1. Amy,

        Are the stark white ones shown in blog the colorway “Quilt”???
        I want to make sure they are that pure pure white color.


        1. Hi Monica, yes they’re the “quilt” ones. They look more yellow on the Paper Mart site however I wouldn’t say they’re a stark white either. A little bit on the cream/ivory side but still pretty white.

  9. Do you remember how many mints you put into each container? I am thinking of ordering about 300 tins for a wedding and am trying to guess how many altoids to order. I saw the links for both. I would probably use the 2″x1″x3/8″ tins. Thank you so much for your help!

  10. I love the mint tin idea for a favor! What size tin did you use? How did you make sticker to put on it and where did you get loose mints to fill tin? Thanks in advance!

    1. These were the 2″ long tins and the mints are Altoid minis which you can get at most grocery stores, or online here
      . I made the sticker template on Photoshop and printed it on sticker paper.

  11. Hi
    I LOVE all your ideas!! So easy and yet so charming! I’m interested in the mint boxes.
    Can you tell me the website and what was the minimum order size?

    1. Hi Samantha! I linked the source in the blog post, they’re from Paper Mart. I believe the minimum order is 24.

  12. I am trying to get an idea of how small the quilted boxes are. I love this idea and would like to put a small candle inside each of the boxes. Do you think a small 2- 3/4 height size candle could fit inside the boxes?

    These are the exact dimensions of the candle: Height: 2-3/4”
    Diameter: 2-3/8”
    Base: 1-7/8”
    Top: 1-7/8”


  13. Hi! All wonderful ideas. Do you suggest using any particular sticker paper for the mint? brand or size?

    Thanks so much!

  14. Hi there! Any insight on the greenery stems you used for the candy boxes? They’re lovely – they look like individual stems? or were they clipped from a spray? Am in need of something similar. Thanks! :)

  15. Hi! I purchased the small quilted boxes and am searching for black paper tags with Thank You. Did you make them yourself or did you purchase them?


  16. Hi Amy! Love all of your ideas! We are going with the mint tins which I have already received thanks to your detailed information(so thankful) My question is I know you used sticker sheets but how did you cut them so perfectly to fit the tin? Do you know the dimension that you useful? I ordered 2×1 labels thinking that would work but because of the rounded edges on the tin they are too big. Thanks!


    1. Hi Julie, I’m so glad you’re making these! I cut the labels out myself with a paper cutter so that I could make them my own custom dimensions without having to source pre-cut labels, though that would’ve been easier. They were roughly 2x4cm.

  17. Hello :) Thank you for sharing these lovely quilted wedding favors! I’m going to definitely make these for our wedding.

    There are two sizes listed. Which one is the ones in the picture? is it 1 3/4 or 1 7/8?

    Many thanks!

  18. I Love love the mini mints idea! I just order tins on Amazon to do this favor =) Where did you find the stickers? Thanks Lady!

    1. Hi Jessica! Glad you like the idea. The stickers I made from sheets of sticker paper, so I cut each one out with a paper cutter.

    1. Hi Emma! Unfortunately I don’t have the measurement on those anymore, it was something I quickly whipped up at the time.

  19. Hi Amy, Your ideas are still beautiful all these years later. My question is about the boxes from papermart. Do you know the size? 1 7/8″ or the larger 1 3/4″ ? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cheryl, apologies for late reply! I went with the larger box. They really aren’t that big and can’t fit much so larger is better.

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