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Reading Nook Update + Giveaway

Last I updated you on our reading nook it had a serious issue, which was that the chair was awful- beautiful, but terribly uncomfortable to sit in. We lived with that mistake for a while, holding on to aesthetics over comfort, but it’s time we sought out to have both. I’ve partnered with Rypen to refresh this little corner of ours with some of their pieces, and to giveaway a $200 credit to one lucky winner to shop the collection- giveaway details at the end!

I’m always getting asked about sources for Scandinavian style decor and furniture and Rypen is the newest one I’ve added on my list. They carry a wide variety of some of my all time favorite brands and their exclusive collection made in-house is where I sourced the new pieces for our reading nook .

The Pebble Chair is my first venture at home into deep seated lounging and I’m digging it. It’s the kind of chair you can curl up in, legs under you, next to you, or hung over the arm, and I’ve always loved this kind of versatile lounging that allows for all my contorting. Of course it can be sat in regularly, and I added in the Dot Ottoman Low for propping up our feet as needed. I love the texture of the velvet upholstery and went with the gray color in anticipation of some other changes we’re making in our living room (coming soon!!)

Another awesome thing about the ottoman is that it makes a great extension of our coffee table. I find myself using it sometimes to hold trays, books, or simply as an ottoman while we sit on the couch to prevent using the coffee table as one.

Lastly, I love the overall minimal silhouette of the Wadsworth Side Table. It has a beautiful terrazzo base that gives it something special and a nice contrast with the black powder-coated steel of the top. I also really like that it echoes the legs of the pebble chair. We love matching without being matchy, you know what I mean.

Rypen so kindly offered to give one of you a $200 credit to shop their collection and we’re making it super easy to enter the giveaway:

1. Visit Rypen and browse their exclusive collective.
2. Comment below with what your favorite pieces are.

That’s it! Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. One winner will be randomly selected and contacted in one week. Prize is a code for $200 credit to shop Rypen. Open internationally (shipping fees are not included in giveaway). Your email address will only be used to contact you should you win the giveaway. HOM never shares your personal information with third parties.

Good luck!

49 comments on “Reading Nook Update + Giveaway”

  1. This is so perfectly styled! I love your aesthetic so much. I am always on the lookout for minimalist Scandinavian inspired design as well, and love all of the Decor items, especially the Cutter Bench and the Monument Planter.

    1. Thanks for the introduction to this source! I have been looking for Scandinavian inspired nightstands, and the Nordic II nightstand is perfect!! Also love the Menu POV circle vase and the Grasshoppa floor lamp!

  2. I love everything in the nook so much. I’m also intrigued by the Geoffrey nesting table. How does it nest to neatly. Thank you for introducing a new (to me) brand.

  3. I love the nest lounge chair and your pebble chair that looks like a hug. But I definitely couldn’t afford any of it, even with $200 off. Maybe a nice $200 keychain.

  4. oh my goodness! i’d never heard of this company before! it’s so nice to have so many beautiful designers in one place to shop from. i’d love to have the franklin chandelier for our bedroom!

  5. First time hearing about this company but I have loved and love even more your reading nook! I was inspired by your post about lighting in your reading nook area and I changed the lighting in our master bedroom for better lighting for the little nook I’ve been working on! I absolutely love the pebble chair you have, it’s the perfect size for my area but I’m also obsessed with coffee colored leather chairs like their Edith Lounge Chair! So beautiful, everything you touch!

  6. Yesssss always looking to know where to get furniture and decor like yours lol. Loving the Joan lounge chair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Your nook looks so cozy cozy! My favorite pieces are the Dot Ottoman and the Tide Sofa. I’m thinking about getting the ottoman for my living room! Thanks for introducing this company to me!

  8. Looovee the Dot Ottoman you got! The dark grey contrasts well with your light rug. I also thought the Monolit Console and the Reso Lounge Table online were cool! I hope I win, my apartment could use some love haha.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m in need of upgrading my living room and really like the Edith and Gemma chairs! Sometimes it’s the small things that can really elevate a room :)

  10. I‘m very torn between the Pebble and the Soren chair. I‘m also looking for something comfy to kind just lounge in without it looking frumpy.

  11. Rypen plant boxes and terrazzo pots are perfection! Now that I’ve figured out how to keep an indoor plant alive, I should treat myself!

  12. This reading nook is so inviting! I love the terrazzo on that side table and I’m all about matching but not too matchy. The Edith lounge chair is really gorgeous and looks very comfortable!

  13. Thank you for the giveaway! I never heard of the company but I love their designs…we are looking into a coffee table right now. Also love the dot ottoman!

  14. Lots of good stuff to choose from! I think my favorite though is the Edith lounge chair. Thanks for doing this! Your blog is a huge inspiration to me!

  15. I love the Edith Lounge Chair!
    PS That pebble chair is GORG in your reading nook. I could totally curl up in that with a good book and a cup of coffee!

  16. Thanks for introducing me to Rypen! My wife and I were just talking about seating options for our master and guest bedrooms, and I really like the Little Brother Bench and the Doris Lounge Chair.

  17. So, this my firs thearing about Rypen – so beautiful. I love the textures of the Skargaarden Throw, but the Plant Box organizer would be effing perfect for my Energy Medicine practice. Love! Your nook is PERFECT.

  18. Just happened to stumble onto this page, and after reading many of your posts you are now one of my favorites! I love your simplistic yet picture-esq way of writing! Thank you for sharing your nook – it truly is beautiful and blends so well!
    After looking at Rypen’s site, I am surprised by how much it agrees with my style too (maybe we are Scandanavian-styled sisters haha!!) Lately, I’ve been trying to find the perfect lighting in my home and once I began to browse Rypen’s lighting section, I immediately fell in love with the Cerno Plura Ceiling Pendant!! This will definitely be in my home at some point.
    Thanks for sharing, wishing you well!

  19. Rypen is totally my style. Please share more of your favorite decor sources! Got my eye on the brother console.

  20. I’m moving into my apartment for my last year of college and this little nook area is exactly what i want in my bedroom for reading and studying without being in a dingy library. So cute, I’m always so impressed with your styling abilities!!

  21. Love the new reading nook layout you’ve got! SO SO SO cozy

    I’m eyeing the Joan or Edith lounge chairs.. can’t decide which would match better.. hmm

  22. !that chair looks (and im sure feels) dreamy! they’re all beyond my price point but the amp table lamp in green/gold would be worth the splurge

  23. Such a great home decor source, literally everything is beautiful. Thanks for the intro to this new to me brand! I love the Edith lounge chair.

  24. Seriously thanks for spreading this brand. Really loving a lot of their pieces and what you’ve done to your nook.

    The Doris Lounge Chair is fire. I’m lusting for sure.

  25. Soooo in love with that Staple sectional sofa!! As a commercial interior designer in Minneapolis, I’m a huge fan of Rypen! They have great customer service, they can customize just about anything, and not to mention all the amazing brands they represent. I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile, and I’m so excited to see a company that I love so much recognized!! ♡

  26. Love your new chair and this brand that I just book marked.

    I love Pebble Chair as well. Looks like a marsh-mellow. :)

  27. I love everything at Rypen, but anything from MUUTO is my favorite:)
    Rypen’s new furniture collections are also beautiful.

  28. Love the Camp chair and the ottoman with wood that is in the picture with the Camp. What is it, I can’t find it on the website! Love the nook

  29. We just bought a house and love the look of the grid sofa. Also the dot ottoman low would be great compliment.

  30. I love Rypen! I actually work just down the road from their MN offices! The Edith lounge chair is exactly what I need to round out my living room <3

  31. I love a reading nook and that chair looks so amazingly inviting. I like the cute, functional lighting you chose too! Pinning this idea now.

  32. Beautiful website and content. Would you be so kind to provide information on your large, grey rug?
    Thank you

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