02/16 Friday Links

Friday Links

Hi!  Friday Links continues.  Thanks to those that gave feedback last time I posted, and in general it’s always nice to hear from ya.  I’ll hold myself to sharing things I seriously love and truly find interesting.  I put good effort into up-keeping that so it means a lot that it goes appreciated.

Hope you had a great week filled with love and sugar (so much V-Day sugar over here.)  Tomorrow we celebrate my favorite holiday, Galentine’s Day.  We actually timed it for this weekend because all of our guys are out of town for a bachelor party and truth be told I get pretty lonely without him around HA.  Glad I have my girls.  We’ve made it a tradition to bring and share a favorite beauty product and in case you want to know, I’m bringing the best face masks ever.  Ultra hydrating and feels amazingggg every time.  And will probably make a fun group photo.

Happy weekend <3.


7 types of fruit trees you can grow in your living room. I need to make this happen.

IN LOVE with this minimal monochrome home.  Simple, practical, livable, with still a lot of personality.

It’s so interesting learning about words and sayings in other languages that we don’t have in English, and I especially love #2 in this list: 25 incredible foreign words you have to know.

One of my all time favorite brands: Menu’s 2018 collection.

A savory breakfast bowl recipe that looks amazing.

How to make a wood frame for a large scale art print.

6 bedtime routines successful people swear by.



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  1. Thanks Amy for the links! That dancing dog in the nighttime rituals post– gave me such giggles! Thank you- I needed that-it’s been a hard working week! Happy Weekend! Hope you & your friends have a wonderful time together!

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