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DIY Stones and Beads Necklaces

DIY stone and bead necklaces

Jewelry DIYs.  I don’t do them often!  The last and only one I did were these bracelets, which I still wear, so maybe I simply haven’t found the need to expand my collection ha.  My preferences on accessorizing have also drastically changed over time.  I used to strive for having the largest arsenal possible for never-repeating daily accessory combos, but now I crave just having a few good staple pieces that I can wear everyday with anything.  That pretty much explains everything for what my jewelry style is- simple, dainty, and classic.

PBteen asked me to come up with an easy necklace DIY for teens to make for their moms this Mother’s Day, and I kept all those things in mind for it.  With these few easy steps and techniques, the combos and variations can really cover all accessorizing styles, but I kept it very simple.  See the tutorial on the PBteen blog!

DIY- stone and beads necklaces

Stone and beads necklaces- DIY


Also, let’s take a poll because there seems to be very polarizing views on this (or did I make that up?)  Do you go the DIY route for mom gifts?  I once read somewhere that the best thing to gift a mom is rest and relaxation, but I mean shoot, everyone would love that right??  It’s certainly a personal and individual thing judging what one person would and wouldn’t want, but I’m curious to hear if you’ll be making something for mom this holiday, even if it’s breakfast.

8 comments on “DIY Stones and Beads Necklaces”

  1. Hi, love these necklaces and will definitely be trying these. Quick question….. the larger ring in the foreground of the first photograph, are you able to tell me where you got that from – it’s just gorgeous!
    Many thanks, lisa

  2. These are really adorable, I have experienced something similar I tend to wear less. In fact, I might have to check If I still have my earholes. These cute little jewelry pieces should get me started wearing jewelry again
    Thank you for sharing:)

    1. Hahaha sometimes I have to think about that with my ears. My second holes are probably closed up!
      Thanks, Marwa!

  3. A couple of months ago I made almost the exact same necklace for a DIY tutorial on my blog idimin.berlin. Check out my blog for more jewelry DIYs.

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