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Bedroom Update Plans

Bedroom UpdateGuys.  This is a momentous occasion.  Last I talked about my bedroom I shared a tiny bit of my angst over there being no headboard.  I’ve tried to act cool about it, but the truth is that it bothered the hell out of me how unfinished the room looked without one.  So after almost two years of coming up with every argument possible to convince boyfriend that a headboard was necessary for our survival, he finally caved, and our new blue velvet baby is on. its. way!

My obsession with this headboard and frame started when I saw it in possibly my favorite bedroom makeover ever, then when I saw it in Aileen’s beautiful bedroom, there was zero question that it was my soulmate.  You guys already know about my feelings for blue velvet, yes?

It helped that the set was on sale, had an extra discount (much like the promo that seems to be going on right now), and I’ve got a Target debit red card that knocked off 5% and the $60 handling fee.  I swear I’m not being sponsored to say this: it makes no damn sense not to have a red card given how frequently I shop Target.  I’m a Target monster.  It almost hurts to think about why I didn’t get it sooner.  On top of that, I applied Ebates cash back, so I was going all out trying to get a good deal on this thing.  Is this at all helpful or really boring?  I was excited to tell you guys all that so hopefully it didn’t make you run away screaming.

Ok so why am I here.  The shipping info says it’s going to take a million years for the thing to get here, so while I wait, I’ve been contemplating new pillow options and wanted to share them.  I’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about this so I think I’m 99.8% sure about which one I’m going to go with, but I couldn’t pass up how terribly interesting it would be to put it to a vote and see which one you guys think I should go with, or which one you think that I’ve pretty much decided on!

Pillow Options
Option 1- Banana Leaf: I’ve wanted banana leaf anything for a long time now.  It’s such a beautifully bold design.

Option 2- Leopard: You’ve never seen leopard on this blog before, but I have a secret to tell you… I like leopard. Not in every situation, but in this one heck yes.

Option 3- Blue Ikat: I’m always drawn to Ikat, and love the idea of a monochromatic look with the blue headboard.

Option 4- Geometric Black White and Gold: I mean, that sums me up in a nutshell.  If I were a pillow, this would be me.


Which one would you pick?  Or which one do you think I’d pick?  Brownie points: know of a pillow you think I should see that’s not one of these?  Please share!!!

24 comments on “Bedroom Update Plans”

  1. I love that banana leaf. In your situation I think the geometric black and gold would look amazing. I’m excited to see what you do.

  2. I have literally had multiple strongly-worded conversations with friends and family about why they need to get a red card right. now. I completely agree – it makes no damn sense not to have one if you shop there all the time. LOVE the headboard. Can’t wait to see the bed! I am really torn between the banana leaf and the leopard. I think either would look amazing. If it was me, I think I would go banana leaf. But I have no doubt whatever you do will be gorgeous.

    1. Yea I’m pumped and ready to give the lecture to anyone willing to listen. I think what took me so long is I had no idea debit was an option, so once I found out I dashed for it.
      Yea, I love both options, and who knows, maybe I’ll go with none of these… ::plot twist::

  3. First of all, the Target Redcard is a necessity. I got mine as soon as they came out! Second, I love the look of the leopard print paired with the blue velvet. I also think the bay leaves could work- and would love to see what other color schemes you implement into the bed design!

    1. Man, I’m really glad there are others as passionate about the Redcard as I am! Very good to hear.
      Yes, hoping to incorporate more color into the bedroom but still keep a calm and neutral feel. Thanks for your input, Cassandra!

  4. Girl, #1 hands down! Green and navy look sharp and that pattern is just perfection :) Can’t wait to see what you do, I know it’ll be magic!


  5. #4 all the way!! I love your new headboard! That blue is beautiful. Anything will pop nicely with it so I’m sure whichever pillow you choose will look great! …but #4 has gold in it! Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done!!

    1. Oh yes, I know you’re very partial to gold, so your choice makes a lot of sense :) Thanks for your input, Marianela!

  6. banana leaf AND leopard together. Makes the cheetah seem more safari and less lingerie. Love the color palette too!

  7. Boy, you didn’t make this easy! I think you will pick #4 and I would like to see #4 without knowing any more about your color scheme. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  8. Aww, thank you for the shoutout!! I’m SO EXCITED that you’re getting the headboard! You are going to to LOVE it. And nice work on all the savings too. I just discovered Ebates and am trying to remember to use it whenever I shop online, cuz why not? I keep forgetting though and then kicking myself afterward (not literally). ANYWAYS, it’s late. Sooo, pillow choices! All of these are on point, but my faves are one and three. Love banana leaf and I think that ikat would be gorgeous with the bed. Four is pretty great too, though. Okay, I kind of like them all…can’t go wrong!

    1. Girl… do you not have the Ebates tool bar app??? Anytime you browse a partner site, it will notify you via pop up that it’s cash back eligible and you just click “Activate Cashback” and you’re done. I NEVER have to remember using Ebates because the app does it for me!!! If you don’t respond to this comment I’ll email you because I need to make sure you have it haha!!
      First vote for number three! Had a feeling it wouldn’t be a popular choice, but knowing that you get me, I’m glad you picked it…along with the rest of the options… :P Thanks, Aileen!

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