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Five Favorite Living Rooms

It’s been a little quiet around here on the home front, huh?  Feels kind of weird talking about it amidst all the recent crafts and V-day buzz, but I started thinking about this because I’ve been cleaning like a maniac in preparation for family that’s coming to visit (today!), and now that the living room is the most orderly it’s been in months and I can look at it now without being distracted by all the piles of crap that were previously lying around, it’s bringing to light how much I want to change the current decor.

There’s certainly a lot I like about it right now, but also a lot I feel like I was “stuck” with, mainly our big red couch (boyfriend’s Craigslist find from years ago).  I’ve actually never shared it on the blog I think??  You can see a glimpse of it here.  I really have enjoyed it, but I’m over it and ready to move on, starting with daydreaming about other gorgeous living rooms, of course!  My obsession with blue velvet couches is still alive, and black and white will always be a part of my life, so these living room favorites have a little bit of everything I’d want to take home.

modern neutral living roomThis simple and modern living room is what I’d say embodies my core decorating style.  I adore neutral spaces with pops of color contained to smaller details, and talk about all those clean lines…  Throw a blue velvet couch in here and it would be closer to my dream, although I think I love a neutral couch just as much!

HuntedInterior-BlackSofaLeft_zpsebd44052Another neutral space, traditional mixed with modern pieces.  This was also the first time I saw the beauty of a black couch.  I dig it very much.

moroccan glamI remember first coming across this one and just staring at it.  There’s a lot going on, but it still feels calm- those neutrals I tell ya.  I love the glam materials mixed with natural elements.  Not entirely sure how I feel about cowhide rugs, though.  Are you into that trend?

orlando-soria-living-room-23This.  The pattern mix between the rug and art is bold without being outlandish- it’s perfect, and I want to learn.  I need that rug.  And that couch, duh.  My eyes keep bouncing around the room endlessly.  Just every detail is so precise and in perfect harmony.

theeverygirl-katherine-vo-Monica-WangI’ve mentioned this once before as being one of my favorite home tours ever, and it’s not only because the decor includes every single thing that I love, but because it’s so doable.  I can very clearly see myself living in this space.  I find it real and relatable while still being mad stylish, like I just want to be friends with this chick.


Liking any of these spaces?  Is there a room in your home that you feel stuck or frustrated with?  I’d love to dive into making my living room dreams happen, but it won’t be for a while.  Currently I’m focused on that massive de-cluttering goal I talked about here, which will for sure give me more clarity on what I want to do with our space.  It’s clear already though… I want that blue velvet couch!  It will come to me, because we are meant to be together.

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14 comments on “Five Favorite Living Rooms”

  1. Blue velvet couches are still alive for me too. And I will always love black and white. I have loved it since I was a teenager and always will. No room is complete without it to me. They are all such great rooms.

  2. I’m so in love with the blue couches too! Although I tend to lean towards a more turquoise color myself! I actually did a post on just that! I’m moving in the next 6 months and I want to start over fresh with all new furniture! Bold Turquoise/Blue couch is my #1 want!

    1. Haven’t seen a lot of turquoise! I’d be interested in seeing that styled. Moving is the best excuse to start anew- how exciting! Good luck, Angela!

    1. I feel like I still need some practice with color since my space has been dominated by red for years! That couch would definitely be the perfect way to start. Reassuring to know you think that room is perfect too- I want it!!

  3. I’m really crushing on that big green art with the blue and white rug – love it! These are all gorgeous. I’m just finding that I need to collect so. much. more. stuff to fill up my rooms. I need to start hitting the thrift stores more. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It’s so so so good. I wish I had your problem. I need to get rid of a ton of stuff first to make room for new stuff ;)

  4. Ooooh, what a lovely bunch of oiving rooms! I’m with Aileen, I love a bit of colour! :)

    Also really like how much greenery in these examples, particularly the green painting of greenery! Brilliant!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!

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