03/01 Monthly Favorites

February Favorites

Some of my favorite things from the month of February!

Maybe my most favorite favorite ever.  I’ve shared a little before about how I’m always striving to practice gratitude because it’s one of the major keys to happiness, and in my attempt to make it a mandatory daily ritual I got myself this journal to help guide the practice.  It has done that and much more, and is now a non-negotiable part of my morning and bedtime routine.

The idea is to write in the journal every morning and night answering these questions.  I spend 5 minutes with it right when I wake up and 5 minutes with it right before I go to bed.  Having kept up with this for a few weeks now, I can confidently say that I leave the bed on a positive note that carries me through my day and I go to bed feeling good about that day or if not, hopeful for the next, which is just as good.

I had thought about free-writing in my own blank notebook, but having these pages set to fill out each day makes it a lot easier to stick to daily.  I also loved that the beginning of the journal provides a lot of insight on why this daily habit is so beneficial, giving tips on how to make the most of it, and even having you fill out and sign a contract committing to writing in the journal everyday.  It felt a little silly, but I guess it worked!  Even more to love: there’s an inspiring quote at the top of every page and there are weekly challenges to supplement the positive spirit, like a reminder to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

The biggest change with myself that I’ve noticed, as a result of being in a more positive mindset, is that I’m complaining a lot less.  On one day recently, I had a lot to get through with work, a lot of cooking, cleaning, taking care of O because he was sick, it felt like I didn’t have a single free minute, and then I had a moment with myself and thought hey I haven’t complained once today like I normally would and instead I’ve just been powering through everything I need to get done and I’m doing it- this is awesome.  I’m getting a lot better at pointing out the good on a daily basis, however small it is, and it’s making me feel joyful and abundant.  Really, a little journal got me into this habit, and is proving yet again that practicing daily gratitude and self reflection is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself.


BLUE TANSY FACE MASK (find it here)
I feel so lucky that I got a sample of this to discover and try because it’s amazing.  I especially like using it around that time of the month when I start to break out because it noticeably reduces my pimples and redness.  It’s cooling, soothing, smells soooooo gooood, gives a slight tingling sensation which I like, makes my skin smoother, it’s kind of a miracle.  This is now my forever favorite exfoliating face mask, and so far in general I’m loving Herbivore skincare.

Also while we’re here, that glass jar holding the q-tips is a new addition, replacing the previous jar that was taller and so close in height with the shelf that it would be a little annoying to take the cap off and put it back on, so now this one works out much better.  I find the minimal design so stunning and satisfying to look at everyday because it’s flawless.


LIP MASK (find it here)
Another miracle product.  When it’s extra cold and dry, like how it’s been here lately in LA (relatively cold, not actually that cold by the rest of the world’s standards), my lips turn to sandpaper and this stuff has helped so much to remedy that.  It’s a very thick and hydrating lip mask that I apply before bed using the applicator it came with and wash off in the morning- it lasts the whole night!  Smells like strawberries and transforms my lips, making them soft and plump.  Using it every night now and never going back.


A new plant shop opened in LA that I love for the unique and more rare plants they have along with the gorgeously simple ceramic planters that are made in-house.  This one is a type of jasmine plant, which I was drawn to for how delicate and weird and sculptural it is, but also the woman at the shop said that it will bloom with white flowers if I take good care of it.  Hope I keep it alive long enough!!


MOISTURE METER (find it here)
When I asked how often I need to water the plant, she told me that I should use a moisture meter to determine when the soil is dry and then water accordingly.  A what the wha??  I had no idea these things existed.  You just stick it in the soil and then it immediately reads the moisture of it.  The goal is to keep it in the “moist” range, watering only when the meter dips down to the low end of “moist” or enters the “dry” zone.  Doesn’t need batteries to operate, I use it on all my plants now, life changing.


MATCHA TEA SET (find it here)
I love coffee, but I love tea more, specifically matcha green tea.  I don’t get the jitters with matcha the way I sometimes do with coffee, and the caffeine boost feels more like a slow steady burn rather than a jolt.  I got this matcha tea set which is packaged to be a gift (and would really make an awesome gift) but it was for me and just made it easier to get everything in one purchase.  It comes with a whisk, whisk holder, bowl, a small tin of matcha, and a wooden spoon, and it’s all very cute.

I’ve most often been making cold matcha lattes by pouring a little bit of unsweetened almond milk in the bowl, blending in about a teaspoon of matcha with the whisk, adding in more almond milk, and mixing in a little bit of honey.    It’s pretty easy, a lot quicker than going out to get a matcha latte, and makes it possible for me to drink them more often, which is the goal after all.


7 comments on “February Favorites”

  1. I love that plant and the ceramic planter. I bet the flowers will be really pretty once it blooms. I’ve never heard a moisture reader either. It would definitely help on keeping plants alive. I habe one plant that is supposed to be watered every two weeks. I have a reminder on my phone to do it, which helps me to remember.

    1. I’m generally on a once a week schedule but using the moisture meter I found that some of my plants need to be watered more often! Some less, and not ideal to have waterings kind of all over the place but feels good to be a little more catered to what my babies need.

  2. I love the five minute journal. But because I know myself too well and know that I sometimes forget it first in the morning. I bought the App instead of the book, so I can also fill it out while I am traveling etc. What I especially love about the app is that you can add a picture of the day.

    1. I love the idea of using the app, but we’re trying to keep our bedroom screen-free and I just love the writing by hand being part of the ritual. The app would be so much more preferable for travel though!

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