03/02 Friday Links

Friday Links

We’ve slowly started back up on our house hunt and are still stuck at where we last left off, the biggest and most important part so really we haven’t gotten far at all: figuring out where exactly we want to be.  Location seems impossible to decide on when what you want doesn’t coincide with what you can afford (is this life or what!), especially in a city like LA, but we’re taking our baby steps now knowing it’s a very long road ahead that we’ll need a lot of patience for.  Planning on checking out a potential neighborhood, which I’m most looking forward to this weekend, and finallyyyyy getting our wedding thank you cards done hopefully please.

Happy weekend <3


I don’t know how I never thought to organize my iPhone camera roll by creating albums.  This is going to make things SO MUCH easier: 10 Tips to Organize Your Camera Roll

Loving exposed wood beams more and more, and still loving subway tile, evidenced by this Williamsburg townhouse.

I go through phases of wanting to bake non-stop and I feel it coming on soon: The Most Amazing Salted Dark Chocolate Tart

For once I’m sharing a colorful home– the colors are so beautiful, especially the BED!

Travel tip: how to make a trip itinerary.

13 foods packed with magnesium, the nutrient every single organ requires.

My good friend, an overall amazing person and basically my life coach, the one who helped me take the leap on this blog, I could go on and on, is a salary negotiation coach and just launched an e-course teaching women the skills to ask for what they’re worth.  If you’re searching for a new job or feel you aren’t getting paid what you deserve, consider enrolling in the course here at the early bird rate (for the first 25 signups!)

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