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DIY Tassel Tea Towel

Tassel Tea TowelMaybe the summer season has something to do with it, but I’ve been quite the tassel fanatic recently.  I’m consistently drawn to these adorable embellishments wherever I go and am certain they have the power to make most everything cuter.

It was at Anthropologie where I was admiring a tea towel that had mini tassels along the edge, and like with a lot of things there, I put it back down when I saw the price.

Tea Towel

My eyes wandered over to this tea towel that was on sale for a third of the price, without any tassels, and to me the trade-off was worth it.  I would tassel-ify it myself.

Embroidery Floss

In case you aren’t familiar with embroidery floss, let me assure you- it’s very affordable, and at JoAnn’s the color selection is diverse, meaning I spent an hour standing there contemplating the options.  Thankfully, I’m still happy with my choice to go with this beautiful royal blue color.

How to make a tasselI cut out a small piece of cardboard and wrapped the floss around it about 30 times.  After cutting the floss down one edge of the cardboard, I laid down the folded strands on top of a piece of floss that I used to tie the head of the tassel.  Once double-knotted, I cut off any excess, scraggly ends.

Sewing on tasselWith a threaded embroidery needle, I passed it through the head of the tassel then double-knotted it at the top.  I added a dab of super glue to the knot for what I like to call insurance.  Then, I sewed the tassel on to the edge of the towel, double-knotting and supergluing the knot like I did previously.

Tassels sewed to a tea towel

I repeated this all along the edge of the towel while watching Jimmy Fallon (doesn’t he seem like the nicest guy ever?)

DIY Tassel Tea Towel

With the towel folded up, we have now entered tassel city.

DIY Tassel Tea Towel

This is definitely a decorative towel that I won’t be mopping up any big spills with, and it’s the first of its kind that I own, a nice departure from the rags we have hanging around the kitchen.  Funny how it took tassels to push me to get one!  Anyone else as smitten about tassels as I am??

DIY Tassel Tea Towel

Nested wood tray set gifted by Red Envelope

28 comments on “DIY Tassel Tea Towel”

  1. Cuuuuute! This makes me want to tassel-ify all the things! I’ve been torn between pom-poms and tassels for an upcoming patio DIY…now I know which to choose! (Or maybe both? I’m chronically indecisive…)

    1. Thanks!! Oh man, that’s a tough call… pom poms hold a large space in my heart, too. Alternate between poms and tassels. Yea, I’m not the best person to ask for deciding between the two.

    1. Yea same! I also tangled it up into knots multiple times. Why didn’t I learn the first time!
      Thanks so much, Jennifer!

    1. Oh man, that means a lot. You KNOW I’ve been working hard on improving my photography. Thanks, girl <3

  2. This is such a cute update to a very cute dish towel! Tassels really just charm me to no end and I love how your pretty trim turned out–especially since it’s my favorite shade of blue!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Oooh yes, I feel like I might have already known something like this would be your favorite shade of blue. Maybe it was my intuition from seeing your tie dye party ;)

  3. Amy, what a cute idea. It adds a certain flair to the boring kitchen towels. It might be a nice way to update an outside table cloth. Love the color you selected!

  4. Very cute, and i love how simple this looks to make. Stopping by from Nifty Thrifty Sunday. (And I agree, Jimmy Fallon does seem really nice!)

  5. Love this idea and you’re totally right, tassels make everything better!

    Have just found your blog and am in love. Digging your DIY style – will be adding you to my blogger list!

    Fiona x

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