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6 DIYs for the Home

6-DIYs-for-the-HomeA few of my favorite DIYs from the week, which all happen to be something for the home.  That’s a favorite topic around here for sure ;), including that all these ideas are so simple and fairly quick if you’re itching to make something over the weekend!

DIY-indigio-pitcher-600x902I love a good marble DIY and the blue color of this one is so striking.  Wouldn’t this pitcher be especially perfect for a July 4th party?

150622-diy-copper-pipe-paper-towel-holder-plainA simple, effective, and beautiful copper pipe towel holder.

mirror-7Such a unique and pretty mirror DIY.

heart artI do like hearts and an easy wall art DIY. I’m also admiring all the pretty decor details peeking into this shot.

DIY-Ladder-Shelf-16Love the natural wood used for this ladder shelf and it could easily be customized with any color or design.

color-blocked-diy-coasters-trivets-turquoise-and-black-in-a-cluster-styled-2Coasters and trivets are such a cute way to incorporate the moon phase trend.


Thinking about giving any of these ideas a go?

7 comments on “6 DIYs for the Home”

  1. My two favorites are the coasters & the pipe paper towel holder. Coasters I can do for sure but the pipe might be too permanent for my apartment, wishful thinking for the future though! I always love a quick weekend DIY, great post!

    1. I know how you feel. I’m sensitive to the “too permanent” ideas for my apartment but still love a simple and easy idea!

  2. Love the DIY marble pitcher. Looks exactly like something you’d find at one of our local boutique stores. Beautiful

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