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10 DIY Shibori Indigo Dye Projects

10 DIY Shibori Indigo Dye Projects
Tie dying is usually a big summer trend, but shibori dying in particular made its way into the spotlight this summer.  I’ve never considered myself a big fan of tie dying in general, but the gorgeous indigo hues largely used in shibori dying was all it took to change my mind.

Shibori is a Japanese style of dying that involves different techniques of twisting, folding, binding, or stitching fabric that result in infinitely varying patterns.  While I haven’t tried it myself yet, I can imagine there’s an addictive excitement of not knowing how the pattern will turn out until the grand unfolding of the fabric at the very end.  From what I’ve seen, it can be pretty simple to make some seemingly complicated designs and patterns.

I’ve gathered 10 shibori indigo dye projects to share with you guys and get you inspired to try it out yourself!  Some of these are DIY projects while others focus more on showing the different techniques.  Either way, there’s lots of inspiration to be found at these links!

1 | Picnic Blanket from Say Yes
2 | Itajime Shibori: Pleated Effect from Common Thread
3 | Scarf from Alice and Lois
4 | Placemat from Lovely Indeed
5 | Reverse shibori dye from Fall For DIY
6 | Stitched bandana from Likes to Smile
7 | Binding and clamping variations from HonestlyWTF
8 | Kitchen towel from Lovely Indeed
9 | Scarves from Martha Stewart
10 | Tea towels from Francois et Moi

What do you think of Shibori dying?  Have you tried it before?  If you have a Shibori project or know of one I didn’t mention, link it in the comments below.  I’d love to see it!

12 comments on “10 DIY Shibori Indigo Dye Projects”

  1. I actually love it. I prefer this shibori tie dye over the hippy tie dye. I never liked that one actually. I loved the picnic blanket that could also be used as a tablecloth and the kitchen towel. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know what you mean. I find it harder to incorporate multi-colored patterns into my decor style. Glad to hear you’re loving the indigo dye!

  2. Hey Amy!

    I love this round up. I want to Shibori dye everything at the moment. I wanted to try out some of the different patterns and repeats you’ve included here so this post has all the links I need! Also thank you so much for adding my tutorial. Very happy to be included with these other gorgeous projects :D xxx

  3. Sibori consider easy and not too complicated but the result are awesome. I tried it. Earlier just for hobies and now become something that can generate good income. My sibori on shawl and scarf are pretty good income.

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