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DIY Feather Wall Hanging

feather wall hanging DIYI guess I have a thing for wall hangings, huh?  I came up with this feather one for the PBteen blog with a young-at-heart approach to a dream catcher alternative.  I’ve been seeing a lot of dream catchers around for the summer and love the whimsical look of the feathers so, as I love to do, I simplified the idea to get the look with more ease.   Also, it’s totally awakening my inner boho-chic princess.

spotted feathers

I shared on Instagram an early peek at the gold-dipped feathers, which was without any surprise my favorite part of this DIY.  I used the only gold spray paint I ever use just at the tips for a little gold ombre effect.  All the feathers are from Michaels and I definitely inhaled a few fuzzies and choked on them during this project.

DIY Feather Wall Hanging

I kept to a monochromatic palette not only because it’s my favorite, but also with the hopes to show that color isn’t absolutely necessary for a summer look.  This could totally work for fall too, which is going to be here like tomorrow.   ALSO, this could easily be done in different colors, especially with what color paint you use at the tips of the white feathers.  Would you use a different color?

Find the full tutorial at the PBteen blog!

32 comments on “DIY Feather Wall Hanging”

  1. Very cute, was it hard spray paint the feathers? It seems like the feathers would move around a lot. They turned out great. i will have to give this a try.

    1. Thanks, Laura! Great question. I sprayed the feathers first against a protected surface and held them by the stem, which was far enough away from the spray paint so that my hand didn’t get sprayed. Really hope you give it a try!

  2. I love getting my email notifications for your new posts– you NEVER disappoint! I really love the monochrome+gold combo you’ve come up with. It’s an amazing way to bring nature and natural textures into the home without sacrificing that clean and chic modern look!

    1. That makes me really, REALLY happy. And you said it better than I did about what I was trying to achieve with this DIY. You’re the best, thank you <3

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