06/23 DIY Projects

DIY No Sew Sunglasses Pouch

DIY No Sew Sunglasses PouchSometimes you don’t need to be carrying around a big and bulky hard case for your sunglasses.  Sometimes you just need something simple and compact on the days where you won’t be throwing them in a giant bag to get lost and crushed under every single thing you own.   All of this basically means the bag I’m carrying that day is small, so I need to consolidate.  I guess I could have started this off with just that, ha, but the point is there’s more than one reason why you might want to make this leather drawstring sunglasses pouch, on top of it being so easy to make without any sewing!

Another reason for me is summer.  Coping with summer heat means lightening the load for everything- lighter clothes, lighter hair, and carrying around less or lighter stuff.  This pouch serves to lighten at least one thing, and maybe not by much, but that leads us to the main reason why I made it: because it’s cute.  That’s reason enough for anything, right?  Thanks for playing along, guys <3.

Unique Stitch (Always.  Forever.)
-leather lace
-wood bead

Marble FabricI found this fabric at JoAnn’s and it was one of those fabric quarters they have on the front ledges of their fabric shelves.  Isn’t the marbled design gorgeous?  I usually spend embarrassing amounts of time walking up and down every aisle until I can no longer tell where one fabric ends and another begins, but this time around, my eyes locked on it immediately and I had no doubt it was meant to be.

Marble Fabric Cut Out

Using my sunglasses as a guide, I roughly measured that I needed two fabric pieces that were 4×8″ in size.  I cut them out after ironing the fabric first.

Gluing the top edgeI applied the Unique Stitch glue on the back side of one of the short edges on the fabric and folded it over about a 1/2 inch, pushing down on the glue and making sure it lightly seeped through both layers of the fabric.  This creates the openings where the leather lace will be strung through later, and this was done to both fabric pieces.  As shown in the photo, I’m working on top of a protected surface aka a scrappy, old towel.

Gluing Fabric TogetherOn the front side of the fabric piece, I applied glue on the edges below the folded edge I previously glued down, then placed the other fabric piece on top (face to face) and pushed down on the edges for adhesion.

Leather lace and beadAfter letting the glue dry for a little bit, I flipped the pouch inside out and strung the leather lace through the openings on one side of fabric, then strung it back the opposite way through the openings on the other side of fabric.  I cut the leather, slid on a wood bead, and tied a knot.

Sunglasses PouchAnd then it was done.

Draw String Sunglasses Pouch

And then I pulled the leather drawstring shut and closed the pouch.

Holding Sunglasses PouchWill I ever carry it around just like this?  Probably not, but I think it’s a fun idea.

Speaking of fun, here’s a fun fact- I worked at a Sunglass Hut when I was in high-school, and after seeing so many sunglasses that were wrecked from people wearing them on their heads, I swore I’d stop doing it myself.  Unfortunately I haven’t come close to achieving that ever.  I bet you wear your sunglasses on top of your head, too!

So what do you think of this pouch?  Do you have a use for one this summer?



06/19 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Fireworks Drink Stirrers- Patriotic Summer Blog Hop

DIY Fireworks Drink Stirrers

I have joined up with more than 30 AMAZING bloggers to tackle the challenge of creating a patriotic project or recipe without using the traditional red, white and blue color scheme! How fun is that?! Starting last week and running through July 4th, more than 30 projects will be shared on some of the most awesome blogs around. I can’t wait to see all of the inspirational projects and hope YOU will find some inspiration as well.

These drink stirrers, which mimic fireworks, would make fun little additions to any 4th of July celebration.  Plus, they fulfill two crucial requirements I have for DIY stirrers- they’re 1) easy and 2) quick to make, which is especially ideal if a lot of them are needed.

tinsel pipe cleaners
paper straws
-wire cutters

See?  Already so simple.

Pipe Cleaner PiecesFirst, use wire cutters to cut each pipe cleaner into four, roughly even pieces.  Shake off any excess tinsel that was cut.

Making fireworks drink stirrers

Shove as many of these pipe cleaner pieces as you can into a straw (I was able to shove 9) and then bend each one into a downward curve.

Fireworks Drink StirrersThat’s all there is to it.  I swear.  Makes me way too happy how such a simple craft can be so fun and festive.  You too?!

4th of July Fireworks Drink StirrersI like how my first ever 4th of July project isn’t red, white and blue, which for me was an easy challenge since gold remains a viable option <3.  I also LOVE the glint and gleam of the tinsel on the pipe cleaners.  Really helps the imagination see them as fireworks ;)

Now, before you head out, be sure to check out the AMAZING projects that were shared last week!

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06/16 DIY Projects

DIY Marquee Sign

DIY Marquee Sign- HeyYo!  I’ve been itching to make a marquee sign for a long time now, and this summer season is finally kicking me in the butt to do it since it makes a great summer decor piece.   Now… there are a million and one marquee projects out there, and this one isn’t anything new, but I still had to do it, especially with how simple I knew it was going to be.  I imagined it going above a bar cart, which I still don’t have (boo!), but for now I like it just hanging on the wall, and for potentially using it as party decor.  Hey now!

-cardboard letters (I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics)
-X-Acto knife
-screw driver
string globe lights

Cutting cardboard lettersI started by cutting out one side of each of the cardboard letters with an X-Acto knife.  This was pretty easy to do and was a fairly neat process.

String lights circleIn the string lights packaging, the light bulbs were sitting in a cardboard tray, and I figured the holes in them would make the perfect tool to trace perfectly sized openings onto the cardboard letters.  So, I cut one of them out to use as a tracing guide.

Inserting lights

I traced circles on the inside of the cardboard letters where I wanted the lightbulbs to go. Then, I used an X-Acto knife to cut a cross in the center of each circle, making sure the cuts went all the way to the edges of each circle.  Flipping over the cardboard letters to the front side, I used a screwdriver to poke through and enlarge each hole.  Finally, I inserted the lightbulbs in each hole and screwed on the backings, shoving the wires in place within the cardboard edges.

Hey Marquee Sign

I thought about painting them, but decided I was too lazy liked the way the cardboard looked original and bare.  What do you think?

DIY Hey Marquee SignI did think about just doing one letter, or the widely beloved ampersand, but neither of those excited me more than this one.  I don’t exactly remember how I thought of using this word, but it is one I use often, and I liked the playfulness of it.  Seriously, it would work so well above a bar cart, right?  In that case, I’d also add a “girl” marquee beneath it ;).  That’s something I say a lot, too!  And not just a Ryan Gosling tribute.


06/12 DIY Projects

Summer Celebration Link Party

It’s A Summer Celebration LINK PARTY!

We’ve been celebrating summer all week by sharing brand new summer inspired projects. Now, it’s your turn! Link up your summer DIYs, home decor, food, and crafts. Any and all things SUMMER. Don’t have a blog? You can still party with us! Share photos of your summer projects on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #summercelebration

summer celebration 4

Before we get to the party, check out these 20 AWESOME Summer Projects!

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06/10 DIY Projects

DIY No Sew Beach Tote

No Sew Beach ToteYou guys.  I love this tote.  And the beach.  Can I just quickly talk about this photo, which is one of my favorite photos ever for this blog?  My beach day photographer (boyfriend) had me standing still here and told me to wait, which I reluctantly did, only to find out later that he was waiting for the surfer dudes to enter the shot in the back.  Isn’t that neat??  Good job, boyfriend <3.

This tote is simple, chic, and DOES NOT REQUIRE SEWING.  I’ve been getting by without a sewing machine (though it is a goal of mine to get one and tame the beast) and have happily found that you guys really enjoy my no sew tutorials, so I’ll keep them coming :).  This tote was made pretty much exactly the same way as my no sew tote bag, only this one is bigger and roomier for all those beach day supplies.  Plus, these handles are made with nautical rope and I used a new technique for attaching them to the bag, which I’m really excited to share!

How to make a beach tote without sewing cropped

fabric (2 pieces that are 21×27″ each)
Unique Stitch (The magic maker.  This is my weapon of choice for no sew DIYs)
grommet kit (1/2″ opening)
rope (6ft total, cut into 3ft pieces for each handle, 7/16″ in width)
super glue

Gluing fabricFirst, iron out the pieces of fabric.  The rest of the steps will be done to each of these pieces.  Fold back about one inch of the fabric on one of the sides that’s 27 inches long and iron it down.  Apply the Unique Stitch underneath the fold and glue it down, then glue the fabric pieces together face to face, making sure the edges that were previously folded and glued are matched up (this is the opening of the bag).  All three of the other edges should be glued together.

*Tip- be generous enough with the glue so that you can feel it lightly seep through the layers of fabric.  Make sure to work on a protected surface.

Folding corner

After letting the glue dry a bit, pinch each side of the  fabric at the bottom corners of the fabric and pull them apart to create a triangle.  Measuring 9 inches at the base of the triangle, fold the triangle over to the bottom of the bag and apply glue only under the point of the triangle just to keep it in place.  After doing this to both corners, flip the bag inside out while the glue is still wet, then reinforce the triangle folds by pressing them down.  This creates a flat base for the tote bag.  

Gluing triangle

Once here, lift up each triangle (the glue should still be wet) and apply glue all underneath it before pressing it down again to the bottom of the bag.  On the outside of the bag, shown in the bottom of the photo above, the base of the triangle is unattached from the bottom of the bag.  Apply glue in between here, press the fabric down from the inside of the bag, and let the glue dry.  Do this on both sides.

Grommet kit

Now for the grommeting!  Above are all the materials that come in the grommet kit, and like I had said a while ago about how I want to rivet all the things, I now want to grommet all the things.

Hole cutting

Make two chalk marks about 9 inches apart and centered at the top of each side of the bag.  These marks are where you’ll be cutting holes into the fabric by hammering the cutter on top of the wood block.

How to grommetNext, all you do is hammer a grommet shut through each hole.  NOTE: The way I’m doing it in the photo is incorrect.  The side you hammer will be the back of the grommet, so you should set it up so that you’re hammering from the back side of the fabric, not the front like I’m doing in the photo.  The layers from bottom to top are the cutting block, grommet, fabric, washer, handle, and hammer.

Tying a knotFinally (finally!) pull both ends of a 3 foot piece of rope through the grommets on one side of the bag and tie them into knots.  Repeat on the other side.  Apply super glue into all the crevices of each knot to secure them in place.

Next, take that baby with you to the beach.

No Sew Beach Bag

DIY No Sew Beach ToteYes, I did actually take it with me to the beach and it was perfect.  So much room and it fit everything I needed and more (snacks, snacks, and more snacks).  Here was my little set-up, just for fun.

Beach Tote loungingGuys, this is the first time I’ve ever owned a beach umbrella and it is a game changer.  My intolerance for the sun and turning into a lobster is no longer a concern and now I can comfortably stay on the beach all day.  How did I not know that the solution was so easy?  Thank you, last minute Walgreens umbrella impulse buy!

I had also shared a little peek at this scenery on Instagram:

I hardly ever have moments like these where I can just kick back and relax with a magazine.   This was Memorial Day weekend and I forced myself to take a break from the blog and just sit on the beach and do nothing, which is the highest of luxuries for me these days.  It was fantastic, and really, this is my idea of a perfect summer celebration.  Well ok, yea, I also love bbq’s and beers, but moments like these are far more rare!

Speaking of which!!!  This project is part of the Summer Celebration Series, where 20 bloggers (including myself) have teamed up this week to bring you summer treats and DIYs for whatever your summer creativity entails :).  Check out the rest of the projects that are being shared today!

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06/09 DIY Projects

DIY Dip Dye Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging- Post at PBteen

DIY Kool-Aid Dip Dye Tassels Wall Hanging

Hi, guys!  I’m sharing this really fun and colorful DIY yarn tassel wall hanging on the PBteen blog today!  The best part is that it was dyed with Kool-Aid, which is easy to find (local grocery store), inexpensive, and smells bomb.

I’m having a lot of fun doing projects for PBteen because it prompts me to explore different areas of crafting and focus on a more specific audience.  I’ve been wanting to try a project like this for a long time and thought it would be a great fit for an easy and summery DIY for teens to try.  Of course, I hope these projects will have something for everyone to enjoy, and I hope all of you do :).  Head on over and bring a teen with you!  See you there!  Click here for the tutorial.

Yarn tassels dyed with Kool Aid!