Happy Long Weekend

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  The best thing about a short week?  A long weekend, of course!  Just wanted to jump on here for a minute and wish you a happy holiday.  The 4th of July not only feels like the heart of summer, but also a reminder that we're half-way through the year.  HALF.  I've already started drawing up … [Read more...]

DIY Feather Wall Hanging

feather wall hanging DIY

I guess I have a thing for wall hangings, huh?  I came up with this feather one for the PBteen blog with a young-at-heart approach to a dream catcher alternative.  I've been seeing a lot of dream catchers around for the summer and love the whimsical look of the feathers so, as I love to do, I … [Read more...]

6 DIYs for the Home


A few of my favorite DIYs from the week, which all happen to be something for the home.  That's a favorite topic around here for sure ;), including that all these ideas are so simple and fairly quick if you're itching to make something over the weekend! I love a good marble DIY and the blue color … [Read more...]

Black Bentwood Chairs

thonet chairs

With the prospect of moving to a new place in the near future, I've been thinking way ahead about the decor changes I'd want to make, and one that I would prioritize is our dining chairs.  We got our current ones from the people that previously lived in our apartment, and at 10 bucks a pop they were … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Gjusta Bakery flowers

An exciting weekend ahead- I'll be running my first ever flower crown workshop at a private event and I'm really, REALLY stoked about it.  Should be a lot of fun, and though I'm bummed that I wasn't able to find a photographer I liked that would be available for it, I'm still going to try and … [Read more...]