04/18 My Home

Why Lighting Matters

We’re going to talk about a topic I feel very passionately about, and then some. It started when we’d have people over and take casual group photos throughout the night. Later I’d look at these photos and it bothered me probably more than the average person how dingy and orange they turned out and I figured well that’s just what you get for taking a photo in the dead of night. Beyond the photos though, our entire place looked completely different at night, in a bad way, which brought me to a quick realization about an easily neglected part of home design: lighting. It matters a LOT. The way your home looks and the way you feel in it is significantly affected by the light and it is well worth making conscious decisions about it. Read More

04/12 DIY Projects

3 Simple and Modern DIY Wedding Favors

As an experienced wedding guest, I’d say the thing I care least about is the wedding favor.  This sounds like a pretty bad way to start this post, but let me explain!  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort, rather it’s that I won’t notice whether or not a favor is provided.  After all, the newlyweds just threw a huge party, fed you, and you had a great time.  What more could you want?

The extra detail is nice though and I agree that it’s a cute thing to do.  I thought about what kind of favor would be useful and not turn into a tchotchke that people might toss later with guilt and concluded the edible variety is the way to go, something for guests to snack on and enjoy on the way home or next day.  These three wedding favor ideas are super easy, customizable, and best of all can be eaten, and I’ve partnered with Paper Mart to add a DIY touch to their packaging to make it all even cuter.   Read More

04/11 Life

Restarting Our House Hunt

Remember a while ago when I mentioned we were looking for a house and then I never talked about it again?  That about sums up how it’s been going!  No real updates- haven’t been too motivated about it, and it can all be pretty frustrating.  We never graduated from casually looking at listings because the intimidation was overwhelming and we simply didn’t know what we were doing or how to get started.  But we’re picking it back up again because we painted a picture of how we want our future in married life to look and home ownership would be pretty darn nice- agreed!  We’re excited to be starting back up from the beginning and partnering with Realtor.com to share the details on what we’re looking for, what we’ve learned, and what our house hunting journey has been like so far. Read More

04/07 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

This week has been insanity.  I’m heavily feeling the pressure to find my wedding dress asap per what everyone has been telling me for ordering lead time, made even more hectic by how we’re leaving for Copenhagen next week and I’m trying to get ahead on work and tie up loose ends before we go, AND our engagement shoot is this weekend and I still need an outfit, aah!  These are all good things, exciting and fun, I’m grateful for the stress over good memories to be made and happy life moments.  For real though, I’ll be scrambling this weekend to find a dress for our engagement shoot- why are dresses so hard to shop for?  Always?? Read More

04/06 Design / Inspiring Spaces

Color Crush: Sage Green

Black and white are my obvious favorite colors, but let’s say those don’t count- my top choice then would be green.  I have a very long term love with green and more recently have been reminded of that from noticing it extra, everywhere.  Per usual, this tends to happen with whatever the Pantone color of the year is, which naturally makes its way into interiors and then I put together a post like this talking about how I’m seeing it all over.  More specifically, sage green is catching my fancy, and by that I mean green with gray undertones.  Some of these examples lean a little more mint, but the point is, I’m digging those soft greens that could almost be treated like neutrals.  Are you into it? Read More

04/03 DIY Projects

DIY Wall Pocket Organizers

Although I’ve gotten a lot better about this, I’ve always had a generally hard time letting go of packaging because it would feel so wasteful.  Even if I didn’t know what I’d reuse it for, I’d like to trust that a purpose would soon be realized to justify keeping it, which is why I’m all for a good upcycle or repurposing focused DIY- feels like I’m revisiting where I began with this blog.

The challenge I like to give myself is to make it not so obvious that it’s an upcycle, that the project looks too cute to have once been plastic lotion bottles, oh but that’s actually what these wall pocket organizers used to be!  I partnered with Aveeno® for Earth Month to share about recycling, saving plastic, and making these organizers with your bottles once you’ve used up all the product so we can be guilt-free about where all that plastic is going. Read More