12/09 My Home / Seasonal/Holiday

Christmas in the Bedroom

This is the first time Christmas decorations have made their way into our bedroom and it’s definitely going to become a tradition because this has absolutely made life better.  It started with my years of inability to commit to getting a large real Christmas tree, then meeting the perfect mini tree at a tree farm last week, then putting it on our dresser, then deciding let’s keep going why not. Read More

12/07 Seasonal/Holiday / Shop

The Perfect Gift for Him


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His gift is always so hard because he’s the guy that has everything or says he doesn’t want anything.  He’s super practical with very simple wants and there’s only so much creativity I can put into a gift while also being sure he’s going to like it.  But THIS TIME, I know exactly what he needs and is guaranteed to love.   Read More

12/01 Shop

2017 Planners

2017plannersIt is time… to make that very important decision for the new year.  While I’ve been pretty sure on my preferred planner style for a long time, I still fantasize that there might be a totally different system out there that transforms my life and boosts my productivity and gets the work done for me or something dreamy like that.  Aside from how much I rely on a planner to stay organized, I’m simply a paper fanatic and love discovering and hoarding beautiful designs and layouts.  That, combined with my curiosity in trying out different planner styles, pretty much requires that I get several planners a year.  I’m too impatient to try out only one per year, there are only so many years!  So from all my scouring, ranging from basic features to in depth goal planning, here are the ones I’m admiring. Read More

11/29 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper


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Wrapping presents is already a lot of fun for me, so now that making wrapping paper is added on to my list of life skills, this is indeed a very exciting time.  I tend to get really into a particular motif during holiday and stick to it, and so far it’s looking like it’s the season of the tree.

I love the black trees characteristic of Scandinavian Christmas designs, and luckily it’s easy to draw.  After some doodling I turned one of my hand-drawn trees into this wrapping paper I partnered with Canon to share with you as a free download!  That link is at the end of the post, along with an easy entry giveaway for a Canon printer, gasp!  Stick around, or go straight to the end I totally understand that you’re so excited you can’t wait. Read More

11/21 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

Weatherizing the Home

weatherize your home #GetWise

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LA does get cold in the winter, and with living in an apartment that doesn’t have any heating, we feel every bit of it.  Our space heaters do as much as they can, and though I can literally feel the drafts of cold air seeping in through our doors and windows, I accepted it as our situation and never thought I could do much about it. Read More