Friday Finds

Friday Finds 1-30-15

I don't mean to ever sound like I'm wishing 5/7ths of my life away, but MAN am I extra glad Friday is here.  Had a pretty rough week because I got sick with this cold that everyone seems to have right now, so I'm more excited than usual to get some rest this weekend.  While chain-blowing my noise … [Read more...]

DIY Pom Pom Heart Treat Bags

Pom Pom Heart Treat Bags

It doesn't get much more traditional Valentine's Day than this!  I'll always love a classic red heart and the way it can stand alone and still be so bold.  Combined with my other love for pom poms, I put together these mad cute Valentine's Day treat bags you can hand out to friends, coworkers, or … [Read more...]

DIY Washi Tape Geometric Heart

Washi Tape Geometric Heart

So I guess I'm making Washi tape creations on my desk wall whenever the holiday inspiration strikes.  I'm really missing the tree I did for Christmas!  Valentine's Day is an odd one though, a holiday I don't specifically decorate for, but I do love hearts, and I'm in a heart-y mood with that day … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 1-16-15

Hey... we're already half-way through January.  Time overall has yet again managed to fly by, but this week was a bit of a drag for me.  I've been sensing and reading about a struggle in the blogging community lately with returning to the blog grind after the holidays, and I'm right there with … [Read more...]

DIY Leather Loop Keychain

DIY- Leather loop keychain

I've been meaning to do another leather DIY after how much I loved my first encounter with the stuff, but even better about this one is that it was boyfriend requested!  Just a simple and sleek leather keychain to help carry around keys.  Happy to do it, sir.  I was already feeling inspired by these … [Read more...]

Taking Notes

Cute notebooks and note pads

'Tis the season of planning and organizing, and to someone who loves making lists and good-looking paper, notebook browsing is always a good idea. Whatever the new organizing and note-taking gadget or program is, I always come back to pen and paper.  I prefer the scribbles and smears that make it … [Read more...]

2015- Things to Enjoy

2015- Whats to Come

Well guys, I had this New Year post drafted for a month, but tossed around on what I wanted to say and it started getting stressful, to the point where I had thrown the idea out all together, until now. Something that was meant to be positive quickly turned burdensome, and that's why we all hate … [Read more...]

How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper

How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper

I believe in two things: 1) beautiful storage is exciting and 2) a good, sturdy box should never be tossed.  I was reminded of this after receiving a couple gifts this past Christmas that came in some nice boxes, and I was almost more excited about how I was going to re-use the boxes for storage. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Projects from 2014

Campaign Style Dresser- IKEA Malm Makeover

I remember seeing all the 2013 blog recaps last year and noting to myself that I'll have to wait a year to do a 2014 recap, because by then I'll actually have a full year of projects to look back on!  And now we're finally here!!  Crazy!!!  I'm yet another person who will incredulously shout about … [Read more...]