Tan Leather Sofas

leather sofa and blue

I'll just say right away I have zero plans for getting a tan leather sofa.  That does not mean however, that I am not in love with the idea.  You guys know I've been looking a lot at decor, almost to the point where it's probably unhealthy, and it's been fun but also maybe is adding too many things … [Read more...]

DIY Grid Planter

Grid Planter- DIY

Dang, three posts in a row now where I'm featuring a grid pattern.  I told you I was getting into it!  I mentioned recently that I wanted to do something with the pattern, and you guys know planter DIYs are a favorite around here, so this had to happen, naturally. Really though, this one kind of … [Read more...]

Friday Finds


The intros to these Friday Finds posts are turning into a bit of an update session, which I don't mind, and maybe you don't either!  If you do, just go on and skip to the links, it won't break my heart <3. A bunch of things in the works that have made the day to day more challenging than … [Read more...]

Grid Lines

grid wall

I haven't done one of these posts just talking about a design or trend in a whiiiiiiile and I kinda miss them, so here we are!  It's interesting for me to see where inspiration can come from, and when I catch on to a color scheme, pattern, fabric, or even a piece of furniture, it can spark ideas or … [Read more...]

DIY Mirrored Gold Hexagon Tray

Mirrored Gold Hexagon Tray

If I go too long without doing a DIY related to jewelry organization, send help- something is wrong with me.  Good thing today's post confirms nothing is wrong since I've got yet another jewelry tray DIY to share with you guys, and it is SO. EASY. and terribly exciting for how pretty it is. Two … [Read more...]