09/18 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Jade Pumpkins

You know those pretty powdery pastel-hued grayish jade heirloom pumpkins?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real one in person and I’m guessing I would if I drove out to some pumpkin farm 100 miles away, but I’m not going to do that.  Instead I painted craft pumpkins a similar chalky shade using a technique to create a more realistic finish for this month’s Michaels Makers challenge.  10/10 times I’d prefer to use real pumpkins, but the nice thing about using craft pumpkins is that you can save all that hard work and reuse them every fall.  That means you’ll never have to go to that far away pumpkin farm that maybe doesn’t exist, nice!  Here’s how. Read More

09/06 DIY Projects / Printables

DIY Rose Bath Bomb Bars + Printable Label

I find it very satisfying to make my own bath products, not only for the customization aspect, but for how it’s typically easy to make a bunch of them at once and they’re always a beautiful handmade gift option.  This time we’re making bath bomb bars in a classic rose scent, and I’ve partnered with Canon to share free printable labels to help these sit pretty in your bathroom, or to be the finishing touch on the packaging if you plan on gifting them.  It’s never too early to think about the holidays, I know.   Read More

09/01 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Two exciting things about today: 1) We’re exactly one month out from getting married and 2) we leave for our bachelor/bachelorette parties.  I was positive I wouldn’t have one until I thought of it as less about a party for me and more as an excuse to travel somewhere I’ve always wanted to go with girlfriends I love, why not??  Planned out an itinerary of the spots I’ve kept noted on for so long and will share deets if it all works out for anyone planning on visiting Austin (anyone?) Read More

08/14 DIY Projects

How to Print Designs On Ceramics + Printable Designs

This is probably the easiest, coolest thing I’ve learned how to do in DIY decor and even cooler that it can be done with ceramics, which for me have sometimes been challenging to customize.  It’s usually sufficient to rely on hand drawing or painting on surfaces to achieve handmade/organic designs, but for more precise patterns and clean lines, using a printer makes it amazingly simple and quick.  I’m partnering with my friends at Canon to show you how to print designs on ceramics, specifically on these ceramic cups I’m using as desk organizers (links for downloads of these designs after the jump!) Read More