Sister Golden Shop + Giveaway

Sister Golden

I always love supporting fellow makers and small businesses, especially when they curate and create things that are just plain pretty, and today's shop feature is exactly all of that.  Vicki and Brooke of Sister Golden are a mother-daughter duo that celebrates craftsmanship and artistry, and I had … [Read more...]

DIY Multi-Strand Bracelet

Multi-Strand Bracelet

Something reeeally different around here today.  It was originally unplanned, which means there's a story behind why it even happened.  Oh ok, I'll tell it to you! It started somewhere completely unrelated.  I had this elaborate idea to spray paint a bunch of stuff in a layered design.  I spent … [Read more...]

BHG Blogger Awards

BHG Blogger Awards

Well!  I'm still in shock.  I never thought I'd get nominated for an award like this, then after seeing all the other amazingly talented nominees in the final ten, it seriously, honestly, truly, no joke, feels like I've already won.  Having my blog selected by Better Homes and Gardens and being put … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 2-27-15

Today's finds are all over the place, just how I like it.  You, too?  So much good stuff out there and maybe just enough time to check them out, which I'm hopefully helping you discover some fun and interesting stuff.  I'm dying over the edible one, which sounds like a weird attempt at being vague … [Read more...]

DIY Copper and White Succulent Planters

Copper and White Succulent Planters

Y'all.  Succulents.  They're back.  I know, they never went anywhere, but it's been a while since they've dominated the blog.  Also thought this would be a good time to replace the ones that didn't make it through winter (RIP) and to bring just a teeny tiny bit more color into my life.  The latter … [Read more...]

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

DIYs to Try

Don't know if I'm alone on this, but the start of the weekend not only promises fun and relaxation, but also getting to any and all crafty ideas I want to do.  I do all of my projects on the weekends (yet another example for why I'm a slave to daylight) and it really makes me look forward to the … [Read more...]

Craving Color

Craving Color

I've definitely noticed lately that the sun is staying out just a bit longer, meaning Spring is around the corner, AND there are about to be more hours of daylight, AND my race against the sun for photographing projects before it gets too dark is about to get a whole lot less frantic (fellow blog … [Read more...]

Around Town: LA Here and There

Griffith Observatory

Hey guys, just a casual post today on what I've been up to lately besides the blog.  We had family in town all week and I've basically been on vacation with them, taking them around town and doing all the touristy things.  Don't you love being a tourist in your own city?  It's like rediscovering … [Read more...]

DIY Mini Flower Bouquets

Mini Flower Bouquets

I don't have anything against handing out candies and chocolates for Valentine's Day, or any day, but I still wanted to try a different idea for spreading the love in a really special and simple way (which could definitely be done in addition to those chocolates.)  Flowers are that other big thing … [Read more...]

Five Favorite Living Rooms

neutral living room

It's been a little quiet around here on the home front, huh?  Feels kind of weird talking about it amidst all the recent crafts and V-day buzz, but I started thinking about this because I've been cleaning like a maniac in preparation for family that's coming to visit (today!), and now that the … [Read more...]