06/15 DIY / Wedding

Our Wedding DIYs and Sources

I hadn’t planned on putting this post together since I didn’t document the step by steps of our wedding DIYs at all, plus I got a lot of help from a friend who has skills and materials that I don’t have, but I figure I can at least talk about the stuff I did and answer your questions!  As I mentioned in our wedding post, the welcome sign, seating chart, card box lettering, table numbers, place cards, and menus were DIYs.  In addition to these how-to’s, I’ll share sources to the materials and other items you guys asked about, let’s go. Read More

06/13 Wedding

Our Wedding Photo Albums with Artifact Uprising + Giveaway

If you want to honor the photographed moments in your life, there’s nothing like sifting through the photos, picking out your favorites as you replay the memories, arranging them in a book, and flipping through the pages by hand to help you relive them all over again.  A day as important as our wedding deserved a home for all the photos we wanted to look at endlessly, and I’ve never come across anything more beautiful than the layflat albums from Artifact Uprising for preserving cherished memories like these.  I was so happy with the layflat album for our engagement photos that I reached out to Artifact Uprising to partner on this post and host a giveaway for an album of your own as well.  Giveaway details at the end! Read More

05/23 Food

No Bake Mini Lemon Cheesecake with Pretzel Crust

O’s birthday is this weekend and one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about his favorite things is cheesecake.  We’re always looking for an excuse to make the New York style recipe I typically use, but the meticulous prep and water bath baking involved contributes to it being a pretty rare event.  This is yet another moment where I don’t feel like doing all that work, so I set out to try a simpler no bake version instead with the bonus of being pre-portioned into irresistibly sized miniature adorableness. Read More

05/18 Shop

Round Dining Table and Chair Combos

1. Chair | 2. Table | 3. Chair | 4. Table | 5. Chair | 6. Table | 7. Chair | 8. Table | 9. Chair | 10. Table | 11. Chair | 12. Table | 13. Chair | 14. Table | 15. Chair | 16. Table | 17. Chair | 18. Table | 19. Chair | 20. Table

I was reminded to put this roundup together while we were checking out some open houses and some of the kitchens had a small dining area/nook in addition to a formal dining room and I thought that was pretty darn nice.  With this area tending to be on the smaller side, I favor putting in a round table over any other shape.  It’s less corners to get pummeled by, easier to squeeze more chairs around in emergencies, and roughly takes up less space because of those missing corners.  In general we could consider these options small space friendly, ranging between 2 and 4 seats comfortably + more if space is generous. Read More