03/23 Shop

Spring Home Decor Favorites

I don’t mean by the title that these items are specifically suited for Spring, but rather these are the decor items I like right now and right now it’s Spring.  Actually it could mean both, so really I didn’t need to clarify anything.  Where am I going with this??

I always prefer a neutral color palette and this palette is on the lighter side, so in that sense we can say these items are light and bright and match nicely with the sunnier days to come.  Another thing they have in common is that they’re all from H&M Home.  I am an immense super fan of this brand and how so many of their offerings cater to modern, minimal, and Scandinavian design.  The prices are generally a steal and I’m constantly browsing their new arrivals.  This is the result of my most recent browsing binge. Read More

03/20 Tips

Simple Tips for Arranging Flowers at Home

I strongly believe there doesn’t need to be an occasion for flowers, but the first day of Spring is a pretty good excuse to celebrate with more- that would be today!  I also believe that like with most things related to style, there’s really no wrong way to arrange florals.  There are sometimes however those moments when you might think something looks off or weird to you about your arrangement but you can’t figure out exactly why (I feel you).  In that case, here are some simple and easy tips to help you get started or get you out of a jam with your flower arranging. Read More

03/17 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

I don’t remember daylight savings ever causing this much trouble sleeping, and maybe I’m scapegoating it, but man I felt like I just couldn’t catch up on sleep this week.  It’s also possible that deciding all the bigger decisions for our wedding in the past few days has taken more out of me, but it’s all SO exciting.  Next is the dress!!  Lots to catch up on over the weekend and a little DIY event on Sunday to look forward to so as per usual, very happy it’s the weekend.  Happy weekend! Read More

03/15 Inspiring Spaces / Shop

Loving: Linen Bedding + Get the Look

This has been a long time obsession of mine, but especially lately I can’t get enough of linen bedding.  After getting my first set last year I decided it’s all I ever want to sleep on.  It’s so comfortable, cool, and breathable, which perhaps the weather warming up here has me thinking about it more (I realize it’s still frigid in many of your areas, but warmer weather for all is coming!)  Another perk is that it’s supposed to look creased and wrinkly, which means it looks good no matter what and adds beautifully subtle texture for a more interesting neutral scene, and even more for a colorful one.  Come obsess with me. Read More

03/14 DIY Projects

DIY Small Rope Basket

A no-sew rope basket has been on my DIY list ever since that one time I made string bowls, which honestly weren’t that sturdy though were fun to make.  Using macrame rope this time, I love the natural and minimal look this basket has, and because I wanted to go smaller on the basket size I went with a thinner rope.  A thicker rope would work beautifully as well and would be even sturdier and easier since it wouldn’t require as many rows.  I’m doing that next time! Read More