13 Holiday Gift Tag Printables

Gift Tag Printables

It's actually a lot more than just 13- it's 13 sets!  Oh the options!  There's been a lot of gift wrap talk around here and I'm just as excited as you are to stop talking about it, but I wanted to wrap things up (kill me) with a final touch for your beautifully wrapped gifts.  All you need is a … [Read more...]

DIY Diamond Boxwood Wreath

Diamond Boxwood Wreath

You might be thinking that you don't see a lot of wreaths around here, and that's because I haven't made any!  This is the first one, and I went with a classic.  Boxwood wreaths are a holiday staple, but I wanted to give it a little twist while still keeping it really simple, so I created one in a … [Read more...]

DIY Tinsel Pom Pom Gift Topper

Tinsel Pom Pom Gift Toppers

Another gift wrap idea for ya, and this one is the easiest ever.  Usually these simple ideas come to me when I'm not trying, like when I came across an aisle full of tinsel garlands and my immediate thought was I wish they came in pom pom shapes.  Boom!  I bought a few and made them myself, and they … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 12-12-14

Are you guys getting tired of all the Christmas talk?  I'm not at all, but I realize it's probably all you're seeing and hearing about everywhere, and maybe like me you're craving just a little change of scenery, so it felt right to do a Friday Finds post today.  Still, a couple of today's finds are … [Read more...]

DIY Boxwood and Pinecone Gift Topper

Pine Cone Boxwood Gift Toppers

Within my piles of crafty holiday messes, this easier than easy idea was born: recycle craft leftovers into gift toppers.  Seriously, you can make anything into a gift topper, especially if it's left over from some other holiday project, like these pine cones left over from my pine cone garland, or … [Read more...]

Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas Tree

Each year, I say I'm going to get a big, fat, beautiful, REAL tree and decorate the hell out of it with 10,000 lights and a bajillion ornaments. This is not that year. In fact, I think as long as I'm here in this apartment, I'm sticking to the smaller and simpler stuff, because even right now … [Read more...]

DIY Black, White, and Gold Ornaments

Black, White, and Gold Ornaments

Last week I announced that we'd be revealing our mystery supply challenge ornaments today, right now, it's here!  I hinted at what my color scheme would be, but you guys really didn't need that at all to guess what I'd be doing, right?? Here's a little refresher if anyone is confused about what's … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: Handmade Goods

Gift Guide for Handmade Goods

Yes, everything in this gift guide is handmade, which was SO fun for me to put together because it's always exciting to discover those one-of-a-kind items you can't get just anywhere.  On top of that, supporting fellow makers is something I really believe in doing and is part of the movement for … [Read more...]

DIY Ornament Cluster Gift Topper

Ornament Cluster Gift Topper

The best part of gift giving?  Wrapping.  Ok, also that warm fuzzy feeling of spreading joy, but it's that extra teensy step of wrapping that makes it a whole lot more special.  The simplest embellishments can make the biggest difference, and while I'm all for adding personal touches, I also believe … [Read more...]

Mystery Supply Challenge: Intro


It's as fun as it sounds, guys, maybe even more.  Anyone who has ever gotten caught up in marathons of the TV show Chopped will know what the idea behind this challenge is, but let me fill everyone in on what's going on! For this Christmas Edition Mystery Supply Challenge, each participant is … [Read more...]