10/28 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Earlier this week, something possessed me to take a look in my blog comments trash folder for what I think was the first time ever, and in it I found hundreds of legitimate comments from you guys over the past year and a half that I didn’t know existed because they unknowingly bypassed my approval.  UGH.  I felt devastated.

First, I think I’ve solved the issue and you bet I’m making checking that folder a regular thing now.  Second, your comments mean so so much to me.  It still blows me away that anyone takes time to leave me the kind words (and constructive criticisms) that you all do, and to see that so many of your comments went unseen and potentially made you feel like you were writing into a black hole made my heart break a little.  I’m so sorry if it ever confused or discouraged you when you never saw your comment appear on the blog!  We’re adding this on to the list of glitches I’m hoping we’ll never have to return to.

Already this weekend is Halloween!  I’ve said many times before that this is not my favorite holiday, but this weekend I’m taking a short trip to San Diego with friends so it’s extra exciting this time.  Still don’t have a costume, still haven’t learned yet to take care of that sooner than the week before, still Googling easy last minute costume ideas, still same ol’ me.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!


10 easy last minute Halloween party ideas.

Bathroom makeovers are some of the most satisfying, no?  This one has some really unique and beautiful details.

One of my favorite flavors baked into such a gorgeously simple cake.

Spent a good amount of time browsing through and admiring allll the minimal interiors (keep clicking “next project” on the bottom left to get lost).

8 motivation techniques olympians swear by.

Must get back into weaving. Such an adorable DIY.

Do you agree with this list of things that wedding guests don’t care about?


Photo from my Instagram.

10/25 Printables / Seasonal/Holiday

Treat Box Printable


I was at a candy shop where I found packaged goodies like these and thought they were adorable EXCEPT that what was inside is one of my least favorite candies of all time.  I’m just going to say it: candy corn is awful and I don’t understand it.  I went ahead and got it anyway though so I could pick apart the packaging and recreate my own version that would involve a much better candy: dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s, anyone??  Let me know if you’d still prefer candy corn and why- I really do want to understand why it’s so loved!

These are super cute and easy to put together for Halloween, especially for those of us who can’t handle the scarier traditions of this holiday (everything scares me) and I’ve partnered with Canon to share this free printable that can really be used for any occasion where you want to hand out treats as favors! Read More

10/21 Decor Sources / Shop

Etsy Favs: Modern Ceramics


I’m going to say without thinking further that there’s nothing more beautiful + functional for the home and no one should be without them.  Ceramics make life better.  I’ve talked enough about how much I love learning pottery and want to make ceramics only forever, and a lot of this obsession involves looking at a ton with the hopes that the more I look the more I’ll be able to make equally pretty things, but more likely I’ll end up just buying them, which is cool too.  So all that looking brings us here to sharing some of my favs, all from Etsy which houses some pretty amazing ceramicists.  Check them out!: Read More

10/17 Seasonal/Holiday / Tips

5 Tips to Set a Simple and Modern Tablescape


Fall kicks off all the best celebrations of the year (amiright?) and I get most excited about decorating for them.  Eating is extremely exciting too, but decorating comes first!  I like prioritizing simplicity in decorating not only because that’s my jam and I love it most, but because I’ve found it’s generally less fuss and less stressful, which is what I imagine most of us appreciating during the cray holiday season.  Whether you want to achieve this style or apply a few of these concepts to the plans you already have, read on for 5 simple tips for a modern minimal tablescape I’m sharing in partnership with AllModern: Read More

10/12 DIY Projects

DIY Marbled Leather Coasters


This is what happened.  It starts about a couple years ago when I tried to marble candles with nail polish and it failed horribly and I became 1000% sure I’d never try that again.  This year, as I was brainstorming pumpkin decorating ideas, I wondered if there was a way to marble pumpkins with something other than nail polish.  I found marbling paint, tried it, didn’t work, and went back to being 1000% sure I’d never try marbling again.  I was close to tossing the bottle of marbling paint until curiosity had me read the label, where it advised to use on porous surfaces only (oops) and listed several examples, such as leather. Read More

10/11 Inspiring Spaces

Moody Interiors

I love a good moody interior, and I got to thinking more about them in light (heh) of the shortened days in fall and soon to be winter.  Darker colors are a straight shot to a cozy and calming moody interior, but lighting has so much to do with it as well.  You can totally have a moody white interior.  Embrace shadows, filtered light, and enjoy the gloom that comes with this season, though sure I’ll have my moments of cursing the darkness for getting in the way of shooting photos for the blog, ha!

moody-bath Read More