DIY Suede Leather Tassels

Suede leather tassels DIY

This one might be even easier than expected, guys.  Usually an idea comes to me before I source materials, but a lot of times it can happen the other way around.  I found these pre-cut suede leather fringe pieces for making tassels, so tassels I was going to make.  The only thing I had to come up … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Long Meadow Ranch

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here this week!  I've been prepping to leave for the Michaels Makers Summit (I'm there right now!) in Sonoma, CA which is where I shot this photo.  It's from yesterday, where we made flower crowns, ate bomb food, and drank a bunch of wine, all of which is … [Read more...]

Backyard Envy


It's backyard/patio/outdoor space envy season, guys.  As boyfriend and I think more about what our ideal home would be like, having an outdoor space is near the top of the list for both of us.  I'm really not too picky about it either- enough space for a couple chairs and a fire-pit (we'll tell him … [Read more...]

DIY Concrete Tray

Concrete Tray

We had a little discussion on here not too long ago about reasons for DIYing, and this is one of those times where I did it for the challenge of it, but also it turned out pretty cute so this is a good situation right here heyyy.  I'm joining in on the concrete challenge over at The Home Depot … [Read more...]

DIY Grid Pouch

DIY Grid Pouch

I'm still on that grid pattern, guys.  I've been spotting it everywhere, like when I was roaming around Instagram and saw a flat lay with a grid-patterned pouch in it.  Since then I've been hunting for one, and you know how that goes... couldn't find one I liked, yup, so now we gotta do … [Read more...]