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Round Dining Table and Chair Combos

1. Chair | 2. Table | 3. Chair | 4. Table | 5. Chair | 6. Table | 7. Chair | 8. Table | 9. Chair | 10. Table | 11. Chair | 12. Table | 13. Chair | 14. Table | 15. Chair | 16. Table | 17. Chair | 18. Table | 19. Chair | 20. Table

I was reminded to put this roundup together while we were checking out some open houses and some of the kitchens had a small dining area/nook in addition to a formal dining room and I thought that was pretty darn nice.  With this area tending to be on the smaller side, I favor putting in a round table over any other shape.  It’s less corners to get pummeled by, easier to squeeze more chairs around in emergencies, and roughly takes up less space because of those missing corners.  In general we could consider these options small space friendly, ranging between 2 and 4 seats comfortably + more if space is generous.

These pairings definitely aren’t married!  Actually most of these can be a free-for-all mix and match, yet another reason I love sticking to minimal design, sleek silhouettes, and neutral colors.  Which dining table and chair combo are you liking the most?



4 comments on “Round Dining Table and Chair Combos”

  1. Hello Amy!
    I definitely like the 1/2 and 7/8 combo. Black and white is always my fav colour combination.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Thank you so much for curating this post. It’s super helpful!! I live in a tiny apartment (620 square feet!) and have a round Risom table from Design Within Reach (maple) and have been looking for 2 chairs for quite some time. Your suggestions are lovely. I also have to say that I am not super happy with the Risom table because even though the lines of the table are awesome, the wood scratches easily so you have to keep it covered to protect it which detracts from the whole look. I also forgot the cardinal rule of small spaces which is that you have to make your furniture work for different purposes and this “pretty” table is not the work horse I need it to be. I initially wanted to get something like the Saarinen tulip table, but didn’t because I thought my husband was going to keep banging his legs on the pedestal. The “less legs” is a better flow in small spaces because it makes it look less cluttered. In my case, I also think that inches matter in small spaces and I will probably be looking for something smaller than 42 inches. Thanks again!

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