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5 Travel Packing Essentials

We’ve kept up pretty well with our goal to travel more this year, and with all that packing I’ve gotten my essentials down and have maybe even grown to enjoy the packing process (way more than unpacking, that’s for sure.)  No matter where I go or for how long I’m gone, I always try to pack light and never take more than a carry-on.  Here are 5 of my travel packing essentials that I take with me on every trip in partnership with Closca, a brand creating innovative and beautifully designed products like the new Closca Bottle + App.


Comfort over everything, always, every time. The one time I didn’t take my sneakers with me on a trip, the group I was with took an impromptu hike through some hills and I was the only one uncomfortable in my pointy black leather boots.  Sneakers are always good to have, especially to wear daily for all the inevitable sightseeing, and I’ll usually wear them to the airport if my second pair of shoes are less bulky.  *Tip: wear your bulkiest items to the airport to save space in your bag.


I don’t take earbuds anymore because I find that they make the insides of my ears painfully sore after a while (you, too?)  While these are bulkier, they’re much more comfortable especially for longer flights, and even better if they’re noise cancelling which can be a miracle for trying to get better sleep on the plane.


While I don’t always end up using this on a trip, it is SO good being prepared when I have a nail emergency.  I’m the type of person who cannot function at all if I’ve chipped or broken a nail.  I’ll pick at it non-stop and make it a lot worse if it isn’t remedied ASAP.  Too many times I’ve been stuck without one and have had to make an immediate detour to buy one at a store.  I keep this mini set constantly in this travel bag so that I don’t have to remember to pack it.  It hardly takes any space and I can breathe knowing it’s always there.


My phone definitely does not last a full day of taking photos and videos.  This backup charger has saved me so many times and the next best thing is that it doesn’t take up too much space.  I keep it in this pouch along with all my other cords, and I keep the pouch on me in my personal bag for easy access.


Not having to buy expensive plastic water bottles at the airport always feels amazing.  Airports are making it easier now with water bottle filling stations, though the water fountains work just fine too.  The biggest deterrent for me in the past for bringing a water bottle is the space it can take up in my bag, but this one from Closca can be worn and practically takes up no room at all.  The silicone flap wraps around any strap and becomes both a functional water dispenser within constant reach and a fashion accessory.  I appreciate it so much when something so useful is beautifully designed like this.

It’s made of glass and opens up from the bottom as well for easy cleaning and to add goodies like ice or whatever you like to infuse your water with.  Closca has also developed an app – the Closca Water App – that helps you locate the nearest places to refill your bottle with water- I imagine this will come in handy next time I travel!  It does everything to be economical and environmentally friendly, which is something to feel really good about.

The Closca bottle is available on Kickstarter- check it out here and to see more info.

What are your travel packing essentials?  Would love to know about items you pack that are maybe less obvious but make a big difference!


This post is sponsored by CLOSCA.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me where is your backpack from? I’ve been looking all over and it seems like the perfect match! Thanks

  2. I never bring a reusable bottle exactly because I don’t want to make room for it lol. This is a great idea.
    I always bring antibacterial wipes to wipe down my seat and tray in the plane. All of it is festering with germs so I consider this mandatory!

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