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Minimal Scandinavian Christmas Tree


Each year I see this going down one of two ways.  Either I put the tree up in December and not take it down until late January because I felt like the season went by so fast and I’m just not ready to part with my tree, or I put it up in November and build up massive premature excitement for my favorite holiday and by the time December 26th comes I am so thoroughly sick of it all that I’m ready to put everything away immediately and move on to the new year.

Having gone through both, I say November wins!  I don’t think I would have tried out November if it weren’t for the yearly Michaels Makers Dream Tree Challenge, but having done it I’ve found that just this one task of putting up the tree earlier makes December so much less hectic and thus, more fun.  So for my dream tree this year, I partnered with Michaels to pick from their assortment of trees and decorations and create a very simple, minimal, and Scandinavian inspired tree <— always my dream, you know that ;)


The tree is a 7.5 ft Jasper and while I don’t think it’ll fool anyone, it is by far the most realistic looking faux Christmas tree I’ve ever lived with.  It’s conveniently pre-lit, although this year I’ve found I’m preferring an unlit tree.  Still, we light it up at night for our dose of magical glow (photos of that later in the post).


I kept the decorations to three different ornaments.  The first ones I picked out were the shiny and matte rose gold ornaments, which I was so excited about because as simple as they are, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them anywhere before??  They immediately thwarted my original plans to do white ornaments only, but I still wanted some white on the tree to pop against the green, so I added in these tree shaped ornaments that are actually card stock gift tags I found at Michaels.  They’re originally a kraft paper color but I painted them white and used thin black ribbon to hang them up.



The felt wool ball garland is also a semi DIY.  Michaels had felt ball garlands that alternated between natural colored and red felt balls, but I cut them open and separated out the natural ones and re-strung then with 1-2 inches in between.  Possibly my favorite part of the tree and it took WAY less time than it would have to make those felt balls on my own.


On that note I’ll mention another favorite part of the tree.  I got that basket for last year’s tree and knew It would be with us for all future trees to come, ignoring the fact that we have zero space to store it and it would inevitably become a part of my daily peripheral vision, and that is exactly what happened.  It spent the past year sitting in the corner of our kitchen collecting dust and predictably storing random things I didn’t know where else to put, becoming an eyesore that O would regularly ask me to dispose of, but there it stayed, and all I have left to say is this: worth it.



I got thrifty with the calendar pages I ripped off from my Stendig calendar, which I saved to use for wrapping paper this year.  Resourcefulness win!  I’ve seen this done a lot in other Scandinavian homes and love that it extends the use of those gorgeous calendar pages.  I’ll continue getting this calendar every year so long as they keep making them.


And here’s the tree lit up!  Like with the decorations, I like keeping lighting minimal as well, though last year I added globe lights which I LOVED and I’m sure to repeat that idea with a future tree.




When do you usually put your tree up?  I’m also curious to hear if you’re in the “not before Thanksgiving” camp!

To see the dream trees from the other Michaels Makers this year, check out the Michaels blog!

48 comments on “Minimal Scandinavian Christmas Tree”

          1. Hi Amy! I am pinteresting away for this years tree and came across your blog! Whats the total length of poms you used? And where did you find the basket? And what is the approximate size? Thank you!

  1. Love the basket for the tree–perfect! If you have a tree up early, make a rule of no lights on until after Thanksgiving, so the tree seems a bit more special during the actual Christmas holiday.

        1. The bottom row of branches are resting on the rim of the basket and holding the tree in place. I tried to put the tree stand inside but it wouldn’t fit, so this will have to do!

  2. This is beyond gorgeous! I love how you’ve kept it simple – with the lights especially, it looks completely magical. And those rose gold decorations are the perfect touch of colour without being too much! :) xxx

  3. I am always torn between sentimental ornaments collected over the years and a more curated tree. This is absolutely beautiful – if only I had space for two trees in my house!

    Also, I was searching high and low for rose gold ornaments last year to no avail. Are these at Michael’s? Did a little digging and couldn’t find them!

    1. Girl I WISH I had a sentimental collection of ornaments over the years, that’s dope! I also know the feeling of wanting more than one tree. Every year I say I’m gonna do a second one but you know how that goes haha.

      YES, the ornaments are from Michaels and I got them right when all the Christmas stuff came out and since then I haven’t seen them again. Must’ve sold out quick!

  4. We’re getting a real tree for the first time this year, so I can’t put it up too early. I might still put the fake one up somewhere else (like the bedroom) just because I can. We’ll probably do it Thanksgiving weekend! I love the felt ball garland on yours.

    1. Oo I haven’t done a real tree yet, though every year I want to! Potentially following your lead and considering getting a mini one for the bedroom ;)

  5. Omgoodness! What a beautiful tree! I love the simplicity yet warmth it has! For the last 3 years I’ve been trying to decide if I want to make a tree skirt or find one but now I’m all for the basket! I love how it feels like it contains it all but still looks cozy!

    I agree, that if you put your tree up before December it feels a little less hectic like you’ve already gotten a big to-do checked off your list. I don’t think I’d want to put it up sooner than the day after Thanksgiving day though. I wonder if it would take away some of the new-ness it has/bring during the season? But! Who knows? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, right? :D — Wonderful post! :D

    1. Haha yay! Glad you’re joining team basket haha!
      The day after Thanksgiving is a pretty solid choice and probably my next best option. I see what you’re saying about it maybe jumping the gun for the excitement of Christmas but I mostly see it as getting more time with my tree + can’t be too excited for Christmas c’mon now. Thanks, Dottie!!

  6. Is there any way you could find a link to the white felt garlands at Michaels.com? I’ve been to the store twice and couldn’t find them and was told I could buy them online, but I can’t find them there. Or maybe they’re pom poms and not felt balls?

    Thank you! I adore this tree!

    1. Hi Lindsay! They’re unfortunately not online, and they were actually red and white felt ball garlands but I cut them up and restrung only the white ones with a little distance in between.

    1. Sorry, I ended up reading your reply to jessica from the 15th, looks like you did get them from Michaels.
      Nice but simple tree. Love it!!!

  7. I love the simplicity of your tree and love the basket even more! I’ve been looking around at different rattan tree skirts. I’ll for sure be using one for next years tree!

  8. How refreshing. I love the pom poms!! Better than TINSEL any day. The basket, the wrapping paper…so nice to see. I love it!!

  9. I definitely prefer pared back and consciously styled when it comes to trees, and that pom pom string is such a nice alternative to tinsel

  10. Love the simplicity of your décor! I am using a basket as a tree skirt alternative this year and I can’t find one to fit the base in! Any pointers on how to make it work??

    1. Hi Tiffany! I didn’t use a base as I couldn’t get one to fit. The tree I used sat deep enough to where the bottom rows of branches kept the tree in place inside the basket. It’s not rock hard stable, but worked for me.

  11. I love this tree! We’ve been looking for some inspiration for this year to try something different and I think we may have cracked it here. Completely with you in the November vs end of January thing but I don’t think we will be a November this year :-( btw, love the wrapping paper!

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