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christmasWhat a week.  It’s hard to deny that it was tough to get through.  Beyond my own stance and feelings, I felt the weight of the hurt on every side and the responsibility to remain open to understanding.  I’m still finding some things immensely hard to express, but I also found comfort in quiet and welcoming the need to reflect and listen.  No matter what your feelings are or where you stand, I care most that we can all provide each other kindness and empathy.

A bit weird to transition into today’s post that has nothing to do with the previous, but in that light I hope it provides a breather from all that’s been going on.  Some good from the week is that I’ve started decorating for my favorite holiday (!) and am so pumped to share that soon.  Today I’m headed out for a quick trip to SF to celebrate a friend’s birthday and am feeling so grateful for the timely getaway, especially to be with people I love.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend <3


Gorgeous and unexpected details in this bathroom I didn’t know I’d love.

The prettiest crepe cake there ever was.

I always go for real, but this DIY paper leaf garland is a pretty alternative and perfect for upcoming celebrations.

How to gift wrap a cylinder.

How to wake up without an alarm and a humorous look at that struggle.

DIY for fall’s biggest fashion trend– are you into it?

Why practicing self-compassion is non-negotiable and how to practice it.

6 comments on “Friday Finds”

    1. Haha same! Although I like this pair over all the others I’ve seen since it’s on the more subtle side, but still not sure I’d wear them.

  1. Thank you for the finds. Love the article on self-compassion. It is something I am currently reading about. I totally loved the paper leaf garland. So pretty.
    Hope you had fun in SF and have a lovely weekend as well.

  2. I love the Green Paper Garland! Definitely a way to brighten up a room. So many great finds this week. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t agree with you more about the need for kindness and empathy. It’s times like these that people need it most. As for me, I’m moving forward and reminding myself that I only have control over how I treat others, so I’m going to treat them well. You never know if that’s exactly what a person needs and people never need the opposite. Love wins in my book.

    Hope you enjoy the quick getaway!

    1. Hi Megan! YES, the simplest most actionable thing we can do is control how we treat each other, and I’m hopeful we can spread the love. Thanks for the uplifting sentiment <3

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