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Minimal Bedrooms (Again)

We’re still in the stage of decluttering the bedroom, the biggest task being putting the furniture up on Craigslist which I don’t at all consider the most fun thing in the world, but it’s going to feel sooo amazing if we can get to a clean slate before redoing the space to be calm, clean, and relaxing like these spaces.

I know, I already did a post on minimal bedrooms but I’m just not over them and find myself browsing this category the most during my Pinterest binges.  For me, these bedrooms make up the ideal scenery for rest and relaxation.

white bedroom

minimal neutral bedroom

black wall

Me and black accent walls.  We kind of have a thing.

minimal bedroom

modern minimal bedroomI was pretty set on sconces initially, but now I’m highly considering hanging pendant lights.

gray bedroom

grid bedding

minimal white bedroom

minimalist bedroom

This is it. Dream bed right here.

minimalist light bedroom


neutral bedroom

I thought I was over tufted headboards, but I really love this one and the styling.

white bedroom-2

I wouldn’t go this extreme, but this one struck me the most.  Makes me want to inhale deep and exhale with an audible sigh.  You, too?


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9 comments on “Minimal Bedrooms (Again)”

    1. I know what you mean. Even just starting with decluttering though, I feel like the room is already transforming. Sometimes switching around the things you already have can make a major difference!

  1. Love these rooms! I can’t go quite this minimal (pets + boyfriends won’t allow for the starkness ;) but we just moved into a new place, and never paid the bedroom any attention in the last place. I’m making it my mission to have the bedroom set up in the first couple months!

    1. It’s funny, from what I’ve heard it seems like the bedroom is the least prioritized room when it comes to decorating. Mine has basically turned into a storage room/dumping grounds and I’m finally trying to turn that around haha.
      Congrats on the new place and good luck setting up the bedroom!!

    1. Haha exactly! I don’t think it’s possible for me to achieve either but it certainly motivates me to be really particular about what I keep and ruthless about what I don’t. So far that’s been working out well!

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