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Gold Painted Geo Planters

Gold painted geo planters

I’m still riding the succulent train, guys.  As long as they keep dying, I’ll keep replacing them <3.

The idea for this project began when I was about $5 short from reaching the minimum purchase total for free shipping at Urban Outfitters online.  Quite the dilemma, I know.  I was sure I’d find something in the home sales that would help me out and came across this geo bowl and cup. 

Geo bowl and cup

All I could see was how perfect they’d be for planting succulents.  Sometimes you just know these things and can’t fight it!  Of course I had to add some customary gold flair.

Applying and cleaning Rub n Buff

I applied Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff (affiliate link) with my finger, and while it was difficult to create clean edges, I love how I was able to remove mistakes with a q-tip dipped in acetone.  Very easy and convenient (two of my favorite words).  I applied two layers, waiting about an hour for drying in between.

Painted geo planters

I’d say the color is more brass than gold, which is still a metallic, so I dig it.

Geo planters with rocks

The metallic filler on top was an afterthought, which I conveniently had on hand.  I imagined the bowl would have several succulents planted in it but after plopping in this one, I thought it  would look best on its own.  What do you think?

DIY gold geo planters

Here’s to hoping they survive!  I actually have a mini succulent garden that has been thriving most excellently, which I’m very proud of considering the many other losses, and I think I might have figured something out…  Every plant I’ve put in front of our East facing window has grown so good.  Could that be the secret???  Or is it just a coincidence…  Either way, my boyfriend banned me from watering our plants and he has taken over that responsibility.  That might also be the secret.

32 comments on “Gold Painted Geo Planters”

  1. I LOVE how these came out. Funny, I am the same way with the free shipping. You HAVE to hit those minimums otherwise it’s not worth ordering. I’ll even order something to meet the minimum and then return it (at the brick and mortar location) if it’s not right once I see it in person. Thanks for the tip on the rub n’ buff! I was not aware of that product!

  2. I am never surprised when I click on something simple and beautiful at a link party and find it brings me here. Your projects are so classy! Lovely and very inspirational.

  3. I’m still in love with succulents too. I have two planters that I’ve had since last year and once the succulents get to big, I move them to our small cactus garden outside. Then I get to refill the planter with more beautiful succulents. These little gold planters are so cute. I really love the addition of the gold rocks too. So pretty!

  4. I definitely need to get on the succulent train (I just kill everything I try to grow so they are probably a good option :). I love the geo/gold mix here. These would make really cute jewelry holders too!

  5. Ooh! I love this idea, thank you so much for sharing.
    I think I’ll do this on some cups or jars, except with gold spray paint since I already have that.

    xo sarah.

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