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DIY Merry Sign- Merry Mag

DIY Merry Sign

The merry decorating begins, but that’s not all… I had the HUGE honor of contributing this project to the very first issue of Merry Mag, an online holiday lifestyle magazine full of decor ideas, DIY’s, recipes, and style inspiration, all brought to you by some of my favorite bloggers and makers.  It’s as amazing as it sounds, guys.

I’m crazy proud of this magazine, even with just my one little DIY in it, and I’m so grateful that Melissa from the Sweet Escape had me be a part of such an amazing production.  As the mastermind and editor behind Merry Mag, Melissa curated the content and hand-picked contributors to create 98 pages of stunning, holiday splendor.  Take a look and flip through the magazine  (shameless shoutout- I’m on page 33!) at merrymag.com

In case you haven’t gotten lost in the magazine and forgotten that you’re here, I’ll be going on with the how-to for my gold merry sign.

As usual, I pretended that my entryway table is a mantel, which was part of the inspiration for this project.  These letters are perfect for a holiday mantel display, and though I’m not much into the glittery sparkly things for the everyday, I’m not shy about bringing it on for the holidays, so I went for it with this one while keeping it, as always, simple.

Cardboard Letters

I got these cardboard letters from JoAnn and cut out the front side of each of them with an X-ACTO knife.


Gold letters

Once cut, I spray painted the inside and outside edges of each letter with this gold spray paint.  This didn’t have to be neat on the insides since I’d be covering them up anyway, but I did take a little more care with painting the outside edges since they’d be more visible.

Decorative fillerThe magic of this project is this decorative gold filler, which I found at Michaels.  The way they sparkle and catch the light is gorgeous, and a bit reminiscent of the way marquee signs glow and shine.

Glue gunI applied a small dab of hot glue to each ball and stuck them inside the letters.

Balls 1I first glued a bottom layer of the filler before adding some on top.

Balls 2Pretty simple process, right?  Especially when considering the huge impact a little cutting, painting, and gluing can make.

Gold Merry Letters

BONUS STEPS for anyone wondering about the pinecones hanging underneath- it was a last second idea I came up with while styling this display that was SO easy to do that I decided I’d throw in here.

ribbon and pinecone

It’s just ribbon and pine cones, y’all.
pinecone ribbonUsing a glue gun, I glued the end of each piece of ribbon to the bottom of a pine cone.

Ribbon wrappedI wrapped the ribbon around the branches of the faux evergreen garland I hung up around the edges of the table, making each pine cone hang at a different length.  I also cut the ribbon in fairly long pieces so that I could weave the excess through the rest of the evergreen garland.

DIY Gold Merry Letters

Merry Gold LettersTis the season of mantel envy as they say (or maybe I just say that?), and this is how I’m coping with not having one, and it ain’t bad!  It makes me so happy and warm to look at it, which is all I wanted other than to add even more gold to my home this season.  I’ve been a little quiet on the gold lately, but it will be making it’s way back with my holiday decorating this time.  Last year was silver- isn’t that weird of me?

If you haven’t made your way over to see Merry Mag, do it now.  Please.  It’s so good and guaranteed to inspire your holiday celebrations and style.  Let me know what you think of it, too!  I’d love to hear if you guys are enjoying it as much as I am.

32 comments on “DIY Merry Sign- Merry Mag”

  1. This is fantastic! Those little gold balls are amazing and I love how they don’t fit perfectly in the letters. :) And congrats on the magazine, I can’t wait to check it out!

    1. I did panic a little at first that they weren’t fitting in perfect rows as I initially wanted, but now I agree that the imperfect fit looks really nice as well ;) Thanks, Bre! Hope you enjoy the magazine!

  2. Love this project (marquee letters are a fav!) and the whole magazine!

    Also, wondering where you got your mirror above the fireplace?

  3. UHHHH-mazing!!!! I’m totally going to do this and show you my end product!! Super cute and creative!! Love love love this!!! Just found your site on IG, and I love every post!

    1. Hi Courtney!!! That’s SO amazing to hear. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out! Really appreciate you coming by <3

  4. Hi – first time reading your blog (redirect from shabbyfufu)- can you link the Michael’s filler you used? Can’t find anything like it and want to do these letters!

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