01/26 Friday Links

Friday Links

Haven’t done one of these in a while!  Formerly “Friday Finds” but wanted to make the series title a little more straightforward so here we are with Friday Links.  For a bit I was thinking I wasn’t going to continue this series, but have heard from some of you consistently that you enjoy it, so I’d like to know- do you still feel that way?

Another thing I wanted to take an informal poll on…  I’ve only done and plan for these link posts every other Friday for reasons mostly pertaining to how I don’t come across that many links in one week that I’m interested in to make a whole post about.  That ultimately came to a realization that I’m generally bored with what I’m finding on the internet??  Do you feel me a little?  It might have to do with how I’ve been reading the same publications for years now and don’t feel as connected to them anymore, and how I have general desires to spend less time on the internet and my phone, but I also see this as a sign to branch out to different sources for inspiration and figure out what’s changing, or if I’m being weird.  Can you let me know if you’re feeling similar things?  Perhaps share where you like to go for inspiring or interesting material?

Thanks in advance for weighing in, and happy weekend <3


Loving all the warm wood accents in this home.

A simply beautiful DIY hanging ladder towel rack.

The 9 best cheeses at Trader Joe’s.  I have a goal of trying them all and I’ve only tried one on this list!

This 2018 Kitchen designs forecast is everything I love.

Winter skincare tips from 3 experts.

A beautiful project that makes me want to get into woodworking even more: DIY wood bookshelf.

Simple but easy to forget: 5 rare but essential productivity practices.

6 comments on “Friday Links”

  1. I hear ya on the internet links. There are several blogs that do weekly round-ups. When the blogs are run by one person I wonder if the writer has actually run across the links in their week or if they tried too hard on, say, a Thursday night to pull together a group of links for their readers to meet the weekly post. Not that it really matters. :) Personally I rarely find inspiration on youTube so these are usually the links I don’t click.

    Sadly most of my inspiration comes from the one-stop-shop which is Pinterest. From saving as much inspiration as I have into Pinterest folders I think my daily scroll has finally gotten to where I enjoy checking in.

    1. Haaaaa. I’m guilty of having been up late on a Thursday trying to get those links in. I like that you called that out- it’s no fun for anyone.

      I don’t get inspiration from YT either, it’s more for entertainment, and have to agree with you on Pinterest. I always go there first to search for ideas and recipes.

  2. I love these series for the same reason you’re a bit frustrated writing them — I get bored of my own “corners” of the internet sometimes!! I love The Cut, Into the Gloss, Byrdie/MyDomaine/Who What Wear, Domino, Coveteur, Glitter Guide, Well+Good, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Havenly and Homepolish’s blogs for interior inspo!

    1. Ah, good recs and some I’ve never heard of, thank you! And cool to hear you feel the same + make me realize why I also love seeing these series on other blogs.

  3. It is possible to simply become over saturated with the internet, period. That’s when you need to head out of the house and see and do things for realz. Go to a corner of your city/town/area you have never been, hike a new trail, try a sport or activity you have never done before, find a new art gallery, learn a language… Ideas and inspiration are great but eventually, you have to actually DO something.

  4. I personally love friday finds/links, I typically at least find one blog or shop I will now regularly check. Please do not end these as i really enjoy discovering new things.

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