03/30 Friday Links

Friday Links

We’ve been dedicating every free weekend lately to house hunting or finishing our wedding thank you cards.  Relieved to share that those are DONE and SENT and it feels like a huge weight lifted, mostly the weight of guilt even though I know no one cares how long it took us, but it’s a big deal to me like I can move on with my life now ha.

This weekend we’re taking a break with a short trip to Solvang, a little Danish town in Santa Barbara wine country, which I very briefly visited once before for wine tastings but didn’t try any of the Danish bakeries.  Will be making up for that.  Will also be taking you with in IG stories if you’d like to come along :)

Happy weekend <3.

These DIY wood candle holders are so pretty and simple to make.

So inspired by this small bathroom transformation.  Stuff like this is a really good reminder (and source of hope haha) to see potential in the homes we’re looking at.

10 simple and beautiful Easter decoration ideas.

The sink, the countertops, and my dream floors.

Ok, dream home with dream everything.

Would like to devour at least three of these right now and the photography is so dang gorgeous: pistachio lemon marzipan tea cakes.

Instagram is bringing newer posts to the top of its feed.

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