06/02 Friday Links

Friday Finds

Dang this weekend came quick!  Extra excited for this weekend’s plans because they’re my favorite of all: dog-sitting and doing dog-friendly things in LA.  It’s our ticket to going to this one dog park that usually has swarms of dogs, where I’ve missed going there and playing with all of them and pretending like I’m a dog-owner who belongs there.  It’s kind of a dream.  One of these days we’ll get our own fur baby!!  

Happy weekend <3

Gorgeous capsule wardrobes– 5 items per capsule to each make 30 outfits and I love it all.

In addition to looking through portfolios of interior photographers, I really enjoy looking through portfolios of interior stylists like this one.

Pink-y kitchen cabinets sound questionable, but it looks great, along with everything else in this home.

Unique and beautiful DIY modern wood plant stands.

If I wasn’t on my wedding diet, I’d want to make this cake asap.

Home tour of the week.  So intrigued by the use of color, and the bathroom is a dream.

Reminded again and again how much I love every item in the COS x HAY collection.

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  1. Aw thank you so much for featuring VETTA! We’re also a women-owned business, and major fans of your blog! We’d love to offer your readers 10% off their entire order with code HOMEYOHMY for the rest of June. <3

    xx Cara (VETTA co-founder)

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