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Soho-NYC-loft-Tamra-Sanford-living-room-fuzzy-chairs-blue-velvet-sofas-windowsAnother weird week gone!  Weird for me since boyfriend has been out of town and somehow that resulted in me reverting back to the college dorm lifestyle and diet.  Mac and cheese, anyone?  Other than that, I’ve just been feeling really off about blogging lately.  I’d best describe it as a mix of being in a funk, a case of the blahs, and craving change.  I might talk more about that later, but I sense a shift coming, or I dunno, maybe I just need to get a drastic hair cut (ladies, I know you know that feeling.)

Anywho, always happy for the weekend, which everyone around here in LA has been talking about how hot it’s going to be- up in the 90s.  I foresee ice cream in my near future.  Hope your weekend plans involve ice cream, too <3 .

Here are today’s finds:

Currently on a sofa hunt and I gotta find something blue and velvet.  This space (photo above) is added to the list of reasons why, but yes, this is going to be a long and patient hunt for something that won’t cost a million dollars.

Everyone needs to read this piece about online negativity.

It’s been about a year since I first wanted these vases, and I still wanted them a year later, so I got a couple, and I LOVE them.

A really, really cool coffee table DIY.

A round-up of posts to help you rock at social media.

Can’t get enough of jacket earrings, and I’ve got this set coming to me soon for a happy mail day.

I was misty-eyed at my desk at work when I was reading this and watching the video. Have you donated to this cause yet?


If you’ve got any finds of your own or something I need to see, definitely let me know about it.  Happy weekend, guys!

11 comments on “Friday Finds”

  1. Please post if you find a reasonably priced blue couch like that!!!! I’m moving to Texas in 3 weeks and I’m OBSESSED with the blue couches like that! Blue or a dark turquoise! Everything I’ve found so far though has been waaaaay out of my price range! More than two months of my rent!

    1. I knowwwww. Reupholstering in blue velvet feels like an ideal situation, but that’s a very pretty penny too. I’d for sure share if I came across a good deal!

    1. I don’t think there’s any blogger that would not be nodding furiously to Grace’s post. I’ve got a feeling a lot of us shared it today ;)
      Thanks for the encouragement Laurel! Happy weekend <3

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend Amy and enjoy the ice cream! It’s still pretty cold here in the UK so I’m very jealous of your warmer weather.
    I’m in a bit of a creative funk too – maybe it’s the time of year? But instead of beating myself up I’ve decided to give myself a break and relax a bit. If you’re going to take your blog in a new direction I can’t wait to see what it is! x

    1. Time of the year maybe, yea. Feels like I’m chasing creativity harder than ever, and we all know that’s one of the least effective ways to find it haha. Hope you’ve got a relaxing weekend ahead of you too, Kate!

  3. I’m actually really really glad to hear that I’m not the only one who feels off. A funk, a case of the blahs, and craving change sums it up for me too. I don’t like the feeling at all.

  4. Ladies- anthropologie has a beautiful navy blue sofa- bought it to replace my vintage purple velvet sofa (now in home office) and I LOVE it. About $2,500.

  5. I literally just bought a blue velvet sofa on Chairish.com. I found several more great prices on the same site and I’m thrilled! This one happened to be in my city so I picked it up so I didn’t need to pay for shipping. So many great vintage finds. I promise you will be addicted to this site. I’m so inspired by my vintage finds and I’m redecorating everything. The sofa is not vintage but it was custom made and in like-new condition.

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