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DIY Mini Party Hats

DIY Sequin Ball Mini Party Hats for New Year's EveYes, already, 2015 is upon us, and I’ve got a DIY to share for something ridiculous to wear on your head for New Year’s Eve.  Now in all honesty, past experiences have taught me that NYE is over-hyped and that I’m usually incapable of staying up till midnight (I know I’m not the only one, right?), BUT, I love the sparkle and shine of the holiday and am always down to participate whenever those things are involved.  So, I came up with something shiny, fun, and young at heart for an NYE celebration, PBteen style.  Come on over to the PBteen blog for the tutorial on these sequin ball mini party hats!

DIY mini sequin ball party hat for New Year's EveSecret time- the main inspiration for this DIY was that I wanted to make a party hat for this bunny alarm clock.  I couldn’t live without an idea so adorable, so it had to be done.  No question about it.

DIY Mini Party Hats for New Year's Eve

DIY Sequin ball party hats for NYEIf you missed the link, find the tutorial for these party hats at the PBteen blog!  And if you’d like to indulge my curiosity, I’d love to know- what are your NYE plans?  I feel like people tend to think everyone around them will be up to something wild and crazy, but then I also think that’s not true and for most of us this is a more casual event.  What’s everyone’s feelings about NYE??  That’s really what I’m curious about!

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  1. That bunny alarm clock! Love!! What cute party hats too! Thanks for sharing! I agree with the NYE hype…usually I’m the one to sit at home and not party it up, but this year I’m actually doing something. I’m surprisingly excited about it too! I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Amy!

    1. Yea, same, I usually prefer doing something quiet but am more than open for something out of the ordinary too, haha! Thanks for sharing, Marianela! Hope you have a fantastic NYE <3

  2. Oh man, I was just telling DB that I don’t really care what we do as long as I have a cool thing on my head! Looks like I’ll be making some hats tonight :D also come pay day that bunny clock is mine! Thanks for an awesome DIY as usual <3

    1. Aw Kaye, thanks girl!! It’s true, the head gear is what makes it an NYE celebration ;) Happy New Year to you and Dave <3

  3. Oh what gorgeous little hats! And the bunny alarm clock – amazing!
    My husband and I are both working until 10pm (the joys of both being journalists!) but our office is close to some friends so we’re going to head straight round there after we have finished to see in 2015. Hope you have a fantastic NYE and are able to stay awake to see the fireworks! x

    1. Hey, as long as you get out before midnight! And it helps you get straight to your friends so you don’t accidentally pass out at home beforehand or something crazy like that (totally something I’d do.)
      Thanks so much for your sweet words, Kate! Have a wonderful NYE!!

  4. I am completely not a New Year’s Eve person! I think I was I my mid-20s whe I looked around and was saddened by a forced and frantic joy that was anything but. My favourite thing is to have a great meal and crack open a book, listen to music, play games, etc. We were in bed well encore 11pm.

    1. Yea I’m getting the feeling NYE isn’t that popular of a holiday! And you just described my perfect night. I will always choose a game night over most anything else!

  5. Love these hats! I wish I had seen this before New Year’s. My boyfriend and I had a quiet night at home and I fell asleep right before midnight. That had might have made me stay awake!

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