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DIY Copper Dipped Vases

DIY Copper dipped vases

I was stoked to find these vases and the tray at Ross for a whopping total of $5, but that was almost a year ago, and they’ve been hidden in a drawer since.  How sad and shameful is it that I lose track of these things??  Especially if it’s a vase, because God only knows how many vases I have.  Thankfully, I was reminded of them when I saw this Etsy listing via Pinterest.  Beautiful, right?  I tried to think if I had any bud vases that I could do something similar with, and out of the drawer they came out.

Gold would have been the obvious choice, but I’ve been so eager to use this copper spray paint again after almost admitting that I liked it more than the gold one when I used it for my copper tin can planters.

Rustoleum Copper Metallic Spray Paint

Guys.  This stuff is incredible.  You might be wondering why the cap looks crappy and I’m wondering that too, because it is entirely misleading.  The color and finish are *stunning* and I am even closer now to considering it better than the gold.  You can find the spray paint here (affiliate link).

After wiping down the vases with rubbing alcohol, I applied painters tape about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of each vase.  I reinforced the bottom edge of the tape by pressing and sliding my fingers over it since this is what will be creating the edge of the “dipped” paint and it should be as crisp as possible.

Vases tapedI covered the top portions of the vases with aluminum foil, taping it down at the bottom end while making sure it didn’t go below the first strip of tape I applied.

Now for the second funnest part.  I held each vase by the neck and sprayed the paint across from the neck to the bottom of the vase.  Going in this direction is extra insurance that the paint edge will be crisp, since the paint is moving in the direction from the tape to the glass.  I applied 3 light layers, waiting about 1 minute in between applications.

Finally the funnest part.  Removing the tape and admiring the paint.

Copper dipped vases up close

This color could even be considered rose gold, no?  Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I put in some of my favorite mini green mums and I think they complement the copper so well.

Copper dipped vases

What I like about bud vases is they can really stretch your dollar with flowers.  Instead of buying or putting together a whole arrangement, you can just get a small bunch of one variety and spread them across a few vases to create a floral display for less ;).

And now I’m wondering… Do you like the vases displayed with or without the tray?  I can’t decide!


40 comments on “DIY Copper Dipped Vases”

  1. oh how fab this turned out amy♥ like you i’ve been loving metallic spray paint lately but i haven’t tried the copper one….and i also think that it kind of look like rose gold♥
    hey thanks for sharing this over at The DIY’ers!


  2. I bought the copper one based on your previous ‘almost better than the gold’ tip, and adore it! As for with or without the tray – I think the tray looks a tiny bit underwhelming compared to the pretty copper vases. I’m sure you can think of a way to dress it up (copper polka dots, perhaps?) :)

  3. I cannot wait to do this. I have jars/bottles galore that I use all the time for flowers but who ever thought of spray painting to dress them up a bit. I even have some copper spray on hand and am going to get right to it. Thanks!

  4. Awesome! I love the way the dots and riffles really pop out in color! And the contrast with the greenish flowers is great. BTW I envy your photography skills – the pictures are wonderful!

  5. This might be my favorite DIY with glass & paint post ever! Love this idea and will be putting it in to action next weekend! P.S. I prefer the vases without the tray.

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