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Spring Table with Ranunculus

Spring table

Yes, I am also very happy it’s officially Spring!  Without question, I had to welcome the new season with my favorite flowers, and what actually started as an idea for a floral arrangement turned into a Spring tablescape idea, which is even more exciting because I’m yet again here to tell you guys about a super simple idea that can make a big impact- my favorite thing to do.

RanunculusSo these glass votive holders, right.  They come in a 16 pack at Michaels and I take at least one glance at them every time I’m there.  Sometimes I just have a feeling about things and keep them fresh in my brain catalogue, ready to be dispensed at any possible DIY or project idea that pops into my head.  I always thought about how I should do something with these votive holders, and somehow that manifested into a vision for floating flowers.

ranunculusYea, so maybe if you covered one eye and hopped on one foot, these would look like they’re floating, HA, but I think you can tell what I’m getting at.  One or two of these on their own wouldn’t seem that special, but seeing a bunch of them grouped together like this makes them almost magical, no?  Too much cheese?  Point is, all it took was cutting a bunch of ranunculus to the height of the votives and plopping them in one by one.  That’s very little work for a really pretty tablescape!

Simple Spring table

Not to mention, this is an excellent way to stretch out those flowers and cover large ground without buying a million and fussing over any arranging in vases.  I do love making floral arrangements, but something simple and quick like this can be just as beautiful, too.

Simple Spring table with ranunculus

Oh AND, last time I showed you guys a tablescape I talked about how I didn’t have any of the cool stuff, but now I have placemats, aw yea, progress.  Got them as a gift for Christmas (thanks, HALO) and am finally putting them to use.  And those adorable salad plates?  I wish I could tell you I DIY’d them and drew on the designs myself, but no, it’s just Target reading my mind and being amazing.  I adore the graphic details and how it still keeps the overall look of the setting simple but is still interesting and beautiful and Spring-y.  Favorite.

Setting the table like this actually isn’t something I ever do, especially when it’s just me and boyfriend 99.99% of the time, but I could really, really get into this.  Do you guys set the table special for Spring get-togethers?  Easter probably?

Anything else you got going on for Spring, I want to know about it.  Tell me about any of your plans or traditions, maybe I can get into it, too.

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  1. I love learning about new flowers and these are gorgeous! Did you just get them at a local grocery store? I’ve been really into fresh cut flowers lately. They add so much in a simple way.

    1. Thank you, Anna! Yes, I got them at a local Whole Foods. I find that they have the best selection of flowers of any grocery store I go to.

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