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Spring Home Decor Favorites

I don’t mean by the title that these items are specifically suited for Spring, but rather these are the decor items I like right now and right now it’s Spring.  Actually it could mean both, so really I didn’t need to clarify anything.  Where am I going with this??

I always prefer a neutral color palette and this palette is on the lighter side, so in that sense we can say these items are light and bright and match nicely with the sunnier days to come.  Another thing they have in common is that they’re all from H&M Home.  I am an immense super fan of this brand and how so many of their offerings cater to modern, minimal, and Scandinavian design.  The prices are generally a steal and I’m constantly browsing their new arrivals.  This is the result of my most recent browsing binge.

.01 | Vase
.02 | Taupe Pillow
.03 | Trivet
.04 | Jar – love the texture on the wood lid
.05 | Tray
.06 | Basket – adorable for bathroom storage or you can put a plant in it.
.07 | Cup
.08 | Linen Tablecloth – I have this and it’s awesome.  Great for covering your table if you don’t like the way it looks and for photo backdrops.
.09 | Plate
.10 | Rug
.11 | Candlestick- Short + Tall
.12 | Toothbrush Mug – its intended for bathroom storage but I’m going to use it as a vase.  It’s similar to one I’ve had my eye on for a long time but a fraction of the price.  Nice!
.13 | Carafe
.14 | Blush Pillow
.15 | Glass

7 comments on “Spring Home Decor Favorites”

    1. Wait I think I’m missing something… why are they a pain to wash?? You mean like the speckles would get in the way of determining whether the plate is dirty or clean? I can see that being the case, never thought of that ha!

  1. I love the h&m home collection, too. So many items are on my list , actually I ordered a bathmat , new pillows and Nr 12. the toothbrush mug, using it as a Lyngby vase fake. So sometimes things get a new function.
    Best wishes Kathrin

  2. Oh man their stuff keeps getting better and better! Who knew there could be such a thing as the perfect jar?? Incidentally I know you posted about linen bedding the other day; we have H&M’s linnen duvets and they are SO comfortable!

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