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Shop: Gift Guide for Him

gift guide for him

He can be kind of hard to shop for, huh?  So for this gift guide, I went mostly with items my guy already has and loves then had him approve this list, so in a sense this is in collab with him, ha!  Coming from a guy who appreciates practical things and generally chooses function over being trendy, you might find something here your guy will love too.

1. Wireless headphones– For the gym, and he said he prefers having the ear cuffs because they hold the buds in better.
2. Slim phone case wallet– I got him something like this a couple years ago, said he loved it, then broke it almost immediately, and he hasn’t stopped talking about how useful it was and how much he wants another one since.  I should really get him one!
3. Shaving cream– This shaving cream is SO good that I use it too.  Doesn’t foam but makes the razor glide and keeps the skin soft.
4. Bluetooth portable speaker– Had this for a while and it changed our lives.  We use this almost everyday while we cook and I’ll usually use it during the day to listen to podcasts.
5. Pocket knife– He insisted he’d have this on him all the time and do cool things like cut an apple and eat the slice directly from the knife, but I only see him use it to open his mail, and guys… it brings him so much joy.  I can undeniably see it in his face every time.
6. Comb– Handmade, good weight, and feels really good to hold.  He started using this everyday once he heard it’s best for curly hair.
7. E-reader– A must for the book lover.  He reads from it every night and always takes it with him for travel.
8. Thermos– This thing is no joke.  Keeps coffee or tea hot forever, and he likes to use it on a lazy Sunday to keep refilling his cup all day.
9. Briefcase– It’s a splurge, but for someone who has to carry a laptop to and from work and travels a lot, this thing is pretty cool.  A million compartments but still really sleek.
10. Shoe horn– Remember shoe horns??  They are very underrated.  He likes to use them for his dress shoes, but we basically use them for every shoe because it’s so convenient.
11. Aeropress– Perfect if he’s into making his own coffee and likes coffee gadgets.  He makes us coffee with this every Sunday.

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  1. Such classic gift ideas – thank you for sharing! The comb and the knife will be making their way into someone special’s stocking :) Last year, I gifted a rad shoe horn and that thing gets used daily. It’s those little items that he doesn’t necessarily know he needs until he starts using them.

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