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Printable Valentines + Canon Printer Giveaway

I haven’t always been hot about Valentine’s Day, but for me in recent years it’s become more about spreading love to anyone in any way you can, which I’m very down for.  I also think the creation of Galentine’s Day made the holiday so much funner and encourages letting people you care about know that you like them a lot (boys should definitely do a Guyentine’s Day although my gut says most would be fine with not).

With that in mind, I created these printable Valentines for you to give to your gals, friends, family, S.O., anyone you want to make smile.  Adding on to the fun, my friends at Canon are giving away a printer to a lucky HOM reader to celebrate the holiday and the launch of their new TS series printers! 

I printed the valentines on card stock using the new Canon TS8020 printer.  Truthfully… this thing is sexy.  Sleeker, faster, has a rear tray for different types of papers and printable materials, and most exciting of all in my eyes, more compact.  My small space dwelling friends especially, you know how joyful more compact things are.

The valentines come in both pink or white, although white only really refers to the color of card stock.  You can make that any color you want!

A couple of these are folding card templates, but they can all be used as non-folding valentines or gift tags.  Try taping them on to a cup of coffee, a treat bag, or a wrapped bar of chocolate (I wrapped this one with the grid paper printable I shared here).  You can also punch a hole in one to attach to a gift with string.  Make them work for whatever your V-Day traditions are.

White downloads:
Cards | Gift Tags

Pink downloads:
Cards | Gift Tags



This is a winner’s choice giveaway to pick from any of the new TS series printers, also in the color of your choice!  To help you figure out which printer is your match, click HERE to get a run down on the features of each model.

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY:  Leave a comment below letting me know which printer and color you’d pick (again, you can figure that out HERE) and let me know what your Valentine’s Day tradition(s) is.  If you don’t have any, just tell me what you’d use the printer for.

Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US or Canada.  One winner will be randomly selected and contacted in one week via email.

Good luck!

*EDIT*  GIveaway closed!  Winner has been selected and notified.  Thanks everyone for entering!


canonseeimpossibleThis post is sponsored by Canon.  All words and content are always my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that help bring fun ideas for you to discover and try!

127 comments on “Printable Valentines + Canon Printer Giveaway”

  1. These valentines are so cute, thanks! My Valentine’s Day tradition is usually just making sure my husband and I spend time together, whether we feel like going out for a fancy dinner or takeout at home!

    All the printers look great, but if I had to chose I’d pick the TS8020 in white (great minds think alike!).

  2. I would definally pick the PIXMA TS9020! It looks like it has awesome on screen filters. I would choose white. :)
    We done usually do much for Valentine’s Day! With 3 kiddies it gets expensive. I would use the printer for homework and crafts. :)
    Email–> amyjaneheffernan@gmail.com

  3. I am such a sucker for love and Valentine’s Day, but I don’t enjoy the pre fixe menus at restaurants. My husband and I always get takeout, a bottle of red wine, Paleo chocolates (this year I’m getting strawberry creme cups from Eating Evolved!), and share cards that we’ve made for each other. To that end, the Canon TS8020 in white is so modern and would be great for my printing needs!

  4. TS8020 it is in white! Love the small design yet big performance. Especially with the rear feed for art paper. With the birth of my first granddaughter, my creative juices have been stirred up! So many fun projects ahead (not to mention all the adorable photos to print)!

  5. My Valentine’s Day tradition is to stay in! We usually get a nice bottle of red and eat dinner picnic style with lots of little yummy treats, did I mention cheese?! I love everything about Valentines Day, from the candy to the sappy movies and cards. It would be lovely to print some special keepsake memories and frame them as a gift for my husband. Especially with a PIXMA TS9020!! Xo

  6. The PIXMA TS9020 in red or black/red for sure. I’m starting a new business on a dime and this would help so much.

  7. LOVE all of these nprinters but I would have to go with the White TS9020 printer because of the 5″ touch screen! These old eyes have trouble with small print and that is the main reason I would choose this printer!! Although the on screen creative filters option is an added bonus!
    Since I have not had a printer for over 7 years I have LOTS and LOTS of photos that need printing so that I can document my 3 grandchildren’s lives!
    Thank you to Canon and you for the chance to get our photos out of the computer and into memory albums, onto clothing and on my walls! Fingers crossed!

  8. Ahh! These are beautiful Amy!
    This year, I’m really going for more of a minimal Valentine’s Day, particularly in the gift giving aspect. I’m taking my s/o and I to the Grand Canyon! It’s been on the bucket list far too long. I hope a tradition is in the making (:
    If I were to win, I’d definitely go for the PIXMA TS9020 in white, to print my favorite pictures from our trip!

  9. For Valentine’s Day, I usually cook a special meal since I enjoy cooking. However, now that I’m retired and seem to do a lot of cooking (lunch & dinner), I think we’ll be going to a nice restaurant but not on V Day. I don’t enjoy feeling rushed and seeing a large crowd waiting to get in, so I think we’ll go a day early. It doesn’t matter what day we celebrate V Day because every day is a special day. I would love to have the TS9020 in white/black. I’m a sewer, quilter & crafter. It does everything I would need it to and love how easy it is to operate. I love how compact it is as well. This copier would definitely get a lot of use, especially now that I have the time to pursue what I enjoy doing.

  10. I would choose the PIXMA TS9020 Red Wireless printer and I would use it to print school and scout activities and information from online,

  11. My Valentine’s Day tradition with my husband is to turn off our phones, make an elaborate meal together, and to watch a movie with just the two of us. It’s so easy to get swept up and distracted with our phones and social media. It’s always so nice to occasionally shut off and to be completely present with the person that I love the most.

    The Printer that I would love to win would be the: PIXMA TS9020 — “The one that has it all” in White.

    I own my own home-based business, so I would use to it to print stickers, postcards, and all of the components for the unboxing experience. I am also a part time graphic designer and would also use it to print my original illustrations, greeting cards, and so much more!

  12. so fun! i would love the TS8020 white – it is sexy! my favorite tradition is…we take our four kids out for dinner and go around the table saying one thing we love about each person! happy valentines day!!

  13. Stop!!!! I would love any of these. You are TRULY inspiring and I had no idea what you could do with printers! If I had to choose, the PIXMA TS6020 in gray is perfect for what I need and my space. I am an Energy Medicine practitioner and Iove making colorful charts to help the kiddos that come to see me, as well as brochures and infographics for the adults!

  14. I would get white!

    For v-day we have a tradition where my husband cooks dinner for me. He thinks restaurant food quality goes down that day :).

    Last year I made valentines for my son’s class. I might do that again this year. Until he’s old enough to make his own. ;)

  15. This is going to by my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend (we’ve been together almost a year now!), so we don’t have any traditions yet but I’m excited to start new ones with him. (:

    I’m loving the Pixma TS9020 in white! It would be great to be able to print e-course workbooks and worksheets from home rather than at work all the time.

  16. As a stationery lover, I don’t think I’d be able to get enough of the PIXMA TS9020 in White. It has a minimal feel with maximum features. I’d love to get my hands on this printer to try out some card designs, labels, and other fun projects.

    In the marketing industry, you’re trained to love Valentines day. I’m big on celebrating “galentines” day this year with my close friends and celebrating the true holiday at a time that’s less busy.

  17. I would love the PIXMA TS8020 printer in white!!
    I am a huge fan of Galentine’s Day celebrations. My best friends and I usually all hang out, drive around downtown, eat at a nice restaurant, watch a classic rom-com and just enjoy each other’s company.
    I would love this printer because it would be so helpful to me in all of the shipping labels and other things that I have to print for my Etsy shop. Also, I’m heading off to college in the fall and having this printer would be so helpful to me and my roommate.

  18. Thank you for the adorable gift cards, I’m printing each one on pink/red card stock, using heart hole punch, tying them with twine to wine bottles and giving them to my Galentines❣️ This will be the third year I’ve done that sooo this is officially my Valentines Day tradition now!
    I’m drooling over the red TS9020!! My poor little Canon Pixma is over 4 years old, it’s tired and can’t keep up with all of my family’s needs. Not only are my 17 year old daughter and I both obsessive paper crafters, I homeschool her and my 8 year old son AND assist my husband with paperwork from his business! So upgrading to the TS9020 would make my life much easier and prettier 😉
    Thanks Again,

  19. My valentine tradition is making sugar cookie hearts and decorating them with royal icing and making them so pretty. Want to try somewatercolor on them this year.

    The printers look awesome. I tried to win in your last Canon giveaway. No luck…so trying again. Would love to be able to print pictures! TS9020 or 8020 wouldbe awesome…especially in white. Painting my office soon….white…..going with white and black,,,,just like you!

  20. I would loooove to win the TS8020 printer in white!!!! I’d love to be able to use the printer for printing photos because I find that I never get to print pictures when they’re always on our phones!

    We usually try to do a nice dinner even if it’s with the kids on v-day!

  21. AHH this giveaway is perfect, I have wanted a printer at home for as long as I can remember! The minimalist in me is suggesting the 9020 or 8020 in white. As for Valentine’s Day, it’s one of the few days of the year my fiancé and I either order in or go out to eat (I love to cook so this isn’t as pathetic at it sounds).

    p.s. this would be an AMAZING addition to my family to help with my wedding stationary. xoxo

  22. I love Valentine’s Day because my husband makes it so special for me and our four daughters. The girls and I make fancy dinner and dress up. Then daddy comes home with fresh flowers for each of us. They look forward to it all year.
    The TS8020 looks perfect, in white. We’ve got a big dinosaur of a printer in our homeschool room and would looooove something that would do more AND be smaller!

  23. I’d love Pixma TS6020 in white! I usually give my husband something handmade-ish for Valentines – couple years ago, I gave him a book of comic strips that a made, and last year I gave him a photo book of our journey together. Haven’t decided what to give him this year, but I think a new canon printer might be handy!

  24. I really like the TS5020 in white. I don’t need anything really fancy, but I like those features and the goes-with-anything white finish. As for Valentine’s Day traditions? I mean, you always gotta go get a bag of those conversation hearts!

  25. Hello! I don’t have any Valentines Day traditions, but I do like to do something special for my parents to enjoy their day together. I think the TS8020 in white would be great! Thanks for this opportunity.

  26. I love the PIXMA TS9020 red/black combo, I’ve never seen one in such cool colors!!

    Our favorite tradition is to go to OLIVE GARDEN because it’s the best! And sorta goofy to go ;)
    I would love to print these out!

  27. neat contest! my v-day tradition is nonexistent as my bf is a chef and always works that evening…except this year it falls on his day off so we will start some sort of tradition, not sure what it will be yet! my fav printer would be the PIXMA TS8020 in white. it would perfect for all my shipping labels and pictures.

  28. The white one is gorgeous! And my tradition will be (starting it this year) to cook my husband’s favorite meal and enjoy a romantic night in!

  29. I love Valentine’s Day and always make dinner for my now husband (our first Valentine’s Day married). I always send my cousins kids homemade valentines too! So this printer would definitely up my game for all the little pen pals I have! I Love The TS 8020 in white. It’s perfect for both my small space and my projects!!

  30. I’d get the TS8020 in white! I love making homemade valentines with my kids. My husband and I usually plan our valentines date for a different day and cozy up at home away from the crowds!

  31. Every year I decorate for Valentine’s Day. I’ve collected an interesting assortment of primitive/country/shabby chic/farmhouse/eclectic items that reflect the different periods in my home decorating life. Somehow they all work together, but most importantly they still make me smile. 😍
    I have been circling the Canon printer for a while, and think the red one would bring a delicious pop of color to my craft room!

  32. I’d love to get the PIXMA TS9020 White Wireless! My Valentine’s Day tradition with my boyfriend is super sweet! Every year, I get us some sort of matching t-shirts for a trip we might be taking or just silly shirts to wear to the gym. This year, we’re going on a Disney trip and I got us shirts with Mickey and Minnie holding hands when we’re standing side by side. Other than that, we usually just order take out and relax at home! :)

  33. As a photographer, I would love to be able to print photos of my couples to give as gifts when I send them their wedding photos. I am also in school taking good graphic design and I design posters for my husband ds band and latest CD. I love the TS5020!

  34. TS8020 RED! I shoot high school sports. Our colors are red,black and white. Love the size and the card reader would be amazing to print photos at home. Thank you for the chance to update my old school printer!

  35. My valentine’s Tradition is to pamper myself. From buying myself a beautiful bunch of tulips, to splurging on a Godiva Truffle flight to enjoy.

    I’d would get the TS 8020 in white. I love any type of paper crafting and this printer would look beautiful in my office that is being remodeled. :)

  36. Cute Valentine’s Cards-very modern. I will be trying this out for Valentine’s Day this year for my fiance’s gift. This year we splurged a bit and decided to get tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera for Valentine’s Day. We don’t have much of a tradition built up yet…but that’s to come!

    That is absolutely a sleek looking printer. My ten year old printer decided to stop working this last month when I was printing my labels for my wedding invitations. Haven’t gotten a new one yet to print the next round of things on my “wedding to-do list” so if I had to pick one it would be the PIXMA TS9020 in red! But really I would take any of them to trade for the printer that is sitting lifelessly in the craft room right now!

  37. I would choose the TS9020 in white. It has so many features to make creative projects, print great photos, and do everyday printing. My Valentine’s traditions are making a special dinner for my husband and sending cards to close family.

  38. Valentine’s Day has always been pretty low key for me by choice. I believe in letting loved ones know how special they are everyday :-)
    All of the printers are amazing and to have any of them would be tremendous! But if I were to pick one, it would be the TS9020. Over the last few years I have had physical issues which makes it difficult for me to walk. So I have had to give up my prior career in interior decorating as there is a lot of running around involved with that. I started a light upholstery business, but that too, has become a challenge for me. So I thought, well, I have all of these sewing machines and supplies. What else can I do with them in order to make an income? So I began with unique aprons and market totes. I have added pillows and other items, as well. In that process, I began adding designs and images to the various fabrics I use. I have many ideas and applications queued but am limited right now due to what my printer can and cannot do. If I were to be blessed with this printer, it would not only make it easier for me physically, but my creative and income potential would be maximized many times over.
    Thank you for offering this contest. I hope I win, of course, but whoever does I’m sure they deserve it and will put it to great use.

  39. I would choose the PIXMA TS9020 in the color white. It says it is the all in one printer and i would love to have it!

  40. I love to try new sweet recipes as a Valentines Day tradition…maybe scones or something unusual, and then share them with family and friends! I can see myself wrapping candy with sentiments printed off the awesome printers. I love the white Canon TS8020!!

  41. I love your striking Valentines and I am going to print and use them for friends and family. I am the family genealogist and would love to have a better printer for pictures. I am starting to do digital scrapbook pages for ancestors and I think the TS9020 would be perfect to start printing those pages and assembling a family history book.

  42. Would love the T8020 in white! Like the extra inks for more photo control. I like to make my own photo books and now since Luna, the Boston Terror, has joined our family we are taking more photos than ever.

    I like to make homemade candies and send them to a local nursing home along with a bunch of daisies for as many as I can afford! Send some love out on Valentines day!

  43. I think my fav would be the TS6020 . For Valentines we stay home because we don’t like to go out dinner teh day that everybody goes out for dinner. We all make chocolate cover strawberries and I make a noce dinner and try to enjoy some quality time with my husband.

  44. They all sound wonderful but I would probably pick the TS6020 in black for its sleek size. We are cooking dinner in this year as a family :) I would use this printer for crafts, schoolwork and my monthly budget/goals work.

  45. On Valentine’s Day, I get to do anything I want, from going to movies all day to eating out at a new expensive restaurant.

    I would get the TS9020 in read. I would use it to print out instructions for the classes I give in miniatures for both children, adults, and senior citizens. This would save on the cost of the class as I wouldn’t have the expense of going to a chain printer.

  46. I would love to have the PIXMA TS8020 in white. It would be the perfect addition to my craft room.
    Our Valentine’s traditions include my husband cooking dinner so we do not have to fight the crowds eating out that day. I also always make special cards for my husband, son and the dog!

  47. My husbands birthday is on Valentine’s Day. He says it sucks to have to give girls gifts on your birthday! lol So, I always make him his favorite cheesecake for “his birthday” and we celebrate “V” day on a separate day.
    I would LOVE to win the Pixma TS9020 because I’m a go big or go home kinda girl and I want it all! I would love to have it in red! Even your printer should express a spicy personality! Don’t you think?

  48. I love these printables! So adorable. I always prefer printing on pink card stock (or red) for my Valentine’s projects. Traditionally, because I have a lot of children (four in elementary school right now), I love to make their Valentine’s every year for them. I end up printing out a lot of templates to use for the projects. Ultimately, on average, 20 students per class, multiply by 4 classes – I am making roughly 80 different little personalized Valentine’s for the kids’ classrooms. It’s fun, but a lot of work. We are a week out from Valentine’s and I only have two kids done and two to go (not knowing what I am going to make for them yet!). I think I would choose the TS6020 in black for my printing needs. I like how it’s small and versatile and has everything I would need. Thanks again for a great post! Best luck to all.

  49. I would get the TS 9020 in black. I like printing things for my kids to draw, paint, or do arts and crafts together.
    I am bad a decorating so printing ideas helps me.
    Our family is a mixture of cultures, I am Mexican my husband is American. We love how our kids can enjoy the cultures and learn even more because they are exposed to both worlds. For V-day we enjoy baking, arts and crafts and Love is all over because we spend time with each other.
    Thank you for the giveaway we pray to win!!!!

  50. The PIXMA TS8020 in white would be perfect for printing out all of the pictures of my two-month old. Who knew you could take so many pictures! My husband and I started dating years ago a few weeks before Valentines Day. I was trying to be low-key since the relationship was new and avoided any VDay plans; however, he showed up with Chipotle, a six pack, and some chocolate anyway. What a keeper! Every year since we keep it classy with Chipotle and of course, chocolate…

  51. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would pick the PIXMA TS8020 in Black. I would print so many photos to hang around the house!

  52. I would love the TS5020 in any color. I love that it has a memory card reader to be able to print pictures. The individual inks is a good feature. Seems like it is always the same color that runs out. It would be nice to have one that does everything, but I’m more of a simple person and this one would great for me. Thank you for this opportunity to try and win the PIXMA printer.

  53. Adorable cards and notes!! Thank you. I would choose the TS8020 in red. I feel the red would help get me ‘charged up’ and ready to tackle any task!! And with a printer like this, the task would always come out perfect! 😀 The only Valentines tradition that I have had is to make special cards, notes etc that let my kids know how much I love them and how very proud I am of them. I just can’t tell them enough!

  54. I’m in love with the Pixma TS9020!!!! And I want it in Red, please! The ability to use various types of paper would be my first priority. Some printers have difficulty with the printable freezer paper, which is a must have for making templates and printing off quilting designs. Having the individual colors makes it more economical to use, also. Just so excited about the opportunity to win this printer! Thank you.

  55. The PIXMA TS5020 in Gray would be my choice. Like it says “simple and beautiful”, that’s what I need in my life. Super cute Valentine’s cards that can also be used throughout the year!

  56. Thank you for the printables!

    I love the Red Pixma 9020. I would like to start making prints of some of my work to give away (or sell maybe).

    Our St. Valentine’s Day Tradition is to go out and eat some yummy Mexican food with lots of red sauce and red salsa!!

  57. All of the printers are great. I love that they are all wireless. I would select the TS8020 in black. My craft room is white and the black printer would be a nice contrast. I love all the features.

  58. These cards are so adorable! Our Valentine’s Day tradition is staying in and trying a new recipe together. The TS8020 in white would be perfect!

  59. Valentine’s Day is a day we stay at home, eat light, watch mushy movies, I with my wine and hubby with his beer. The children are grown with families of their own. We have peace and quiet with no disturbances that is until the telephones calls start coming with children and grandchildren calling wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    The PIXMA TS8020 in white is a perfect fit for me. It has all the “bells and whistles” that I need. The front and rear paper trays are ideal for me because I print a lot of 2-sided documents. The memory card reader is great also! I wish I had this printer now because of crafts, crafts, and more crafts.

  60. Ohhhh probably the PIXMA TS9020 in white!
    Call us boring, but valentine’s dinner is always our tradition! Except we never plan it in advance (you’d think we would by now) so it’s always a couple days before that we’re frantically trying to get reservations, and end up going to some whatever restaurant we normally wouldn’t bother with!

  61. Love the printables!! So cute!!

    After reading the descriptions, I’d choose the PIXMA TS9020 in white because I’d love to be able to print high quality photos at home.

    My husband and I have never been into Valentine’s Day so we don’t have any traditions between the two of us. However, when my daughter came along, Valentine’s Day became so much fun! The one tradition we have with her is that in the early morning before she wakes I’ll run over to the donut shop down the street and get her a pink sprinkle donut to have with her breakfast. She loves them so much and it’s such a sweet (pun intended!) way to start the day! *insert heart emoji*

  62. Thank you for the printable valentines! We usually go out for a nice dinner a few days before or after Valentine’s Day depending upon our schedules. The TS9020 in red would make me very happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  63. I like the PIXMA TS9020 in white and would have so many uses for it from my son’s college papers to my home office needs. We typically do dinner and maybe a movie on Valentine’s Day.

  64. I would pick PIXMA TS8020 in red. Our tradition is that since we have kids now, we do a family dinner at a nice restaurant

  65. Hi,
    I just live your printables! What a great idea! I’m definitely going to try them out.

    If I were to win the printer I would pick the second one PIXMA TS8020 in black, but any color option is great. I love that it’s wireless! Yes, I’m way behind and have never had a wireless printer. It would be great for scanning and printing the million of pictures I take!

    Every Valentine’s my husband and I lay out a card, small gift and a candy treat on the table for our three girls so they see it first thing in the morning. 😊

  66. I would choose the PIXMA TS9020,, it would look great in our new office and the white is sleek! We don’t have a tradition for valentine’s but we usually do something special for our daughter.

  67. Hi there,
    My husband and I usually surprise each other with something that each other wants, but just can’t justify putting in the need column. I also do something hand made and crafty for my son and daughter with a Valentine’s day theme and then a book for them to share. I would appreciate the PIXMA TS8020 in white!

  68. I like the ts9020 in black. I love playing with font styles and quotes to make my own stencils for wood signs. No valentine traditions here – with two older boys they don’t really care!

  69. Thank you so much for the printables. They’re adorable.

    Our Valentine’s traditions will be put on hold this year as we have a new puppy and are totally besotted with her, so we will be staying in. It’s the first dog I have ever had and I had no idea how much you could fall in love with one! One of us will cook an awesome dinner, as we both love to cook. Then we will play with Luna (our white German shepherd puppy) until she goes to sleep about 9:00. Then, who knows?

    I would choose the red Canon TS9020 (it’s gorgeous and sexy) as my Canon Pixma recently broke and I cannot find anyone to repair it. Canon are the only printers for me.

  70. I have an awesome black and white printer, but have no color printer right now. I would love the PIXMA TS9020, of course ;) I would use it to print out decor for the house, Christmas cards, birthday invites, children’s activities, and so much more!

  71. Love the printables!
    I would choose the PIXMA TS8020, I think it would be the best (being a little smaller) I’m a crafty type so a good printer is my best friend!
    My Valentine’s Day tradition is usually packing up our mountain bikes and me and my boyfriend head out into the forest biking all day on our own! It’s bliss. Hopefully we will get to do the same this year (only in a different setting as we are moving from Ireland to North America 😱😁 so a new printer would be a HUGE help)

  72. I would pick the TS8020 in white. It is GORGEOUS. I would use it to print invitations and party decorations.

    As for Valentine’s Day traditions, we usually go out to eat as a family and bake together.

  73. I’d pick the PIXMA TS8020 in red, I can’t begin to tell you all the projects I could put that bad boy to use on.
    As for Valentine’s Day traditions – my better half and I like to keep the “lovey dovey” feeling of Valentine’s Day alive everyday. We leave each other little notes with our morning coffee…something as simple as a post-it note that says I love you can completely turn my day around. Make your mate feel special everyday!!!

  74. All beautiful! I’d chose the TS9020 in white, should I be so lucky. I love fine print and fine paper!! I have a small Etsy shop and enjoy creating everyday. Spreading the love with family/grandkids this Valentine’s Day (3rd grandchild due yesterday and should make his arrival any day now).

  75. This is amazing. Those printers are gorgeous! I’d definitely have to get the TS8020 in white and would happily print many of my hand-lettered pieces or design work! My current printer needs to be retired :)

  76. February 8, 2016
    The canon TS8020 in white. It would be great for college and my teens pictures and homework, all kinds of tasks and fun.
    Usually for Valentine’s day since my divorce, I plan something fun and special with my daughter, she has my heart for now.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  77. My favorite valentine tradition is making breakfast for the one I love–it’s a rare thing (especially during the workweek when losing hours of sleep is REALLY the sacrifice). And I’d love the PIXMA TS8020!

  78. Our valentines day tradition is going to start this year as its going to be a special one with first born. Little S is going to be baking heart shape cookies for daddy and we will be having a dinner at home with our little but beautiful family. we are having the theme to support #paperheartproject seeking to raise awareness and a blessing for families who have a child born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)

    The Canon pixma TS8020 is going to be perfect for leaving love notes in my husbands lunch bag..

  79. My Valentine’s traditions are mostly just spending time together with my significant other. We try to get a date in on the day or close to it. I usually try to make something cute if I have time. And our family printer has been broken for a while, and I always have to use the boyfriends printer and it would just be nice to not have to do that haha

    If I won, I would choose the PIXMA TS8020 in White :)

  80. A Valentine’s Day tradition in my family when a child was to make a handmade item for family members. Best memory is how a simply made child’s gift to my parents was received as if it was a million dollars. Now I make cards for all of my loved ones. I also teach others how to make cards and small gifts.
    Thank you for the chance to win the amazing printer PIXMA TS9020 which is my favorite in red, of course. It will be used for all my paper crafts. Canon is known as the choice of papercrafters. Also, TU for the free downloads. Perfect for foiling!

  81. Valentine’s Day is a HUGE deal for me and the hubs as it was the day we had our first day PLUS he proposed, so yay, pretty big deal! Ever since we got engaged in 2001, I have made the same meal I prepared that night every year since. Now that we have two kiddos, they enjoy it with us!! :)

    I would love the Pixma TS9020 printer. Thanks so much for this great chance to win!!

  82. Thank you so much for your post ! Really needed these for cute V-day cards. This year, I’ll be planning on spending my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend in Los Angeles. Probably go to a winery for the first time, and have a simple picnic at a nearby park (‘:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I would really love the PIXMA TS9020 printer in the color red~

  83. I would choose the PIXMA TS9020 in white. It looks like an amazing printer and I would use it for my paper crafts. Valentine’s Day for us is a nice dinner at home with my husband and two sweet girls.

  84. OH definitely DEFINITELY the PIXMA TS9020 in white to sort of match my white Ikea decor. I’m working on the Ikea part since I started buying mint colors at a very young age. I NEED this printer because one, I don’t have one, but more importantly reason number TWO, my boyfriend is a huge gamer guy. I’m a huge gamer girl, so I want to print out these really cute Overwatch Valentine cards that are SO clever and funny and cute.

    But only if you play Overwatch and I know that you probably don’t.

    I WANT THIS PRINTER SO BADLY TO COMPLETE ALL MY DREAM DIY PROJECTS. I have a bunch of square photos that I want to use this printer for. Remember that dowel project, the black and white one, cute as a button? That’s totally my first project.

  85. I’d choose the Pixma TS9020 in white, so I could use it in my living room and not have to run downstairs to my husband’s office away from the toddler, baby, and dogs to check if things have printed.

    This will be a low-key Valentine’s day for us. It’s the day after our son’s third birthday and Family Day in our province, and we all have colds that don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Likely just curl up on the couch with tea and watch a movie together, if the kids stay asleep (congestion keeps waking the baby, poor thing).

  86. I love these printables! Our valentine’s day tradition has changed over the years, but recently we have really been enjoying making a nice meal and dessert and spending the night on the couch together! We are typically so busy that we really enjoy the downtime and sharing each others company :)

    The PIXMA TS9020 in white looks amazing! I think I would use this for everything – printing pictures, invitations, cards, and scanning old pictures or documents

  87. I would choose the Canon TS9020 in white! I don’t have any Valentine’s day traditions, but I would use the printer for work.

  88. I would pick the PIXMA TS8020 in white!

    My husband, James, and I have had the same Valentine’s Day tradition since 2011. We rent a movie and eat pizza AND sushi for dinner at home. We started this tradition when we were semi-long distance in college to save money and time (he had to commute 2 hours in traffic just to get to me). It worked out so well we’ve been celebrating this way ever since!

  89. I loved this post and the Cannon website was like going down a rabbit hole! I love the PIXMA TS6020 in white- so clean and compact! My husband and I usually just grab dinner together. I would love to use this printer for printable, just like yours above!

  90. Thank you for all the fun Valentines graphics! We’re celebrating with giant chocolate covered strawberries! I’m intrigued with the TS9020 (in white) because of its versatility in making mixed media artwork. Thanks!

  91. Hi! I love the TS9020 in white. I would use it to print gift tags and anything else I need using stockpaper. Thanks!

  92. Love your printables and thank you for sharing your creativity! I printed the pink ones to use for the Vday gifts I’m making for my son’s preschool teachers. I’d love the PIXMA TS8020 in white – I think it would be perfect to print off worksheets and activity pages for my son.

  93. Although I’m not a big fan of obligated romance, I cannot deny that valentines day is kind of a perfect time in the year to have a lil getaway with the SO. We like to plan a little weekend trip to have something to look forward to after the holiday season just us two. Preferably somewhere warm (Palm springs is suprisingly nice in Feb) but a staycation at a nice hotel is equally enjoyable.

    I would love the PIXMA TS8020 in white, definitely want something that can print pictures but don’t think I need all of the functions of the TS9020. The TS8020 seems perfect!

  94. I’m not sure — I like them all! I will say the PIXMA TS9020 in red, for now anyway!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  95. I like the PIXMA TS5020 in Gray. I’m single, so my Valentine’s tradition is to buy 1/2 price candy the day after.

  96. I would choose the TS9020 in White. It would be so helpful with my classes to have a good printer! Our tradition is to stay in and make a fancy dinner together.

  97. I love the PIXMA TS9020 in red!! It really has an amazing look and I think it would add a pop of color to my living room!

  98. Lovely printables! I am generally not a big Valentine’s Day person. To me it’s all about the little gestures. I typically write a note for my husband and kids and get a small gift that goes with it.
    If I win, I would like the TS8020 in white.
    Happy Sunday!!

    1. PIXMA TS5020 in White please! what a great giveaway! thanks! whoops, forgot to mention that I have 5 kids and print lots of pictures, printable worksheets, and coloring pages for them! we like heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day!

  99. btw, thanks for the super cute printables!

    TS8020 in white is lovely! I just recently got married and this is my first Valentine’s Day as a wife! I’m excited to get to form traditions together, but the past few Valentine’s we have spent together have been all about being intentionally to spend time together and love a little extra on those around us. (My mom still gets me a sweet treat every year! Mom’s are the best) I’d use the printer to print out more of your cute printables and for every-day office work for my husband and I (yay newlyweds)

  100. For me Valentine’s day is personal. Therefore I like to do handmade and homemade gifts for my loved ones. I love personalizing with my own touch. These printables from Canon are ideal for the kinds of gifts I like to give.

    The PIXMA TS8020 would be my choice if I were picked as a winner!

  101. TS8020 is black. I always make a valentine’s themed dessert for my kids.
    Not sure what the end date on this giveaway is!

  102. I’ve always LOVED Canon products but if I had to pick one, it would be:
    TS8020 in white.

    It would be GREAT for all my paper crafts and organizing projects!

  103. I would love the TS9020 in red! I am a huge Canon fan and have been for years! That’s all i use for printing photos but i could use a new and improved one! For Valentine’s Day i usually get a treat like donuts for my man and kids. I wish i had seen your tags earlier and would have used them for gifts for my friends! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  104. Since restaurants usually overcharge for v-day, I like to stay home and cook something extravagant and special that I normally wouldn’t make. Its really actually fun.

    If I had to choose a printer it would be the TS8020 in white, but honestly any of them would be nice. I would print card projects.

  105. My husband and I typically keep things low-key on Valentine’s Day. We usually celebrate with a casual dinner or ordering in, but the one tradition we do keep is giving each other a card with a personal note (it must contain a handwritten note). However, I realized just this morning it was Vday and I had no card! This is because I had a baby 6 weeks ago and I haven’t thought or done anything else but look after our new little one. I feel terrible that I completely forgot. If there was any year my husband deserved a heartfelt card was this Vday. Not only has he been a great dad to our son, he’s cared for me during a long and difficult recovery. So, I decided I would make a card at home and I immediately came to your site for ideas. These designs are perfect for the type of card I want to give – clean, modern and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    If I had to choose a printer, it would be TS9020. It will be perfect for the many occasions and celebrations I’ll embark with our new baby.

    Thank you.

  106. For vals day, we normally stay in. My husband cooks a 4 course meal and does the whole shebang and even makes menu cards. We are always eating out and ordering takeout, that the home cooked meal is a treat!

    I’d choose the TS8020 in white, small enough for our tiny apt but i could do so much with it.

  107. I would pick the PIXMA TS9020. Ilove the color red, so I would choose the red. As a teacher, I love the fact that it prints “homework assignments, shipping labels, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, envelopes” etc. I have just joined the world of free printables. I stumbled on your site from my new spray painting hobby, and couldn’t resist free printables. Thank you!

  108. thanks for these! I myself printed the black n white cards and tags..I am a big fan of simple black n white and for the printer I like the TS8020..seems to be the best and able to do so much more with it than the canon I have now. Happy Valentines day! I lan to give this to my hubby and tuck a few tags in my kids notebooks to surprise them!

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