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Printable Thanksgiving Banner

Every year I host Friendsgiving at my home and it has become a tradition of mine to make a “give thanks” banner to hang above our dining table turned buffet table.  I personally find that it creates warm feelings and cute photo ops, and this time I made a printable version in partnership with Canon for you to make one too!

The downloads are at the end of the post, but here’s a quick tutorial on how to put the banner together.  I used my Canon TS8020 printer to print the letters and love that it has a rear tray for thicker materials like the heavyweight card stock I used- very impressed by this feature considering how compact it is.

I cut out each letter using a paper trimmer for the letters with straight edges.  For the curvy letters (just the G and S), I used scissors.  Tip- use scissors with short blades for more precision and mobility around those curves.

Lastly, I used a glue gun to attach string on the top back sides of each letter.  Remember to glue them on in reverse order (I came really close to screwing that up for “give” oops.)

After hanging up the banner, try tying on little floral touches at the ends of the string.  Stick with florals that dry well if you want to keep this up for a few days.  I used eucalyptus and billy balls, both are really good at drying.

Other than cooking the turkey, which we found an amazing and easy recipe we’re going to repeat this year thank GOODNESS, decorating the buffet table is really the only other Friendsgiving tradition we have, so I take the banner-making very seriously.  Hope this adds some smiles and good vibes to your Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving celebrations :)

Get the letter downloads here: G | I and V | E | T | H | A | N | K | S

*Note- Because the printable letters are black, it uses a lot of printer ink and can cause the letters to curl over time, even on a thick card stock.  Make this garland as close to your event day/time as possible, or if you want to make these last longer, cut out the letters and trace them onto another paper color of your choice, including black- just use a pencil so the tracing is more visible!

canonseeimpossibleThis post is sponsored by Canon.  All words and content are always my own.  Thank you for supporting partners that help bring fun ideas for you to discover and try!

17 comments on “Printable Thanksgiving Banner”

  1. Love the printable, will definitely use it as I host 20 people in my home! Beautiful table setting, love the simplicity of it. Mind sharing where the vase and candleholder are from? Thank you!

  2. Thanks much for the printable!!
    Where are your diningroom chairs and table from?
    Also any chance the new alarm clock on your bedside table has a brand
    name or dimensions to share? Really like that the numbers are black and NOT red.
    I’ve been scanning ebay and Amazon for an hour now and it’s hard to find one with just
    the time being shown and not the date and temp. Thanks for all you do!! Really enjoy
    your blog!! Happy Friendsgiving!!!

  3. This is beautiful and simple and pure. Can’t wait to make this to have over our Friendsgiving table in a few days.

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