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You are maybe so sick of hearing about this but you still might have a strong opinion on it and I want to know about it.  This Instagram stories thing has me all riled up.  My first reaction to the news was heck yes IG is now a one stop shop, but seeing how wayyyy more people will now see the story on IG that I would’ve posted for a more intimate group on Snapchat, I’m finding myself almost feeling afraid to share the more weird or personal stuff on IG stories.  Do you feel me?  

Snapchatters actively follow others with the expectation that they’ll be seeing random stuff, but IG is different in the “curation” aspect.  This difference and separation between the platforms was what made Snapchat so enjoyable and freeing to me, but now I’m like well shit I can’t do both so where do I post my shenanigans?  These are very important problems, I know.  Share any thoughts you have on the matter with me in the comments below, I’m curious if nothing else!

Anywho, I’m gonna give IG stories a good go this weekend and capture my Montreal trip there… but I think I’ll be Snapchatting too (@homeyohmy).  Or maybe neither, shoot (no, jk).  Don’t you sometimes wish social media would go away??  Whatever happens of this minuscule issue, I’m for sure going to recap the trip here with a travel guide, which I hope you guys will look forward to :).

Have a wonderful weekend!


17 genius cooking tricks.

The sectional that makes me wish we had a sectional.

One of the coolest DIYs I’ve seen lately- IKEA hack concrete lamp.

Minimal office with the prettiest details.

I’m on team morning person, but sometimes I still need help with keeping that up.

Such a cute and simple lampshade lantern DIY.

I just won’t get sick of a monochrome home + that kitchen is stunning!


Photo from my Instagram

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  1. Here is what I think. I know it will probably cause more controversy, but you asked for honest opinions. I give up on social media. As far as I am concerned it has turned into social warfare. Not all the time, but too much of the time for me to even care. I cannot enjoy the posts and draw conclusions for myself because idiots out there always seem to want to be verbally destructive. Who the hell wants to spend time writing blogs, posts, etc. only to be shot down by the trolls. Even though the negativity is in the minority most of the time, it sure takes the pleasure away for the rest of us. I find this on my favorite blogs all the time. WHY? Just GO AWAY if you don’t like, prefer, agree- whatever! I don’t like the idea that people feel they can be hurtful because they are anonymous. They have courage they would not have, believe me, if they were in front of you. I have given up all forms of social media except Pinterest if you want to include that as social media. I delete all email I did not solicit or is from someone I don’t know. My time is far better spent and I don’t get angry at people’s behavior whom I don’t even know. Hope this one person’s opinion has helped. P.S. A lot of my friends have done the same.

  2. That monochrome home is stunning! I have the same problem as you with the new Instagram stories! It doesn’t feel as freeing as Snapchat, since it’s attached to your IG, which is suppose to look beautiful and perfect all the time! I don’t know how I feel about IG taking down other social media channels. I mean vine and snapchat worked hard to develop something new, and IG just swoops in and monopolizes!


    1. Yea my next thought was that this sucks for Snapchat, and I feel bad for them :\ It’s like we’re watching war of the social media platforms. I think I’m pretty much decided that I’ll keep mostly to Snapchat for this stuff, with the plus that it only seems fair haha!

  3. To be honest, I don’t really like the new IG stories feature. I don’t know, I feel like there’s just too much going on with it now haha. It’s sort of overwhelming, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it! Anyways, have fun in Montreal! I can’t wait to read/see your travel guide. It’s such a great city! :)

    Nicole | http://www.inthelifeofnm.blogspot.ca

    1. Totally. I recall that any new change with social media is usually met with a lot of backlash, then as time goes on people get used it and everything’s good again. This might be a getting used to it situation too, though I agree it’s overwhelming when it feels like a whole other thing we gotta do on social media is added on, guh.
      Thanks so much, Nicole! Have an awesome weekend.

  4. YES YES YES TO THE SNAPCHAT INTIMACY! I highly dislike that IG stole Snap’s idea, since my profile is public that would mean everyone in the world could see my crazy alter ego that’s only meant for a couple close people to see..plus IG won’t be as pretty and simplistic UGH. anyway, that minimal office is a beauty!

    1. Hahaha yes, alter ego! And good point with the simplicity… that’s really the foundation of Instagram’s success, and with all the recent changes I think people are feeling hypersensitive to wanting to preserve that magic of Instagram’s initial simplicity. I’m with you on that.

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