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DIY Suede Leather Tassels

Suede leather tassels DIYThis one might be even easier than expected, guys.  Usually an idea comes to me before I source materials, but a lot of times it can happen the other way around.  I found these pre-cut suede leather fringe pieces for making tassels, so tassels I was going to make.  The only thing I had to come up with was adding on some gold braided leather cord and bam, we’ve got a two-second DIY accessory (time estimation may be exaggerated).

My buddies at PBteen sent me this tote bag to style for the back-to-school season, and these tassels ended up being perfect for it.  They can be tied around any kind of strap, or they could be tied to a snap clip if tying them around isn’t an option for a different type of bag.  For the full tutorial, hop on over to the PBteen blog!

suede tassels

DIY Tassel Accesssory

Do you/did you sport a back pack or a tote bag in school?  I was a tote bag kind of girl, and I definitely didn’t carry around flowers like this, but we can pretend, ha!

If you passed the link, find the tutorial here at the PBteen blog.


16 comments on “DIY Suede Leather Tassels”

    1. So happy this was relevant to you. I’ve had my mind on leather tassels for a while so coming across pre-cut fringe was the moment I guess I was waiting for haha! Thanks, Anima!

    1. Yesss pre-cut fringe takes out the majority of the work, and opens up a lot of possibilities. Just wish there were more colors! I only came across this color and tan.

  1. Too adorable! Bags were VERBOTEN in my high school… and scarves and everything else fun, actually! I have no idea why; but we had to carry our stuff in our arms, and do a mad dash to our lockers between classes. In university I use a backpack (or occasionally a satchel if it’s a light day). I think totes look so chic, but I’m the kind of dweeb who kicks her bag over 400 times in a lecture and I have having to pick all my stuff up!

    1. Interesting! My immediate thought is that if everyone is carrying their stuff in their arms then you’ll always know what they have on them, thus making it much harder to carry around other verboten objects without getting caught, so I can see how getting rid of bags promotes safety at school even though it’s a PITA. Very interesting.
      I know what you mean. If I were to go back to school I’d backpack it. I can give up the chic factor for the sake of comfort!

    1. I think hot glue would work! I personally wouldn’t prefer it because I imagine it being messier and making me feel rushed, but otherwise it should hold up well.

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