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DIY Painted Bowls

DIY Painted Bowls

I’ll be honest- I don’t need any more bowls.  And while I do think these would make a great gift, I didn’t have any plans on gifting them.  I simply saw the bowls at IKEA, loved their shape, and my “want” overpowered my “need” (does this happen often to you, too?)  That, combined with my curiosity to try out some Martha Stewart stencils, birthed this DIY project.

Martha Stewart stencils
I think the photos on the packaging are so enticing.  Many times I’ve perused the packs of stencils at Michaels and gotten lost in daydreams of all the things I’d decorate with them.  This time, it’s bowls.  Some very cute ones.

Stencil appliedAdhesive stencils are the way to go.  All I did was stick on the stencil, dab on acrylic paint with a dauber, remove the stencil, and repeat around the bowl.

Bowl with green leaves design

I used the Martha Stewart satin acrylic paints in green, red, black, and gold colors.  The only color I was dissatisfied with was the gold one, which is a shame because that’s the one I was looking forward to most.  It looks more yellow than I’d like and wasn’t very opaque.  The other colors were fine though and I’m happy with how they turned out.  These paints can be dishwasher safe by following one of two different settings methods, which you can refer to in my DIY monogrammed cup post.

DIY painted bowls display

I’m not going to be keeping these bowls out in this magnificently mind-blowing display, but I figured it would be a good looking way to show each bowl :).  With anything that I make in multiple designs or colors, I like to play favorites.  The black one calls out to me the most and I like how I unintentionally applied the design closer to the rim of the bowl.  That one just might need to become my designated cereal bowl.

Of course I want to know… which design are you liking the most??  It’s always fun to hear what you guys think!

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38 comments on “DIY Painted Bowls”

  1. OMG LOVE. Question, do you think I could do the same thing inside the bowl? Would it be safe to eat out of ..I guess.. that is the question.

  2. So fun for sure! My favorites are the black and the red. The gold had such potential… too bad it was a wee more yellow than gold. Still very cute, though.

  3. Maybe it’s because of the holidays being right around the corner, but I’m really liking the red one! The black is definitely a close second! Aren’t those stencils the best? I have like 4 packs by now and use them all the time.

  4. I’ve been wanting to paint my own bowls for ages, but I never had the courage to do it! But here I am, looking at these WONDERFUL creations! I want to steal them all :) Seriously now, thank you for the inspiration, this is like a breath of fresh air, with the happy colors popping up on white in a simple yet sophisticated design!

  5. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a great idea over at Do Tell Tuesday. I’ll need to remember to look for some bowls on my next trip to IKEA ;-)

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